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A sibling stroller is mostly used as a baby buggy for siblings of different ages. Many sibling buggies are extremely expensive, heavy, large and often can only be used for a few months. The cars can cost up to 600 euros. The sibling stroller test shows what advantages there are and what should be paid special attention to. The purchase can also be worthwhile.

Siblings pushchair & Sibling buggy test 2019/2020

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A sibling buggy to convert

If you have a child and a baby at home, it is very difficult to push two strollers at the same time. For this reason, many manufacturers have specialized in siblings or tandem strollers. With the buggy for siblings, longer tours can be undertaken without any problems and both children have the opportunity to take a rest, especially toddlers do not yet take long walks. There are strollers for siblings with a modular system. There is a carrycot for a newborn and flexible attachments for the older sibling. The different stages of development of the child are taken into account in a sibling buggy. There are also options to turn a sibling buggy into a single car. The second essay only has to be removed. So you don’t always have to take the entire car with you if you are only traveling with a child. The B-Dual model from Britax Römer has a particularly interesting system. Here the baby seat can also be converted into a car seat.

The correct lying position

The lying position is very important for a stroller for siblings. Infants and toddlers are often transported together and each child has different needs. The baby should lie completely flat and well padded. The toddler, however, can sit upright. The prices of the duo cars start at 300 euros and can often be well over 1000 euros. Hauck or Chicco have affordable models in their range and the quality convinces many parents. A price comparison can be worthwhile, because it often gets a high-quality car at a very reasonable price. The age-appropriate transport of two children is extremely important. The carriage should be reversible so that the children can look both ahead and to the mother. Twin or twin carriages are often used as siblings, but then the children should be about the same age.

Pay attention to bad purchases

The models with tandem seats are particularly narrow, but very long and therefore not always so easy to navigate. A two-seater, on the other hand, is very wide and not necessarily suitable for the city. It is not just that Finding the right buggy for siblings and so a comparison can be worthwhile and a test report can also provide information about who is the test winner and which car also did well in the sibling buggy test or in the sibling stroller test. The wheels of a stroller are very important. The suspension is of great importance, because especially babies sleep a lot and should not be shaken constantly. Of course, it always depends on where you walk a lot. If you are often in the woods and meadows, you should choose large pneumatic tires. These cushion unevenness perfectly and the little one is not disturbed while sleeping and the body is also protected.

The accessories

The equipment features and accessories of the sibling strollers or tandem strollers are extremely important for parents. The suspension systems and pneumatic tires should fit, and a transport lock and convertible top view window are also important. Of course, the purchase price skyrockets again through these features, this should be aware. Stability, resilience and a base frame should always be given. In addition, a rain cover, a parasol, a bag, insect protection is very important and is also available as a set from many manufacturers. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can buy the accessories used. Many families already sell accessories and duo strollers at very reasonable prices.

Coexistence is much more pleasant for the children

A sibling buggy is essential better for children. You can see each other, talk to each other, or play while driving. In addition, there are no arguments about who can sit in the front. A slight disadvantage: the car is wide and narrow alley or busy streets may not be able to be crossed. In addition, a wide car is difficult to stow in the trunk. So if you only have a small car at home, it will be difficult to stow the car. These criteria play a significant role in the purchase and the pros and cons should be weighed up.

Very popular models are:

  • Baby Jogger CITY MINI double
  • Inglesina Swift Twin
  • Zekiwa twin stroller
  • Osann sibling car
  • Hauck sibling car freerider

These are just a few popular sibling stroller models. The design is modern and calm. The color variety is limitless and there are models in red, blue but also black or gray. A good sibling buggy can certainly be found for everyone.

Checklist for buying a sibling buggy

  1. Comfort: Good padding is extremely important, especially for infants. Babies should always be soft.
  2. The weight: The sibling should not be too heavy, only in this way can it be pushed for longer distances without problems.
  3. The size: Pay attention to the assembly of the car, also check in advance whether it fits in the trunk.
  4. The stability: a Siblings pushchair must be stable and should never tilt slightly.
  5. Handling: The sibling buggy should be collapsible and stowed well in the trunk.
  6. The wheels: pneumatic tires are particularly suitable.
  7. Safety: A TÜV seal is extremely important and substances that are harmful to health should not be included.
  8. The handle length: The handles should be adjustable in height.
  9. We have the test winners of the sibling stroller test in our range

A sibling buggy test can be used to quickly determine which buggy is the right one. We have assessed the best cars and listed the advantages and disadvantages for you. You can buy great speed prams from us at affordable prices. The quality of the strollers is first class and will surely inspire you. Browse in peace and choose your own personal model.

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