Sim card for smartwatches

SIM card for smartwatches

Smartwatch SIM: Complete independence from the mobile phone

Why are there smartwatches with SIM cards? Maybe one or the other interested person is asking this question. The intelligent watches can finally be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. If calls or messages come in, the wearable on the wrist also experiences this and informs the wearer about it. Depending on the model, different options are given to react to it. The simplest variant is revealed in a hybrid smartwatch, which is reminiscent of a classic wristwatch due to its analog dial. It cannot display the content of a message or the name of the caller. However, settings can be made in the app belonging to the hybrid smartwatch. The user assigns a number between one and twelve to his most important contacts. As soon as he receives a message or a call from the respective person, the pointers move to the corresponding number. The owner of the smartwatch therefore knows who wants to reach him. However, to really respond to the message, he has to pull out his smartphone.

Smartwatches with a display then have significantly more scope. The digital display can show the content of messages and the name of the caller and their number. Often these intelligent watches offer the option to react immediately on the screen. This makes it unnecessary to take the smartphone out of your pocket. Because a microphone and a loudspeaker are ultimately built into these smartwatches, the conversation can be conveniently conducted over the wrist. Nevertheless, messages can be answered on the display of the smartwatch. This is done either via selectable text modules, by typing with your finger or via a voice input, in which the watch independently converts the content into writing.

All of these concepts have the advantage that the smartwatch thus literally functions as an extended arm of the mobile phone, but is not independent of it. In order to always be up to date on the go, the mobile phone must be carried with you. And at this point, the Smartwatch SIM A card to. If you want a higher degree of independence and don’t want to have your mobile phone with you all the time, use this variant. The wearable then becomes a completely independent device. Depending on the model, either a micro SIM or a nano SIM is used – or as described at the beginning, an eSIM. The latter works for Apple on the principle that this chip uses the same number as the smartphone. If the iPhone stays at home, the calls and messages land on the smartwatch so that they are accessible on the go.

No matter what principle the manufacturer offers, one SIM card for a smartwatch means absolute independence from the smartphone. Making calls, sending and receiving messages, receiving updates from social networks, searching for content on the Internet, downloading apps and watch faces and streaming music – all this is possible with the smartwatch with SIM card. Although not everyone can imagine that a watch can perform all of these functions independently and assesses this possibility as a dream of the future, this standard is already much more advanced than can be assumed. Renowned brands such as LG, Huawei, Samsung, ZTE and MyKronoz have launched independent models in the past. There are also other, less well-known manufacturers such as Omate, Simvalley, Finow, No.1, Zeblaze or Awatch. The mere fact that Apple, as the market leader and provider of the world’s best-selling smartwatch, has also jumped on this bandwagon shows that this innovation should be seen as future-oriented. In all likelihood, according to some experts, smartwatches with SIM are likely to completely replace the smartphone in a few years.

SIM card for children’s smartwatches as a basic requirement

A children’s smartwatch has recently grown into an indispensable companion in everyday life in many families. Many adults understandably prefer to buy such a device for their offspring instead of a cell phone. The list of advantages over a smartphone turns out to be long: the operation is appropriate for the target group and therefore easier, the purchase is cheaper, a loss is unlikely, because after all the watch remains on the wrist.

In addition, there are the functions which serve the safety of the little ones and which a mobile phone does not provide. For example, the SOS emergency call, which is triggered with a push of a button on a children’s smartwatch if the offspring thinks he’s insecure. Via a quick dial, the parents and other designated contacts are immediately informed that the baby is asking for help and where he is actually staying. For this, the GPS coordinates are transmitted. In addition, thanks to the SIM card, the small wearer of a children’s smartwatch can be located by the parents in case of doubt. Usually, security areas can be configured on a card, which must not be left. If this does happen, the children’s GPS watch with SIM can inform them immediately.

Not least because of this, many families opt for such a smartwatch and not for a mobile phone, the purchase of which can still wait. Especially since the children’s watch with GPS is an equivalent means of communication. In principle, calls are always possible and the exchange of messages is supported in almost all models. This can be both text and voice messages that are sent between the tot and the adults. A final and particularly strong argument for the children’s smartwatch is that the parents are given the opportunity to narrow down the group of people who can contact the offspring. Only the confidants entered in a list actually reach the child. However, strangers are denied access. To provide all these functions, a SIM card is an indispensable part of a children’s watch with GPS. This must – and this is essential – at the same time hold a volume of data in order for the location to be successful.

Prepaid or card contract? The question of the right smartwatch SIM card

Anyone who has decided to use a smartwatch with SIM in order to experience independence from a mobile phone still faces an important question: prepaid or SIM card with a contract? The same applies to all parents who want to equip their child with a smartwatch. A clear recommendation can be made, which may make this decision a little easier.

When it comes to buying a smartphone, most of them commit to the model with a mobile phone contract. With a smartwatch there is at least some uncertainty. This may not least be due to the fact that not everyone is familiar with this technology yet, while everyone knows how a cell phone works. The principle is identical. With a contract, a tariff is offered, which includes a monthly basic fee. This package includes a certain number of free minutes and free SMS for the smartwatch as well as the required data volume. With a prepaid model, it is not uncommon for these extras to have to be booked, which ultimately results in higher costs than with a contract.

With a mobile phone contract for the smartwatch, the user can adjust to what costs they will incur. Above all, however, it has the decisive advantage that it always has full access to the functions. It looks different when the credit for a prepaid SIM for the smartwatch has been used up. Then a new amount must be loaded first. As long as this does not happen, independent communication via the watch cannot be accomplished.

This becomes even clearer with the SIM card for a children’s smartwatch. If the prepaid card goes flat here, the little ones cannot reach the adults and cannot be located. For this reason, a mobile phone contract for a smartwatch is recommended. Verification is also easier there. Customers of a prepaid SIM repeatedly complain that they sometimes had to wait several days before they received their activation. All these arguments speak for the SIM card contract for a smartwatch. Not infrequently, this is also associated with a discount when buying the device.

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