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With the arrival of spring and rainy weather we are sometimes forced to stay at home with the children and we have to find ideas for entertainment. That is why we will suggest some ideas in this article easy drawing to realize together with your children.

Taking a pencil in your hand and scribbling on a piece of paper is often the first artistic activity for the smallest children. the design requires very little material (just a piece of paper and a drawing tool), is simple and entertaining for children of all ages and levels of ability, and doesn’t make a mess. Drawing allows children to express themselves, show their world, develop their imagination, exchange ideas with other people and develop their fine motor skills.

It’s no secret that children love to draw, and adults are always happy to support them in their creative activities as long as the little Picassos don’t use the walls and furniture as a canvas. But how can you work with your child? Take a look at our carefully designed images and feel free to choose from our selection of easily reproducible drawings.

An easy-to-draw drawing is an art that is suitable for all ages. The little ones start scribbling on paper, then going to dye and then improving and creating real drawings. Each child goes through these steps and the role of the parents and helps them develop their artistic meaning.

To make it easier, let your child easily reproduce a drawing using a stencil drawing. It is a good experience to let him discover which he can then color. It is also an excellent exercise for fine motor skills.

How do I make a light drawing of footprints and hands?

How to do fun step by step? In the following pictures you will discover a series of simple drawing to do with your child while using his feet and hands as the basis for creation. In the example above, for example, the small ones hands used to make birds.

All you have to do is paint for your child’s delicate skin, paper, felt and patience, as you might be able to paint anywhere.

This very beautiful owl is simply made from small prints and was then decorated with paper cutouts and felt. This is a very original idea to create a birthday card or make it on a t-shirt to keep in mind.

Little girls like to draw flowers. For this reason, we offer you this easily reproducible drawing of prints of two small hands for colored flowers and two small feet for green leaves. To unite the two elements, it would suffice to draw a long green line with the help of a brush.

It is not always easy to make a rabbit. So how to draw this in an interesting and simple way? First you need to track the rabbit’s body and head and color them with the color you want. Then just put handprints in place of the rabbit’s ear and place imprints in place of the legs. And here it is!

Here’s another original idea to make it easy. Simply draw a line to limit the body of the butterfly and then place a footprint on each side. But be careful! The right foot should be on the left and the left foot on the right. If you make a mistake, you cannot have the same result. You can make several by changing colors.

What about deer? We don’t draw often because it looks honestly difficult. On the contrary! You look closely at the example about deer and a simple drawing to do if you follow our advice well. Simply put a footprint on the right or left foot, then form the eyes and horns. Simple, right?

How to make a simple drawing step by step?

Finally, we show you another easy-to-use drawing technique step by step. This will teach your child to follow instructions and to be organized and focused. In the example above, we show you how to draw a bear. Just start plotting the shape of your head. Further through the body. When you’re done with the basic shapes, you can start training the tail, eyes, snout, and ears. The result is really nice, you don’t think?

You can do that too with a Make lions. This step-by-step drawing is just as easy and fun. Start with a round that will serve as a head. In addition, all types of shapes is a very good exercise for your child that they learn while having fun. Further through the ears and eyes, then mouth and nose. You can stop there if you want to get a bear. But to get a lion by plotting its mane, then mustaches.

A light drawing of this kind will help your child learn not only the different shapes and figures but also the different animals. If you go for coloring, immediately afterwards it will still be a positive pencil because it will gradually take on all the colors.

This little yellow chick was simply made out of a felt. This is the right way to teach your child to draw straight lines. This is a simple drawing to reproduce and do several times until your little one is satisfied and happy.

If your child gets into the habit of making a drawing step by step, he or she can immediately try to do something on a piece of paper, like the frog opposite. This is the perfect kid’s activity to be more focused, but creative at the same time, as there will be a personal touch.

How can you draw a bird? If you see the picture above, you will see that it is really not complicated. If you get together with your child, you can reproduce this sketch in no time. Then let him develop his sense of imagination with coloring.

The flower is the perfect simple drawing for practicing to make rounds. It is a simple design and at the same time very beautiful and easy to reproduce for Mother’s Day.

The last idea we suggest is to make a simple drawing out of numbers. There are a lot of simple drawings to reproduce and in this case we will suggest a picture from number 3. Simply mark it on a piece of paper and then continue step by step until you get a rabbit. This method will allow your child to learn the numbers easily while having fun. Worth it. As you can see, drawing is not only fun, but also a hobby that allows your child to grow and develop its potential.


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