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If you only have one child, you buy a simple stroller. a Siblings pushchair or one Stroller addition for siblings is recommended if you have two small children in the family.

When choosing the sibling stroller, you should make sure that the respective
Sibling strollers do justice to both the age of the siblings and the weight of the child. In addition, the stroller should be well made so that it lasts long enough.

Since the sibling stroller is mainly used in public, it is important that it looks good, but that your children also like it. Not to forget the comfort for your children and the ease of use for you. And of course the price.

Sibling strollers – Duodeal Sibling strollers – Twin strollers

The Duodeal pram sibling stroller is particularly suitable for families with two small twins or with two small children without a large age difference. Accordingly, this sibling stroller has two seats.

The back seat is for babies up to 12 months of age. They can also be placed lying there. Older children can also sit in the front. Both seats are adjustable. The front seat can be adjusted twice. The rear seat is 3-way adjustable.

Safety 1st siblings with 5-point seat belt

To prevent children from falling out while driving, the sibling is equipped with a 5-point seat belt. To protect against sun rays, this model has 2 sun canopies. Your children are also protected against rain in the sibling. This is ensured by a large rain cover from the sibling stroller. Your children are protected from vibrations by an ingenious suspension system from the stroller. And thanks to the sturdy frame, the sibling stroller will not crumble even with two larger than average children inside.

The developers of the pushchair siblings thought not only of the comfort of the children, but also of those of the parents. That is why both front wheels have been swiveled. Therefore, they can control the sibling stroller much more easily than most other sibling strollers. If you go shopping with your children, you don’t need to take bags with you. This sibling stroller has a spacious shopping basket.

  • Manufacturer: Safety 1st
  • Model: Duodeal
  • Dimensions: 101 cm x 59 cm x 114 cm
  • Dimensions folded: 117 cm x 58.4 cm x 33 cm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Type of tires: plastic tires
  • Diameter: 14.3 cm
  • Security: Complies with EU standard 1888

This stroller sibling is easy to assemble and fold. He easily takes two small children and protects them from dangers – clear purchase recommendation!

Sibling strollers – Hauck Geschwister stroller Turbo 11 Duo

The Geschwisterwa pram

will be delivered to you quickly and safely. The assembly of the sibling stroller takes only a few minutes and is child’s play. After assembly, siblings can fit two babies and two larger children in the pram.

Thanks to the 5-point safety belts, they sit very securely and cannot crawl out. Because the footrests of the sibling are adjustable, your children will still have it comfortable. If your children want to sleep or want to sleep, you can accommodate them lying down in the sibling.

Hauk sibling with a practical removable roof

The buggy has been equipped with a removable hood so that your children are not disturbed by the rain or the sun. It protects the car’s suspension system from vibrations on uneven paths. But if you prefer to avoid bumps, do it easily. This is made possible by the swiveling front wheels of the Geschwister pram. However, you can also leave the sibling pram firmly on the spot using the rear wheel brake.

Where can you get that Tandem Stroller to buy? You get the cheapest price if you order it online. Another advantage of ordering online is that you have the right to cancel.

  • Manufacturer: Hauck
  • Model: Turbo 11 Duo H-Gray
  • Dimensions: 73 x 75 x 111 cm
  • Dimensions folded: 107 cm x 41 cm x 38 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Material: polyester (washable)
  • Type of tires: plastic wheels
  • Diameter of the wheels: 14 cm
  • Seat dimensions: 42 (H) cm x 29 (W) cm
  • Maximum load on the seats: 15 kg
  • Length of the lying surface: 65 cm

This sibling stroller offers maximum comfort for both you and your young children. It is also easy to set up, fold up and maintain. Combined with its value for money, this results in the almost ideal pram sibling.

Sibling stroller – Chicco sibling Echo Twin

The Chicco Echo Twin is lighter than most others Siblings pushchair. That is why even a woman can lift it alone. In addition, this stroller is incredibly compact and, when folded, not only fits into the trunk of a stroller, but also, if necessary, between its seats. And if you want to unfold it after a car ride, it works even for non-mechanics.

Sibling stroller Chicco Echo Twin – the light and compact

The sibling stroller offers advantages not only to adults, but also to small children. So two children can sit next to each other. This increases the fun for both. Your children will also enjoy the greatest possible seating comfort. This is possible because the backrests of the prams and siblings can be adjusted separately. In addition, your children do not have to cope with "ass kicks" when driving on bumpy roads. The suspension of the car absorbs all of the impact energy. Thanks to the built-in rain protection, you don’t have to worry about rain either.

What else needs to be considered with this stroller? The sibling can hold children with a body weight of 15 kg. And not just endure, but also drive quickly and even turn. The car owes this property to its swiveling wheels. If necessary, however, you can quickly brake the sibling stroller. And you can secure all these advantages at low cost.

  1. Manufacturer: Chicco
  2. Dimensions: 98 cm x 67 cm x 107 cm
  3. Weight: 14 kg
  4. Red color
  5. Equipment: 2 seats with adjustable height
  6. rain protection
  7. swiveling front wheels
  8. built-in brakes
  9. Maximum load per seat: 15 kg

The Chicco sibling stroller looks chic thanks to its red color. It is comfortable for both children and adults. In addition, the pram siblings are inexpensive. You can hardly find a better quality and cheaper pram for prams.

Sibling strollers – Buggyboard Little Dreume’s ride-on seat

The Little Dreume ride-on seat is a Stroller addition for siblings. It is produced to help families with several children purchase one Geschwisterkin the car to save. Because sibling strollers, even inexpensive models, can tear quite a few holes in the family budget. And if you already have a simple stroller, buying a sibling stroller seems particularly wasteful.

In such a situation there is one Additional seat for siblings the ideal solution. It costs less than a sibling stroller and allows two children to be carried in one stroller.

Buggyboard – the alternative to siblings

This advantage is particularly noticeable with the small Dreumes ride-on seat. Because that Ride-on board for the stroller can be mounted on almost any good stroller. Thanks to its special construction, your child can both stand safely and sit comfortably. The upholstery from the car seat cushions bumps on uneven places. Thanks to the support wheel, the stroller can not only be pushed easily, but also controlled correctly. This is not only possible in the city, but also on sandy paths or forest paths.

What else is important to mention? The ride-on seat can be removed from the stroller just as easily. If necessary, it can be folded up to save space. For maintenance you only need to wipe the seat with a damp cloth and it will keep its cool appearance and full functionality for years.

  • Manufacturer: Little Dreumes
  • Device type: Car seat
  • Type of use: mounting on normal strollers
  • Possible stroller models: all
  • Type of attachment: Snap clips
  • Material: hard plastic, foam (cushion)
  • Maximum load: 18 kg

The Little Dreumes ride-on buggyboard is a good alternative to a sibling pram. It is cheaper than a sibling pram and still allows two children to be carried in a pram. If you have a stroller, choose it!

Sibling strollers – buggy boarding board for siblings

The buggy board ride-on board transforms your simple stroller into a slim sibling. And this car with strollers Addition for siblings is much more agile than real siblings.

The reason for this is the equipment from the ride board with tax. Your child can decide for himself whether to sit with him or standing. When it is standing up, the footprint offers a good grip because it is non-slip. Thanks to the seat belt, it is also safe to sit.

Buggyboard – easy assembly with click lock

The assembly of Stroller additional seat is possible on any stroller that has parallel vertical frame frames. The pipe thickness is irrelevant. This is because the click lock on the ride-on board ensures secure attachment to every tube. The additional seat from the ride-on board is adjustable in three positions. Therefore, the board is suitable for both 2-year-old and 5-year-old children.

The board is not only safe and easy to handle, but also really nice. That is why your child will always catch your eye and stand out from the crowd. And this beauty and originality will serve you and your children for years to come.

  • Manufacturer: Stimo 24
  • Dimensions: 49.5 cm x 33.5 cm x 21 cm
  • Dimensions floor space: 23.5 cm x 22.5 cm
  • Maximum load: 20 kg
  • Features: hard rubber wheels with suspension
  • safety belt
  • Booster seat

For people who already have a stroller but need to drive two children at the same time, there is one Stroller addition for siblings the ideal variant. The buggy board ride-on board is less expensive than a sibling. In addition, a normal stroller with a board and additional seat is narrower than a sibling. So if your children don’t necessarily have to lie when driving, you should choose the ride-on board instead of a sibling.

Here is more information on the best buggy strollers


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