Simple lego building instructions for toddlers

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Lego has not lost its traditional appeal. With the small system plastic bricks, even the simplest building blocks and a bit of imagination can be used to build interesting objects, such as a flat-screen TV, and toys of high play value. However, the children should have a few small Lego building instructions for toddlers around the age of 4 and lovers of this timeless toy also the Encourage parents to let their imagination run wild with a bit of skill and dexterity, and not just sit in front of the television or the computer. Not only do they always have to be the expensive and technically demanding kits with large and electrically controlled vehicles, spaceships or other structures, but they can also be very simple everyday objects that do not overwhelm the children, and that small After completing the item, builders can use the Lego instructions to give them a great feeling of having done something of their own. Have fun copying the various Lego objects.

These Lego bricks are needed

You only need the simplest Lego blocks to replicate the following Lego instructions. All Lego objects are made of Lego blocks of size 1 * 1 (only one knob), 2 * 1, 4 * 1, 2 * 2 (i.e. square Lego blocks with 4 knobs) and 3 * 2 knobs. So you don’t need any special Lego bricks and, with the simplest of means and little effort, you have a very great benefit and, above all, a high play value for the children. These instructions are intended for toddlers who are currently in the transition phase from Lego Duplo to normal Lego. The Lego building instructions are intended more as a source of ideas than as an absolutely precise building instruction for the small Lego fans. In the foreground, the creativity and imagination of the children should be stimulated.

Building instructions for Lego designer chairs
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Lego instructions designer chairs

Every child knows a chair, and if you can also make a designer chair out of it with simple means thanks to the choice of color and construction, then this is an incentive enough to build a Lego chair. The seat is made from two layers on a base of 4 * 4. The chair legs are mounted on the underside and the backrest and armrests on the top. Everything remains open to the imagination when choosing the color. In the example, the two different chairs are made with white, gray and black Lego blocks. They differ in the shape of the armrest and backrest, but again there are no mandatory requirements. Some dexterity is at the attachment of the chair legs.

Building instructions for a Lego armchair
Image source: advertising media design / Lego building instructions © amd

Lego instructions armchair

The Lego armchair complements the Lego living room furnishings. On a base of 4 * 5, the seat is made from two layers of Lego blocks. Short armchair legs, 1 * 1 at the front and 2 * 2 at the rear ensure that the armchair stands securely. The armrests and backrests should appear bulky and give the armchair its typical shape in the image shown. The color red is again not mandatory and the shape of the back and armrests can of course be left to the imagination of the Lego architect. With this, the living room furnishings are already quite advanced.

Lego instructions stove

In order to stay true to the topic of living room and comfort, a fireplace is being built for the three previous seats for reasons of cosiness. The basic colors are red and black. The base of the stove is 6 * 8 knobs. The black chimney is built on a solid base plate made of two rows of red Lego blocks. Six rows of black stones, which remain open towards the front, are built up, which taper upwards after the third black row. A few mixed red and yellow 1 * 1 stones, which are supposed to represent the "glow", then provide the flair and the cozy warmth of the stove.

A simple Lego flat screen TV
Image source: advertising media design / Lego building instructions © amd

Lego instructions flat screen TV

Now that you can make yourself comfortable in “your living room”, the television is now missing. This has a width of 8 knobs, i.e. 1 * 8. A colored border surrounds the “black screen. The red stand-by light is important. The Lego TV stands on a two-part frame made of two bricks of size 2 * 3, on each of which two 1 * 4 Lego bricks are attached. The TV is easy to build and gives the little children plenty of room for imaginative play. Experience shows that an exciting “program” is always offered with this television. Easy to build, but with high play value.

Lego camera with lens, trigger and viewfinder
Image source: advertising media design / Lego building instructions © amd

Lego instruction camera

The Lego camera will let most small Lego builders “take pictures” through the apartment and encourage them to “look for motifs”. The camera has a shutter button, a lens and of course a viewfinder through which you can see through. The camera has a size of 6 * 8, the lens is 4 * 4 nubs, hollow inside and has a black 2 * 2 Lego brick inside. The red trigger button invites you to "click, click, click" and turns the children into reporters, researchers and spies.

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