Shut down windows 10 tips tricks also to hibernate links and more

Also under windows 10 there are many possibilities to shutdown the computer, normally in hybrid mode (quick start) or completely. In addition, the menus also have the options to restart, save energy, log off or lock. But hidden in the menus are also the variants to get into the safe or advanced startup mode. Create shortcuts, links and paths for your own buttons, tiles and icons: no problem at all.

All this we want to explain and show you here.

Important from windows 10 1709:

  • Until now all programs were closed on shutdown / reboot
  • New: all programs and apps that are not closed will be reopened automatically after a reboot or normal startup.
  • See also [programs and windows start automatically after the update to windows 10 1709

This tutorial is suitable for windows 10 1903 (and higher), 1809, 1803, 1709, 1703 and 1607.

  • Reinstall:reinstall windows 10 clean specifically: reinstall windows 10 21H1, 20H2 and 2004
  • Difference cloud download local reinstall and inplace upgrade windows 10
  • Windows 10 ISO final : 21H2 19044 ISO and 21H1 19043 ISO
  • Windows 10 patchday 25.01.2022 KB5009596 windows 10 21H2 / 21H1 / 20H2 / 2004 19044.1503, 19043.1503 and 19042.1503
  • Intel microcode updates For windows 10 20H2 / 2004 to 1507 (27.01.2021)

Shutdown Windows 10 normally




Windows 10 normal shutdown means that windows will shutdown the fast startup (hiberfil.Sys) used to save important system information when shutting down windows. With this it is possible to start windows 10 much faster.

And these are the different ways to shutdown windows 10:

  • open windows start menu and press the button on/off and select shutdown.
  • Windows key + X press shutdown or log off click and there then select shutdown.
  • If you are in the lock screen (login) appears at the bottom left the shutdown menu.

Create shortcut to shutdown windows 10

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.Exe /s /hybrid /t 0 or shutdown.Exe /s /hybrid /t 0 enter
  • Assign a name and save it.

After that you can change the icon with a right click / properties and then pin it to the start menu.

  • Important: you can also disable the hybrid mode (quick start). But further down the exact description.
  • Hint: the "normal" shutdown should not be used if you have windows 7 or linux in dualboot next to windows 10. This can lead to permanent hard disk checks. Therefore, you should always shutdown windows 10 completely.
  • See: fast startup hybrid mode enable disable or reduce windows 10

Slide to shutdown to use normal shutdown

shutdown windows 8.1.jpg

Slide to shutdown is known from windows phone, when you turn it off. And this is exactly how the slidetoshutdown works.Exe.

Clicking on the bottom of the desktop will cancel the shutdown process. If you drag the window downwards with the mouse pressed, windows 10 will shut down in normal fast start mode.

Normally you can not get to this screen.
Create a link to slide to shutdown

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: C:\windows\system32\slidetoshutdown.Exe
  • Assign name and save.

Right click on the new shortcut /properties and choose a fancy icon and pin it to the start menu or start screen.

  • TIP: would you like to use the slidetoshutdown.put Exe as a shortcut in a dock or in samurize, then you have to use a different path:
  • C:\windows\sysnative\slidetoshutdown.Exe

Do not wonder. The folder sysnative does not exist and does not need to be created.

Shutdown Windows 10 completely




Shutting down windows completely means that windows 10 has to collect all information again at the next startup and then start up.

The "total" shutdown is useful from time to time and recommended before installing new hardware.

And also absolutely recommended if you run windows 7 or linux in dualboot for example. Because otherwise it can come with each start to a (error message) disk check (chkdsk). Because windows 7 can not do anything with the hybrid start of windows 8 and 10 and therefore always wants to check the hard drive.

  • See: enable fast startup hybrid mode disable or minimize windows 10

To shutdown windows 10 completely, you can use all menus in the startmenu etc. benefit.

But before you press shutdown you should enter the toggle key (shift) hold down. Both together will cause windows 10 to shutdown completely.

Create a link for a complete shutdown

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.Exe /s /t 0 or shutdown.Exe /s /t 0 enter
  • Assign name and save.

Give the new shortcut a different icon with right click / properties.

Now you can pin the shortcut to the start menu.

Windows 10 shutdown not closed programs are opened automatically

With the windows 10 1709 microsoft has added another variant: shutdown /sg.

This command causes windows 10 to shut down and like the -g command if set correctly the previously open programs, like chrome file explorer etc. Let start again automatically. Enter the following in the command prompt, via windows key + R or in the search of the taskbar

  • Shutdown -sg -t 0 a

If the computer is shut down.

If you want to create a shortcut for this special restart, you have to do the following steps

  • right click on the desktop> new> link
  • As path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.Exe -sg -t 0 enter, name and create.
  • After that you can right click on the properties and assign a different icon to the new shortcut.

Shutdown Windows 10 at or after a specified time

You know it from other devices, which turn themselves off after a certain time. If you want windows to shutdown after a certain time (for example after 1 hour, or 30 minutes), you have to create a shortcut for this special shutdown.) shuts down, then you can easily create a shortcut for it.

So you have an "egg timer which does not tick.

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • Shutdown.exe -t 3600 -type f -s and finish. If you want you can change the name and the icon of course.
  • With this link the computer will now shutdown after exactly one hour.
  • 1= 1 second, 60 = 60 seconds, 1800 = 30 minutes etc.

Hint: if you want to save data or shutdown programs during this time, you have to omit the -f and just type shutdown.Exe -t 3600 -s in the shortcut.

If you now double click on the link this window appears. (I had entered 1 minute as a test.)

Confirm this with OK, then the shutdown time begins.

If you want to change the time, just right click on the link / properties and under target: change the t-value to the new time.

Restart Windows 10




The restart function is important if you have installed drivers or for windows update etc.

this will completely shutdown windows 10 and also start it up again without removing the old stored information from the hiberfil.Sys are read in.

Restart is easily achieved in the start menu. No matter if startmenu, or just the other options.

create shortcut for reboot

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • The path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.Exe /r /t 0 or shutdown.Exe /r /t 0 enter
  • Assign name, done.

Now right click on the new shortcut / properties to change the icon and then pin it to the start menu.

Another variant, which is documented for the first time in windows 10 1703 and is officially used in windows 10 1709 is

  • Shutdown.Exe /g /t 0

restart Windows 10, previously open programs will be started automatically

Shutdown /g – Shuts down the computer completely and restarts it. After restarting the system, the windows that were not closed before are automatically restarted. Correct setting for this is a prerequisite.

Create a shortcut:

  • Right click on the desktop> new> link
  • As path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.Exe -g -t 0 enter, name and create.
  • After that you can right click to open the properties and assign a different icon to the new shortcut.

Windows 10 with cortana voice control shutdown restart

If you use the voice control of cortana and want to shutdown, restart or put windows 10 into energy saving mode with the voice control, you only need to create the respective shortcuts, which we have shown you here.

These links are then created with a meaningful name. As an example:

  • shutdown, reboot, hibernate.

Names that cortana can recognize well when spoken into the microphone.

Now go to the folder where the links in the startmenu are stored.

  • Windows key + R %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs and start
  • Or C:\user\your name\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs
  • Appdata is a hidden folder: see: just expand it +


To see not only the file name, but also the file extension, you need to in file explorer:

  • Click the view tab
  • check the box: filename extension

If you also want to see hidden files, you have to check the box for :

  • Hidden elements are set.

Show protected-system-files.jpg

To make also the files protected by windows visible you have to use,

  • Click the view tab
  • Right options
  • View tab
  • uncheck: hide protected system files (recommended)
  • In the folder programms now copy the links into it

If you now want to shut down the PC, then start the voice control and speak open shutdown

Open restart, depending on the name you gave to the shortcut.

Start Windows 10 in the safe and advanced mode


As already with the complete shutdown, one must with pressed shift-key (shift) to restart click to enter the safe mode or the extended start menu of windows 10.

This variant works in all menus. Doesn’t matter if it’s startmenu, start screen, windows key + X, or in login screen.

Create shortcuts for safe or advanced mode

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path:
  • Shutdown.Exe /o /r (with a delay) or
  • Shutdown.Exe /o /r /t 0 create (without delay)

More about this under:

Start Windows 10 in the UEFI environment

If you have installed windows 10 in EFI mode (UEFI) you can boot directly there with a command

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path:
  • Shutdown.Exe -r -fw (with one delay) or
  • Shutdown.Exe -r -fw -t 0 (without delay) create
  • -r = restart
  • -fw = start UEFI interface
  • -t = time until restart
  • 0 = zero seconds delay.

standby, energy saving and sleep mode are missing from the menu and settings


With windows 10 1709 (from build 16215) standby, hibernate and also power save are no longer offered separately and are also out of the settings> system> mains operation and energy saving as well as in the old control panel no longer exist. Also the commands and shortcuts listed below will not work any more.

Here microsoft couples the settings screen and standby mode to one setting. More about this under:

  • Standby energy saving hibernation not available windows 10

There we will further update the options.

select energy save in the menu


save power causes all open files and programs to be saved in ram. Windows 10 may not be shut down then of course. Because then all unsaved data would be lost.

Save energy consumes very little energy. To restart windows 10 just press a key or move the mouse. The power save function is in all available menus from the start menu, , windows key + X and also in the logon screen.

Create a shortcut to save energy

But the quickstart must be deactivated, or the function suspend to RAM (S3) must be activated in the bios

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: C:\windows\system32\rundll32.Exe powrprof.Dll,setsuspendstate sleep or simply rundll32.Exe powrprof.Dll,setsuspendstate sleep create
  • Assign names, done.

Another command is

  • Roundll32.Exe powrprof.Dll,setsuspendstate 0,1,0

hibernate in windows 10 enable disable

Hibernation, unlike energy saving, saves the open files and programs on the harddisk. This means that you can turn off (de-energize) windows. After a start the content will be read from the harddisk and you can continue where you left off.

To be able to make the settings, you have to go to the old control panel.

  • press Windows key + X click on control panel
  • As of windows 10 1703: enter control panel in the taskbar search and run
  • Change to small icons
  • Power options
  • Left now select what should happen when pressing power switches click.


  • In the new window now above some settings are currently not available click


Now you can check hibernate below, or uncheck save energy below. About these settings, you can also disable the fast startup (hybrid startup), by removing the check mark at enable fast startup.

That was it.

In the registry there is the possibility to activate the hibernate mode. But this is hardware dependent.

  • press Windows key + X enter regedit and start it
  • To path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\policies\microsoft\windows\explorer go
  • If explorer is not present, then a right click on windows / new / key the name explorer enter.

A variant to show the hibernation state anyway is,

  • press Windows key + R enter regedit and run it
  • To path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\currentcontrolset\control\power go
  • In the right field look if there is the DWORD-value hiberfiletype is available.
  • If yes just delete. After a reboot the hibernation should be visible in the power settings again so you can activate it.

The individual values at the key hiberfiletype are:


The DWORD value hibernateenabled must of course be set to 1.

Thanks to ludwig for the tip with hiberfiletype

Create shortcut for hibernation windows 10

Currently, the idle state cannot be activated via the control panel / energy options on the left as in the older versions select what should happen when pressing the power button set.

But you can create a shortcut without problems.

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: C:\windows\system32\rundll32.Exe powrprof.Dll,setsuspendstate enter
  • Assign name and save.

Now right click / properties to assign an icon.

Now windows 10 also goes into hibernation mode.

Standby as command or bat file

Also the standby mode can be restarted with a command via the input prompt or a *.Bat file possible.

If you choose the input prompt, type this command and press the enter key

But you can also use a batch file, which you have to create.

– right click on the desktop> new – text document – copy this content into it

– save and then from new text document.Txt in standby.Bat rename

Double click on this file and the computer will go into standby.

Thanks to holgie and AVEYO

Quick start hybrid mode hiberfil.Disable sys

Also here microsoft has trimmed the power settings.

In the energy settings no more selection is indicated whether one would like to activate, or deactivate the fast startup.

Here remains only the input prompt and the command

  • powercfg /hibernate off or powercfg /H off – this will make the hiberfil.Sys (quick start) disabled
  • Powercfg /hibernate on or powercfg /H on – this will start the hiberfil.Sys (quick start) activated

Or the hiberfil.Keep Sys via the registry entry:

  • press Win + R or windows key
  • type in Regedit and start
  • To HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\policies\microsoft\windows\system go
  • In the right window create a new DWORD value with the name: hiberbootenabled
  • double click on it and set the value: 0 = hybridboot is disabled 1= hybridboot is enabled

Change Windows 10 user or log off


If you have created more than one user, then you can switch between the users and log off a user via another menu.

In the start menu you have to click here on the name or the user picture, so that this menu appears.

With windows key + X it is included in the same menu as shutdown.

create shortcut for user change

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: C:\windows\system32\tsdiscon.Exe or tsdiscon.Exe enter
  • assign name and save.

Now assign an icon via right click / properties. It was here.

Create shortcut to log off

  • right click on the desktop / new / shortcut
  • As path: %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -L or shutdown.Exe /l enter
  • name it and save it.

With this link the user is logged off in windows 10.

Windows 10 PC lock lock


To lock the PC with windows 10, you can use different variants.

  • open start menu and click / press on username
  • Select lock


  • right click in the taskbar / open task-manager and select the tab user.
  • Mark the user with the left mouse button or right click on disconnect and the PC will be locked.


Execute the already well-tried monkey grip ctrl+alt+delete. Here is then also the possibility to lock the computer.

Or of course the key combination win + L
create a shortcut.

Also with a link you can lock the computer.

  • right click on desktop / new / shortcut
  • C:\windows\system32\rundll32.Exe user32.Dll, lockworkstation enter
  • Assign a name and create the link to lock the computer.

Now you can right click and choose a fancy icon.

Other options tools and shortcuts to shutdown

Laptop shutdown settings

Shutdown laptop.png

A laptop has 3 optional options that can be set in the energy options.

  • right click on the battery symbol in the systray (taskbar)
  • power options
  • Windows key + X press power options
  • Windows 10 1703: under related settings click on "additional power settings".

Here you can now set the various options to your user behavior.

  • example: close: hibernate
  • Shut down power switch
  • power save button save energy.

This can be set differently, depending on whether you are working in mains or battery mode.

With npowertray all functions to shutdown in the taskbar


Npowertray is a very small tool that is visible in the systray of the taskbar. In the context menu of npowertray all possible shortcuts will appear in the one menu. In the settings, the hook must be set that npowertray starts with windows. Otherwise it can not be displayed.

info and download: gigaherz.Github.Io/npowertray/

Alt + F4 shutdown restart log off

With the key combination alt + F4 you can not only close active windows or programs, but also shutdown windows 10.

If you want to set another function as default in this menu, you have to do the following:

  • press windows key + R type regedit and start it
  • To the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\advanced go
  • In the right window right click / new / DWORD-value (32 bit) with the name start_powerbuttonaction create.
  • Now double click on this to change it to DECIMAL and enter it as value:
  • 1 for logout
  • 2 for shutdown
  • 4 for restart
  • 16 for hibernate
  • 64 for hybrid standby (hibernate)
  • 256 for change user

That was it.

Prevent shutdown with don’t sleep

If you have a program that cannot prevent shutdown, you should use don’t sleep.

A small portable program that sends windows a message to prevent shutdown, power saving mode or screensaver.

Show a text on shutdown in windows 10

If you want to see your own text when shutting down, you have to create a shortcut for it.

The command is shutdown -s -f -t 20 -c "see you soon. Bye"

  • -t xx is the time in seconds and can be used variably.
  • -f forces the closing of the programs in the given time
  • -c is the value that a text should be displayed
  • The text must not contain more than 512 characters.have spaces.

Cancel shutdown or restart

This is also possible under windows 10. But for this you need two links.

The first one is for adding a time window before windows 10 shuts down or restarts.

  • Hybrid link: shutdown.Exe /s /hybrid /t 10
  • Shutdown completely: shutdown.Exe /s /t 10
  • Restart: shutdown.Exe /r /t 10

The t 10 means that windows 10 waits seconds before shutting down or restarting the computer. The time can be changed of course.

shortcut two is for abort.

  • Shutdown.Exe -A

Enter this command as path in a new shortcut. This will abort the shutdown or reboot.

More comfortable in this case is to use the variant #slide to shutdown for a normal shutdown

Because here the one link is enough and you can either click on the bottom of the desktop to cancel the shutdown, or drag the window down with the mouse to turn off the PC.

show detailed status messages on login and shutdown


If you want to see not only the gyroscope when you shutdown windows 10, or. Restarts, but also detailed information, which services are just started, then you can display this information.

In a test it was easy to see that acronis needed some time to run all its services here.


Windows 10 pro:

  • Windows key + R press gpedit.enter Msc and start group policies.
  • guidelines for local computer / administrative templates / system
  • Right now show extremely detailed status messages double click
  • Enabled = the status messages are displayed
  • Disabled = the status messages are not displayed.

windows 10 pro, home


  • Windows key + R press enter regedit and run it
  • Or search in the taskbar regedit and start the result
  • set value to 1 = the detailed status messages are displayed
  • Set value to 0 = the detailed status messages are not displayed

That was it.

instant reboot for emergencies [ edit | edit source ]

Immediate restart for emergency.jpg

Not confirmed: only up to windows 10 1511

Besides the normal restart, windows 10 has also integrated an "instant restart" (for emergencies).

you can reach it with the well known monkey grip ctrl + alt + unf, then go to the power selection in the lower right corner and hold down the ctrl key and click on shutdown.

Now the computer restarts immediately without informing you that programs etc. are still running. Open are.

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