Signal messenger apk download

Signal Messenger APK Download

The Messenger signal is safe and easy to use. Even whistleblower Edward Snowden recommends the app. It brings the best conditions to replace WhatsApp – free, secure, chats, telephony and above all, no connection to Facebook.

Especially in this country, the need for privacy and security is particularly great. However, that should not be too complicated. PGP encryption will probably never be successful. The Signal Messenger app has a good chance of attracting at least safety-conscious smartphone users. The open source project is safe, easy to use and has good added features.

Features of the Signal Messengers

Signal is there for andro >* as well as for the Windows, Linux and Mac desktops. The Messenger app uses multiple 256-bit AES keys and uses them in end-to-end encryption. Manufacturers themselves can not access chats or calls, and the app’s source code is also available for review as “open source,” so any programmer can control the claims. Who uses such messenger also for telephone calls and voice messages, will be glad that these are also encrypted. By the way, Signal also offers video chats.

The fact that WhatsApp can delete messages later, was celebrated like the invention of the wheel, while the Signal Messenger is already 3 steps ahead: the so-called “disappearing news“Have a built-in expiration stamp. The timer starts at 5 seconds and lasts up to a week. Within the preset time, the messages disappear from the sender to the receiver as if they had never existed.

So if you want to make sure that the chats are not found during a check, use this feature. You just have to try how long your counterpart needs to read the news. However, this method does not protect against screenshots. These messages can be recognized by an hourglass underneath. For the reader, the timer starts as soon as he reads the message.

Since messengers like WhatsApp are slowly but surely replacing the social media portals in some circles, a modern app also needs a group feature. Also with Signal you can create groups to entertain you with several contacts at the same time.

Quite interesting is also the feature to be able to replace the mobile SMS app by signal.

The signal messenger and the DSGVO

The DSGVO is about the user having the maximum control over his personal data. This concerns for example the storage on foreign computers, the passing on and the exchange of data.

As far as that goes, the Signal Messenger meets the requirements one hundred percent. Even the indication of whether some of the own contacts also use signal, takes place by an anonymous procedure. Here encrypted hash values ​​of phone numbers are compared with those on your own phone, without this name or other personal data would be in the game. All of this happens on your own smartphone, without any comparison software becoming active.

All exchanged messages and conversations are encrypted and transported. According to their own statements, the company has no access to it. Every single message gets an individual AES key, so no one gets all the data just because he’s cracked a key.

If you are not satisfied with the signal Messenger and want to delete his number at the service, so he can do that here. Simply enter the number, select the country and send. Then enter an SMS code confirmation and that’s it – no signal user can send this number in the future still messages.

The main problem with Signal Messengers will be the same as with any WhatsApp rival: if it has few friends, it’s useless.

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