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With our app you can easily – free – determine the current location of your device, even if the GPS function is not active.

If used properly, it can dramatically increase your chances of finding your smartphone, whether you left it in a familiar location or it was taken away from you.

It is only 3 quick and easy steps before you know the current location of your iPhone:


Enter your phone number

data collection

Wait for your app to get the necessary data from our partners

All done!

View the data on Google Maps.

Most similar apps track an iPhone using its location or GPS features. But what if you had forgotten to enable the GPS?

Worse, what if a thief deliberately turned it off? Our app accesses the mobile network to detect any lane left by your device

Where other apps can find your iPhone only via GPS, we can locate it as long as a SIM card is still inserted, even if the location feature is inactive.

Locate the iPhone – Options, Features & features

Anyone who owns an iPhone iPad knows the fear that it will suddenly be lost! Even Apple smartphones are quite high on the price scale and they also contain a lot of sensitive data. Maybe you have your bank app on the lost device, or your social media profiles, photos, videos, and personal information are included! Today, the cell phone is an integral companion in everyday life. The loss of an iPhone or iPod Touch is therefore often an almost traumatic experience and is accompanied by panic, despair and gnawing fear.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to find lost phones, including iPhones, thanks to the mobile phone location! Read here what you can do and how you can do it.

iPhone lost? How to locate a foreign cell phone

Apple has not escaped this problem, and so in 2010, the company released an app called “My iPhone Search,” which can track down lost cell phones. The app also works with other Apple products like iPad, iPad Touch and even Windows Phone. The app “my iPhone” requires no special knowledge. The app needs to be activated and set up before it loses its phone, just like most apps for finding lost smartphones!

The system requirements for “Search My iPhone” are very low. First, your iPhone should be running iOS 5 or higher. Most iPhones today meet this requirement with ease, including iPhone 3GS and iPads and third generation iPods. Another requirement is a valid iCloud account. In addition, online registration should be turned on.

If there is no more credit on the smartphone, it must be connected to a working WiFi network. The mobile location iPhone app is totally free if you have lost your phone.

App “Find My iPhone” around the location of the
determine iPhones

On all suitable iOS devices, the app is already preinstalled. Even if you wanted it, you could not uninstall it. With the help of my iPhone app, you can track down the lost phone. Swipe in the middle of the screen and enter the name of the app in the search bar in lost mode. If you found the app, please start it and log in, for example. with your usual Apple ID.

The app must be activated, otherwise no results will be displayed. Go to the main settings on your Apple ID banner. Touch it, select the iCloud setting and scroll slowly down. There you will find the name of the app. Select it and you can activate the app. You can lock the device with a code and have your device located.

Although most people only use the app to track their smartphone, it has more useful features. For example, an activation disabling feature to protect your Apple ID and secure it to Apple servers. Turning the app on and off requires knowledge of your password. An ordinary cell phone thief will not get here.

If you can not recover your lost phone, you can still use the delete function to protect your privacy. This will “cleanse” your smartphone of all user-specific data, preventing unauthorized access to your emails, photos, passwords, bank details, and more. A reactivation via the app is also possible. All of these are valuable security features that Apple offers to its users.

iPad or iPhone tracking – different options

There are two ways to find your missing iPhone with Find My iPhone. Of course, in this situation, you’ll need a second device to use the app – whether it’s a friend’s smartphone or another iOS device in your possession. Also, make sure you’re online on social apps with the green dot, because a thief could use their profile.

  1. Since the app is preinstalled by default, you just have to search for it and start it. Sign in with your iCloud and you’ll see a big road map with a button to find your iPhone. If you use the same iCloud account for multiple Apple devices, you must also select the device to search from the list of devices. Press the button and the location of your iPhone will appear on the map!
  2. The available additional functions can be found at the top of the screen. The most serious of these is certainly the deletion feature that immediately removes all your user specific data from the screen.

iPhone tracking by third party software

Most iPhone tracking applications (including third-party applications) are based on the same system. This is the GPS’s own GPS location, which must be switched on accordingly. Otherwise it just will not work. Some tracking apps may show you the last location, but that does not necessarily get you anywhere.

If you are stuck with such apps, you can try to call your mobile service provider. You may be able to triangulate the location of your smartphone based on the distance to the nearest towers. However, only a few providers currently offer an iPhone location.

Fortunately, there is an app that can do this without the provider and that’s us! Our app does not care about your GPS location. Instead, it tracks the location directly via the GSM signal. In this way, the app avoids the problem that a possible iPhone thief the location of the detected smartphone easily off.

GSM signals are also very useful because it makes no difference to them, which mobile operators you use. Signal transmission always takes place when a SIM card is active in your smartphone and a minimum of battery charge is available. In the past, location via GSM was too inaccurate, but that has since changed. Today, the accuracy of iPhone mobile tracking can surpass other apps!

Locate a foreign mobile phone in the immediate vicinity

If you track the location of your iPhone, you will see the address on the map. Because that means that you have not really lost your smartphone and you have just moved it a bit! Take a look in the bathroom or the kitchen. Being able to ring the phone remotely can be a great help. Even if you have turned off your phone, such applications may ignore your settings.

Find iPhone in a familiar environment

If the phone does not show your lost iPhone in your immediate area, you can hope it’s in a familiar environment. If you e.g. Recognize the workspace on the map, you can probably take your smartphone back at the next opportunity.

The situation can be more difficult if you are familiar with the site but have a lot of public traffic. What happens if your smartphone is displayed at the location of your favorite restaurant? Or in the gym? Or in the supermarket? Hopefully, the smartphone has someone handed over to the staff. However, this situation is still better than a theft.

Mobile location in a foreign environment

Does the given location say nothing to you on the map? Then the adventure begins. If you have reason to believe that your smartphone has been stolen, then you should not try to put the potential thief on your own! Instead, you should get help. If you arrive at the site with professional support, use the remote blade feature and listen.

Most tracking apps allow you to remotely lock the smartphone and even delete all user-specific data from the smartphone if needed! Use the latter feature when you have no hope of finding your iPhone to prevent unauthorized access to your data!

All in all, finding a lost iPhone is not an impossibility. The good news is that there are all sorts of first and third party applications that can help. Take full advantage of each feature – each option has its own pros and cons and other peculiarities that can be useful depending on the situation.

The real challenge is the re-appropriation of the iPhone! If you’re lucky, the iPhone may still be right on the table in your office where you accidentally left it. In the worst case, it may be necessary to get help.

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