Sightseeing, experience hamburg in 3 days

Hamburg in 3 days

Experience three days in Hamburg – tips for things to do

Here are some tips to make your stay in the Hanseatic city worth experiencing. To fully experience Hamburg as a tourist, 3 days are not enough. But also during this time you have the opportunity to discover a lot of sights.

It is also useful if you are in Hamburg for 1, 2 or 3 days and want to experience something, to have a ticket for various activities in your pocket. Get the Hamburg City Pass and put it together as you need it for your stay in Hamburg. Here you will find mine Saving tip for tourists.

What can you do in Hamburg??

Here are a few ideas for 3 days to discover Hamburg!

Experience Hamburg in one day

The ultimate Hamburg experience (for those who haven’t been here yet) is of course activities on and on the water. Sit on the HVV ferries or on a small barge at the harbor and take a tour of the harbor and see the Hamburg skyline and the large ships from a different perspective. Or take small ships on the Alster and discover Hamburg from a completely different perspective. (Active tourists should rent a canoe or a pedal boat from a boat rental and thus sail through the canals of Hamburg themselves.) In addition to such a boat trip, where there is a lot to learn from the skippers, it might be advisable to use one to take a guided tour of the city and have Hamburg explain it to you in a hanseatic and charming way.

Experience 2 days in Hamburg

Assuming the weather is good in Hamburg and you have already experienced the tips from the first day, then maybe it can go on alone. With public transport (HVV) you are very flexible in Hamburg and can get there almost anywhere without any problems.
If you like walking, you will find a nice sightseeing tour on the Elbe with various great highlights. If this tour is not enough for you, then it is not far from there to the Reeperbahn. If you are already in Hamburg, then a stroll through the neighborhood should not be missing. And if the weather god doesn’t mean well with you, then here are some ideas for things to do in Hamburg in rain and bad weather.

Experience Hamburg in 3 days

I personally like the green in Hamburg. Therefore, some tips should not be missing here. For example, a trip to the Elbe to the Zollenspieker nature reserve in the south of Hamburg is a great thing. Or you can go north and hike in Duvenstedter Brook, in the Rodenbeker Quellental or in the Hainesch Iland and enjoy pure nature. Classics, on the other hand, are the Hamburg city park, Planten un Blomen or the Loki Schmidt garden, which can be better reached by public transport. I hope to have given you a few ideas to experience some things in 3 days in Hamburg. Feel free to look around on my pages. There are definitely one or two things that would be interesting for you in Hamburg. For a quick overview of where which attractions can be found in Hamburg, take a look at the Hamburg map with sights & destinations.

And now enjoy your visit to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

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