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benefit from corporate loans with flexible terms, free early repayment and fixed target interest rate.

"from our decision for lendico to the disbursement of the loan less than a week has passed."

Vierfreunde gmbh | 2 credits | € 400.000

What are the requirements?

  • Your company is located in germany.
  • The turnover of the last fiscal year was at least 50.000 €.
  • your company has been operating for more than two years.

What we need from you?

  • Financial statements for the last two fiscal years (2020 and 2021). If there are no final documents for 2021, please send us your business analysis with a list of totals and balances.
  • bank statements of the last 90 days.

Frequently asked questions

We would like to keep the effort for you as low as possible, therefore we do not require the submission of securities for most legal forms. For the gmbh and gmbh& co. KG we need a security in the form of a global cession.

We require the following documents to process your loan application:

✓ financial statements of the last two fiscal years

✓ business evaluation with lists of totals and balances for the last completed fiscal year, if no completed annual financial statements are available

✓ business evaluation for the current fiscal year with lists of totals and balances (not older than three months)

✓ main business account statements for the last three months, no more than 14 days old.

The fastest way is to send us your documents by e-mail. By mail you prefer? then please send it to this address: lendico deutschland gmbh, kopenicker strabe 40 – 41, 10179 berlin

You can use ING’s business loan flexibly to achieve your business goals. Whether it’s for investments, working capital or debt rescheduling, you know best how to use your business loan wisely.

ING’s corporate loan is granted to companies with the legal form of a limited liability company (gmbh), a limited liability company (gmbh&) or a limited liability company (gmbh) co. KG, OHG, limited partnership, e.K., individual businesses as well as to freelancers. Complex investment structures in which another legal entity acts as a shareholder are not always possible at the moment. But we are working on it.

simplicity and speed are our priority. That’s why the request for the ING corporate loan is fully digital. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the credit application form. We will then get back to you. As soon as you have sent us all the documents, you will receive a credit decision within 48 hours at the latest.

As soon as we have received all the necessary documents from you, we will contact you within 48 hours with a credit decision. When you accept our financing offer, you identify yourself online via video chat or in a post office branch and sign the credit agreement. It usually takes no more than a week for the loan amount to be transferred to your account.

The fixed annual interest rate for the ING corporate loan ranges from 0.99 % to 5.99 %. The specific interest rate depends on the selected loan term (one to five years) and on the risk class of your company. You will find the entire interest rate table below.

ING’s corporate loan can be repaid free of charge at any time before the end of the term. Whether you want to repay the loan in full ahead of schedule or make a special repayment in between, both are free of charge for you.

You can use ING’s corporate loan for this purpose

As long as the ING corporate loan is used to achieve your business goals, you can use it as you see fit. After all, you know best what is good for your company. What this means in concrete terms? These are common uses for ING’s corporate loan:


You need new equipment, want to expand your company fleet, or update your IT infrastructure? Investments like these are important for the future viability of your company – but often involve high costs. Often there are not enough liquid funds available to be able to handle investments.

Companies therefore often take out a loan to finance investments. This means that the investment is not a major burden on the company’s liquidity. As a rule, a business loan with a term of several years is best suited for the financing of investments.

Working capital / liquidity

To keep your business running, it is important to have sufficient liquidity at all times. So you can always pay operating resources such as salaries, rent and goods on time.

a corporate loan is a popular solution for financing working capital and securing liquidity. For example, companies can bridge weaker sales phases or pre-finance goods.

Business growth

You want your company to grow? Whether you are aiming for higher sales and greater market share or want to open up a new area of business, a business loan can be the right choice to finance your growth plans.

With these financial resources you can, for example, hire staff, expand or develop your production facilities. You can then repay the loan, for example, from the additional sales that you generate through the growth of your company.

Debt restructuring

A corporate loan is not only suitable for financing investments and working capital, but also for redeeming other loans. For example, you can take out a new corporate loan and use it to pay off overdrafts or supplier credits.

The advantage of such a debt restructuring is that the new corporate loan can offer more favorable conditions than the loans it replaces. You can also improve your negotiating position with a supplier, for example, by paying off the supplier’s trade credit.

Favorable rates for short and long terms: the interest rates for the ING corporate loan

Fixed target interest rate p.A. Per risk class and term

This is how the interest rate is determined

What is actually used to decide on the terms on which a company receives a corporate loan?? Creditworthiness plays an important role in this process. Creditworthiness indicates the likelihood that a company will be able to repay the corporate loan. The credit rating is based on factors such as the company’s business figures and industry, as well as information from credit agencies. This is the basis on which our experts carefully review each loan application and determine the corresponding risk class and interest rate level.

Simple. Quickly. Inexpensive.

How to improve your chances of getting a business loan

Almost every entrepreneur needs a loan at some point, because many projects can only be implemented with the help of financing. However, every borrower should bear in mind that the lender will check the company carefully. Only those who demonstrate that they are highly likely to be able to repay the borrowed capital have a good chance of obtaining financing. To increase your chances of success, you can already set the course for future credit inquiries today. The following tips are intended to support you in this:

1. Stabilize income

The best start for a loan project is a stable income. A secure source of income shows that you will be able to repay the installments on your loan over a longer period of time. The advantage: this security for your lender also provides you with better conditions.

2. Saving up equity capital

Some initial capital is a big plus from the lender’s point of view. The more equity you bring with you, the better your chances of obtaining financing on good terms. How much equity is advantageous depends entirely on your loan project. For the financing of a technical device, usually no own participation is expected. On the other hand, the amount of equity you bring in has a positive effect on construction or car financing. It affects both the likelihood that you will receive a financing proposal and the interest rate you will be charged.

3. Review past payment history

Even if your financing project is still in the future – your previous payment history will be taken into account in future credit decisions. therefore, make sure to always pay all invoices and debts on time. How to build a stable credit score over time.

4. Arrange your financial situation

Before taking out a loan, you should remember to put your financial situation in order. This also includes paying off older debts as far as possible and settling previous debts. This has a positive effect on your credit rating and makes it easier for you to keep track of your finances.

5. Avoiding mistakes when making an inquiry

Errors in the inquiry or in your documents make you appear less trustworthy and thus reduce your chances of obtaining a loan. Therefore, take your time and be careful when applying for a business loan and submitting the required documents. This is how you avoid mistakes and increase your chances of obtaining financing.

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