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For me, nudism represents the desire to be outdoors without clothes or censorship. Close your eyes and imagine beautiful beaches. Lots of beaches where clothes are. Nudism as a way of life. Living in harmony with nature and being naked to promote respect for others and the environment. On the other hand, the sheer pleasure of being naked and leaving your swimming trunks at home.
Not many people know that Sicily is a real paradise for nudists. Yes, because on the island, which offers well-known beaches for families and places for mass tourism, there are also some gems of nature, suitable for lovers of naturism..
That is why I am spending my summer vacation this year on the east coast of Sicily, very close to Siracusa. You can fly there with a low-cost airline, landing in Catania airport. I recommend renting a car at the airport on arrival so that you can move freely and reach the nudist beaches for naturists. I also chose an apartment to have more flexibility and to fully enjoy my stay.

Naturism in Sicily

Sicily is the Italian region with the highest coast, including a little more than 1000 km of coast on about 7500 km in Italy. It there are none authorized beaches, but there are several nudist beaches where practice becomes one habit for several ten years. Thanks to the mild climate and the many natural areas, there are about a dozen tolerated nudist beaches on the island. There are many beaches on the net where you can practice nudism, but not all information is reliable. In my opinion, nudist beaches are only the places where you can lie naked and carefree in the sun without fear have to when a textile approaches I therefore only report on the nudist beaches where practice is accepted by public opinion.

Nudist beaches in the Syracuse area

In the province of Siracusa you can practice naturism around Vendicari freely. The beaches from the capital are accessible by taking the SS 115 state road towards Avola-Noto-Pachino. There is also the opportunity to practice nudism on the beaches at the mouth of the Ciane River, near Siracusa. A nudist creek is also near the archaeological site of Eloro, not far from Vendicari.
In addition to these beaches, there are dozens of other beaches, bays and cliffs where you can practice nudity at different times of the year. This is due to the simple fact that they are lonely and not because the nudity is accepted by the population.


Over 30km south of Siracusa, near the excavations in Eloro (near Vendicari) there is a wonderful nudist bay with a long fine golden beach.


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