Singapore – attractions, points of interest, highlights and tips

Singapore – The best sights, most interesting places and most important tips

Singapore is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and shows impressively what money is possible without sacrificing culture and liveliness. From the first day we fell in love with the city.

Because of the many different peoples who have settled there, there is so much to discover. One thing we can promise you: It definitely will not get boring when sightseeing in Singapore!

Join us on a journey through the city of superlatives. In our Singapore travel report we show you over 23 sights and interesting places, 4 delicious hawker centers, some hotel recommendations and other Singapore tips.

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The most interesting places in Singapore

What makes the city so special for us are their partially completely different neighborhoods. Due to the different cultures, almost every district in Singapore has its very own flair and appearance.

We have the best Little India, Chinatown, Kampong Glam, the colonial district as well as the Marina Bay like. You can now find the right sights for each of these five locations.

Attractions in Little India

Little India in Singapore is our absolute favorite district! Here you experience by far biggest contrast to the otherwise so noble and pompous acting city. Narrow streets, brightly colored houses, far too delicious food, beautiful temples and Indian Dudelmusik. Not something for everyone but we love it.

Serangoon Road

The Serangoon Road leads through the middle of Little India in Singapore and is the beautiful main street of the district. The many small and colorful houses that run along the entire street look just to fall in love.

Of the big garlands, which were stretched every few meters across the street, we do not even want to talk. Little India is a colorful explosion and the most impressive is definitely the one in Serangoon Road!

By the way, the road is the perfect starting point to get to all the other stops in Little India.

Tan Teng Niah House

Tan Teng Niah House is Singapore’s most colorful building, located in the center of Little India. Actually, the colorful house is a building that was built during the Chinese colonial era.

Meanwhile, however, it is owned by the Indian community, which regularly takes care of the renovation and is also responsible for the unique style. Right in front of the Tan Teng Niah House you can also make yourself at one of the many colorful tables and delicious Indian food. It’s worth it!

Location Tan Teng Niah House: Tang Teng House is located opposite the Tekka Mall and next to Buffalo Road.

Singapore Sightseeing Insider Tip: Umbrella trees

Important note: Unfortunately, we have learned from a reader that the umbrella trees were replaced by colorful elephants. But still be very nice!

A very cool photo opportunity! When else do you get the chance to make a picture with trees whose leaves are umbrellas? Not so often. Except in Singapore’s Little India. Of course, these are not real trees, but artificial plants. It is still nice.

Location colorful elephants: The street where the little artworks are located is called Hindoo Road.

Sri Veeramakaliamman temple in Little India

In this temple we had ours very first meeting with Indian Hinduism and it was incredibly poignant for us. The way this religion is celebrated and lived is one of the most captivating things we have ever seen.

Especially inside, the sanctuary is the purest feast for the eyes. Thousands of figures, heaps of candles and lots of God statues will captivate you. Of course, everything in India must be very colorful. Including a surplus of gold and silver.

Please pay attention to where you run inside the temple. Certain areas are for tourists forbidden. In addition, you should put on long pants and cover your shoulders. Otherwise you will be refused entry.

Location of Sri Veeramakaliamman: The temple is located directly along Serangoon Road, not far from Tan Teng Niah House.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Temple No. 2 in Little India is not quite as impressive inside, but from the outside. The blue, pyramid-shaped entrance with its statues looks like a gateway into another world. And somehow he is too. Everything that happens inside an Indian temple is so different and does not have much to do with the world out there at first sight. But that’s exactly what makes these places of worship so unique.

The same applies here: Long pants, shoulders cover and look where you can go as a tourist and where not.

Location Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: Also right on Serangoon Road. However, at the other end of the street.

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Singapore Sightseeing Tip: Masjid Abdul Gafoor

5 minutes ago at a Hindu ceremony, suddenly visiting the Abdul Gafoor Mosque. That’s Singapore. More variety on narrowest space it does not work.

The mosque is not huge, but very noble and decorated with numerous ornaments. Also just the bright colors! You can see that there is a lot of emphasis on regular renovations and the mosque is extremely important to Muslims.

Please pay attention to the signs when you enter where you want and where not. Since there is also no suitable clothes to borrow you put on a long pants. In addition, the shoulders of men should be covered, while in women the complete arms should be covered.

Location Masjid Abdul Gafoor: Dunlop Street. Approximately 5 minutes from the big Serangoon Road.

Hotel recommendations for Little India

Little India is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Singapore to find a hotel for you. For each price range, we have selected a suitable accommodation for you.

Lower price range:

Mid price:

  • Arton Boutique Hotel * (Here we slept for one night, highly recommended!)

Upper price range:

Attractions in Chinatown

Chinatown is, as in many other major cities, one of the hotspots in Singapore. Of course, besides some temples, you will find plenty of food, big markets and quite a hustle and bustle. Especially at the weekend, it is at certain times quite busy and bustling.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is the figurehead Chinatowns and one of the most popular spots in Singapore. He is infinitely beautiful and at the same time looks so powerful that just a soft “Wow …” has slipped out of us. As if painted, he stands in the middle of the city and attracts everyone’s attention.

The temple interior is not a bit worse. But on the contrary. However, we do not want to lose too many words, just let the pictures speak.

Singapore Tip: Free guided tours take place weekly. The tour lasts 2 hours and takes you through the different floors of the temple. On the official website you can sign up for a tour: registration form.

As with all other attractions in Chinatown, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is also valid: During the week is much less going on! Incidentally, the temple is daily from 7:00 to 19:00 open.

Location: At the end of the famous Food Street (Smith Street) turn right and then you can not miss the temple.

Thian Hock Keng Temple

The Thian Hock Keng Temple is a bit off the beaten track in Chinatown and much quieter than the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. When we were there, however, he was closed. Already from the outside he looked very impressive. Just as you would imagine a Chinese temple.

Location: In the middle of Telok Ayer Street. From the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple you are about 5 – 10 minutes walk.

Chinatown Food Street (Smith Street)

A complete street full of Chinese restaurants and some food stalls! How cool is that please? Here you definitely have the agony of the wah and you can really fuck your stomachs.

You can also find the famous in Food Street Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle restaurant. Although the kitchen has been awarded a michellin star, the dishes are extremely cheap.

Already in the morning, however, the cave is going on and in front of the restaurant there is a long queue. Since we were already on the two the whole day and wanted something to bite, we postponed the visit to the next time.

Location: The official name of Food Street is called Smith Street. Very easy to reach by metro.

Shop in Temple Street and Pagoda Street

Fancy shopping in Singapore? Then you should take a detour to Temple and Pagoda Street in your Singapore Sightseing program. The two Marktstraßes are known throughout the city and even far beyond the country’s borders.

Paved with numerous Chinese stalls that sell pretty much everything you can imagine, it’s pretty round there. For spices, clothes, electronics, souvenirs and of course the typical Asian kitsch you can spend your money there.

If possible, visit the two roads during the week. At the weekend a lot of Chinese come to visit and accordingly it gets tight there too.

Location: The two parallel streets are right in the center of Chinatown.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Ironically, the most famous Indian temple is located directly in Chinatown. What an incredible contrast! First, in the midst of the Chinese bustle, suddenly in an impressive Hindu temple.

Especially the roofs of the complex, which are decorated with numerous large figures and statues, just look enchanting. If a ceremony is in progress, unfolding true magic this beautiful and interesting place.

Admission is not due, but 3 SGD (1.99 €) if you want to take photos inside.

Location: At the end of Pagoda Street on the right. So it can be perfectly combined with a visit to the two market streets.

Hotel recommendations in Chinatown

Compared to Little India, the accommodations in Chinatown are a bit more expensive, but also better and the choice is bigger. Again, we have summarized three good hotels for you.

Lower price range:

Mid price:

Upper price range:

Attractions in the colonial district

The colonial district in Singapore can also be described as a government and museum district. There are administrative buildings, offices, art galleries and numerous museums everywhere.

Although we’re not big fans of stuff like that, the neighborhood still got us excited. This is mainly due to the many classic buildings that have retained their old colonial style or were specially constructed.

The name of the district is therefore no coincidence. There, everything fits together perfectly and the following 4 Singapore highlights we really liked.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

One of Singapore’s most beautiful churches is certainly St. Andrews Cathedral. With its pointed construction and the white facade, the church is a real eye-catcher.

Slightly oblique, however, it is indoors. As it is the case for Singapore, numerous flat screen monitors hang on pillars and display prayers and psalms. Nonetheless, the church looks painted inside as well.

Location St. Andrews Cathedral: Located on the homonymous road, St Andrews Road.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is just powerful! So powerful that we almost could not completely photograph them from the outside. The best place for a glorious sight and a snapshot is the large green space directly in front of it, which is otherwise used by the Singapore Cricket Club as a playing area.

Incidentally, from there you not only have a brilliant view of the National Gallery, but also a lot of skyscrapers around you.

Inside the gallery, you can find the largest Southeast Asian art collection in the world. Altogether over 8000 masterpieces.

Location National Gallery: Along St Andrews Road and opposite the church.

Singapore Sightseeing Insider Tip: Central Fire Station

One of the most special buildings in the colonial district is certainly the Central Fire Station. The oldest fire station in Singapore.

Meanwhile, the guard is no longer used for operations, but was converted inside a museum of the Singapore Civil Defense Force. The Defense Force is responsible for all emergency services in Singapore. Among other things also for the fire department.

From the outside, the building exudes a very special charm. The very idea that old fire trucks had raced out of the gates in the old days conjures a smile in our faces. It just fits perfectly.

Location Central Fire Station: Hill Street # 62, right next to the start of Fort Canning Park.

Parliament Singapore

The Parliament itself is certainly not the most impressive building in the colonial district. Together with the skyline in the background and the green area and the flowers in the foreground, however, a brilliant photo opportunity.

Without exaggeration, when you stand in front of it and look at it with your own eyes, the motif looks like it was painted on a canvas! Just look at the picture.

Location Parliament Singapore: At the very beginning of North Bridge Road on the right, next to the Singapore River.

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Hotel recommendations in the colonial district

The colonial district is without any ifs and buts among the pricier areas of the city. Almost nowhere else do the prices for accommodation skyrocket like this. But the central location is more than perfect for that. There are still a few reasonably priced accommodations.

Lower price range:

  • 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay * (Here we slept for 3 nights, very stylish and enjoyable!)

Mid price:

Upper price range:

Attractions in Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is considered the Arabian quarter of Singapore and has surprised us with lots of street art, a great mosque and a lot of pomp and ceremony. The following three sightseeing highlights convinced us a lot.

Arab Street Singapore

The Arab Street is crammed with a lot of restaurants where you can stuff Moroccan, Turkish or even Lebanese delicacies into you. Especially the many tiny and colorful colonial houses where the restaurants are located create a lovely atmosphere.

It gets really romantic in the evening when the street and all the restaurants are lit up. Together with the palm trees and the golden mosque at the end, the Arab Street is an absolute eye-catcher.

Sultan mosque

The Masjid Sultan is the biggest and most certainly most wonderful mosque Singapore. Above all, the golden dome, the two large minarets and the many ornaments give the church its special splendor.

As befits Singapore, the mosque is in top condition and looks like it has just been newly built. We really liked the direct view from Arab Street to the mosque.

To the dress code: You can easily arrive here with short pants. At the entrance you will be borrowed for free coats.

A little hint: At the weekend here are usually several weddings where you may watch. Just go to the mosque in the morning and see what’s going on. A Muslim wedding has something!

Location: Not to be overlooked at the end of Arab Street.

  • Opening hours: From Saturday to Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00. On Friday only from 14:30 – 16:00 clock. In between are the prayer times when Muslims are not denied entry.

The wonderful Haji Lane

Haji Lane is probably one of the hippest and coolest streets in the city. Just so wide that two bicycles fit next to each other, it starts with a few small fashion boutiques in sugar sweet houses and ends with heaps of horny street art and some bars and restaurants.

Absolutely worth seeing and a perfect place to feel good. The Haji Lane rocks! But most bars do not open until late afternoon and the prices are a bit higher here.

Hotel recommendations in Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is one of Singapore’s smallest neighborhoods, so you will not find much accommodation there. There are neither extremely cheap hotels, nor very expensive ones. All accommodations are priced somewhere in between.

Lower price range:

Mid price:

Upper price range:

The Marina Bay is an old port area of ​​Singapore, the flagship of the metropolis and one of the absolute luxury neighborhoods. Definitely most of the money is flowing here. All the major banks are in the immediate vicinity and one luxury hotel stretches to the next.

Marina Bay Sands

The “Secret” Landmark of the city and by far the most famous hotel in Singapore. Surely you have ever seen pictures of the world’s largest infinity pool, which is located on the roof of the hotel and looks like a big ship.

Just the sight of the Marina Bay Sands is completely overwhelming. Rarely before have we seen such an impressive building!

However, you can only visit the infinity pool when guests are in the hotel. Since the Marina Bay Sands is a luxury accommodation, the prices are accordingly salty. The exact amount for one night you can see here: Marina Bay Sands Singapore *

Nevertheless, you can come to the roof of the hotel by paying a visit to Marina Sands Skypark. It is an observation deck that can be visited by anyone. The entrance fee is about 23 SGD (15,25 €) per person. If you are up for it, there are the matching tickets here: Marina Bay Observation Deck

Location: No matter where you are, the hotel can not be missed. If you’re at Marina Bay, just across the skyscrapers. The right metro station is Bayfront.

Singapore skyline

The skyline of Singapore is in our eyes The highlight the whole city. Every time we stood in front of it we got goose bumps directly. Both during the day and at night, very impressive.

You can get an excellent view of the numerous skyscrapers from the Marina Bay Sands, the Helix Bridge or the outdoor theater in front of the Esplanade Shopping Center.

Helix Bridge in the Marina Bay Singapore

The Helix Bridge is the connecting bridge from Marina Bay Sands to the Waterfront Promenade, accessible only to pedestrians. Especially the special steel construction, which winds like a helix around the bridge, is unique in our world.

Especially at night, the bridge shines in countless lights and colors. Read more about it here: Singapore at night – 6 gigantic highlights in the dark

Location: Left in front of Marina Bay Sands.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay are many small gardens with different themes and together make up a huge park which for the most part is completely free.

The Gardens by the Bay were known worldwide for their enormous super-trees. “Trees” made of steel, which are covered with numerous plants and start to glow at night.

In addition to the various gardens you can also visit the “Cloud Forest Singapore” and the “Flower Dome Singapore”. Both are large glasshouses with enormous biotopes inside. The Flower Dome is even the largest glass greenhouse in the world. However, both greenhouses are required to collect 28 SGD (18.57 €) per person.

Whether that’s worth it? Definitely! Both buildings are almost overloaded with an infinite number of plants. Above all, the “Cloud Forest” with its waterfall and the fog has impressed us!

Tickets for the two plant worlds can be found here: Gardens by the Bay Day tickets *

Location: Just behind the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The metro stop is called Bayfront.


The Marina Bay Sands is considered the secret landmark of the city, is the Merlion the official. It symbolizes the patron saint of Singapore and is a statue that represents a mixture of lion and mermaid. Here, the lion’s head for strength, the fish body for the bond with the sea.

While not the most glaring highlight of Singapore, it is still worth a look.

Location: At the point where the Singapore River flows into the sea and thus directly on the Marina Bay.

Accommodation at Marina Bay

Nowhere in the city are more expensive hotels than at Marina Bay. You will not find accommodation of the lower and middle price range here in vain. Under 150 € per night is nothing here.

But if you want to treat yourself for a night, then you are in the right place. In addition to the already mentioned Marina Bay Sands, there are many more cracker. For example, these three here:

city ​​tours & Tours in Singapore

Sure, you can easily explore Singapore by yourself. Due to the unbelievable cultural diversity, one or the other city tour has its charm. A local guide will immerse you in the history of the city much more intensively, giving you plenty of insider knowledge at the same time.

Here are a few worthwhile city tours in Singapore.

Singapore: Private Welcome Tour with a Local Guide * – You’ve just arrived in Singapore and are looking for a relaxed tour to get you started? Then the Welcome Tour is perfect. You are privately led by a local through Singapore and can decide together what you want to see. The guide is also bookable in German.

Guided walk through Little India * – Little India is one of Singapore’s liveliest, most colorful and loudest districts. During this 2.5 hour tour, you will get to know the wild side of the city, visit an Indian temple and a typical market.

Singapore: One night on the road in Marina Bay * – 3.5 hours with a tour guide in the dark through Singapore’s most impressive corner. From the Lau Pasat food market over the Gardens by the Bay to the Marina Bay Sands observation deck.

Singapore Sightseeing Hop-on Hop Off Tour * – The classic among the tours. Especially if you see a lot in the shortest time and want some information, definitely the best way to get to know Singapore.

Hawker Center in Singapore – feasting until you drop

Singapore is notorious for his Hawker Center. Larger and smaller foodcourts scattered throughout the city, where you can eat cheaply. You already get certain dishes for less than 5 SGD (3,32 €) per person.

Some of the hawker centers can be found in shopping malls, while others are on their own. The cool thing about the food courts is not only the low prices but also the delicious food.

We now introduce you to our favorite hawker centers in Singapore, which also offer stands with vegetarian food.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center

The Lau Pa Sat is by far the most famous foodcourt in Singapore and is located in the middle of the financial district, surrounded by skyscrapers and wide streets. Not only the location is amazing, but also the building itself. It looks like an old train station and is a nice contrast to the stark modern Singapore for a change.

Due to its location, the Lau Pa Sat is slightly more expensive than the other Hawker Centers in Singapore. However, only slightly and hardly worth mentioning. We ate Indian there and it was delicious!

Location: Raffles Quay 18. The Foodcourt is not far from the two MRT stations Downtown and Raffles Place.

Hawker Center at the People’s Park Center

With distance our favorite foodcourt in Singapore! Three times we were there and three times we were the only tourists. We were also talked about by locals every time. Where we come from, how we like Singapore, where we learned to eat with chopsticks and so on. Somehow it was just totally family! The food was of course also upper class and the prices even a bit cheaper than anywhere else in Singapore.

Highly recommended are the vegetarian and Indian stall, which are located in the left rear corner next to each other.

Location: Get off the metro at Chinatown and take the direct access to People’s Park Center. The food stalls can be found in the basement of the mall.

Foodcourt in the Tekka Center

The Tekka Center is one of the largest malls in Little India and has one huge foodcourt to offer. As in almost all of the other Hawker centers mentioned, the choice of kitchens from different countries is gigantic.

Especially at lunchtime, when it is getting full and full, the post goes off right here. Incidentally, the gourmet paradise is located on the ground floor.

In addition to the many food stalls you should also look at the market within the Tekka Center. Fruit, vegetables, fish, offal and everything else you can expect from an Asian market will be there as well. However, sometimes it stinks huge. ;)

Location: Tekka Center is located on Bukit Timah Road.

Singapore Sightseeing Insider Tip: No Name Hawker Center

The last meal stamp is rather small, but much calmer and more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are many different dishes and stalls there as well. You can choose between Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Malay. Particularly inexpensive and delicious was the Indian. Try the naan bread. Divine!

Location: The food hall is located in the middle of Tyrwhitt Road and stands alone. So you do not have to enter a shopping center to get there.

Conclusion to the Hawker Centers in Singapore

Before our trip, we heard again and again the following sentence: “In Singapore, there is the tastiest and most varied food in the world!” And yes, we can now confirm. Feasting in Singapore is not just there to satisfy hunger, it’s a true experience!

Other useful Singapore tips

At the end of our great Singapore guide, we have summarized a few more important travel tips for you. Public transport, currency, cheap flights and much more.

Withdraw currency and money

The currency in Singapore is the so-called Singapore Dollar (SGD). Currently you get for 1 € approx. 1.50 SGD. The money is divided into the following bills and coins:

notes: $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 1,000 and $ 10,000
coins: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar

To get cash at the vending machine in Singapore, your best bet is to get a free travel credit card. Our recommendation: the Santander 1plus Visa Card *. This means that you can withdraw and pay for free, not just in Singapore, but worldwide.

By the way, you can find ATMs in every corner of downtown Singapore.

For more information, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the individual travel credit cards, we have written in our comparison: The best travel credit cards – Worldwide withdraw money for free!

Find cheap flights to Singapore

To find the cheapest flights to Singapore we suggest you to select a flight search engine with price comparison. Our favorite: Skyscanner. *

You just enter the desired date, as well as the departure and arrival airports, and within a few seconds, you’ll spit out the cheapest flights to Singapore. Of course, you can also choose whether you prefer to fly directly or with a stopover.

From Singapore airport to the city

The connection from the airport Singapore into the city is excellent! There are several options, we just now let you know & present crisp.

Metro: The metro is the cheapest way to get into the middle of the city. The fare is depending on the end station just around the 2.50 SGD (1.66 €) and at the station Tanah Merah you have to change once. Travel time: about 30 minutes.

taxi: Of course you can also take a taxi from the airport to the city. This is much more expensive. In addition, the trip takes almost as long as the trip by metro.

In our opinion, a taxi is only useful if you either want a much cozier or you land between 24:00 in the evening and 05:00 in the morning. At these times the metro does not travel.

Dig: You can also easily order from the App Grab a private driver who will take you from the airport to your accommodation. The price is around 10 € and is usually a bit cheaper than the taxi.

Airport Shuttle: The last option is an airport shuttle that will also take you to your hotel. The cost is around 7 € per person and you can book it at Get Your Guide: Airport Shuttle Singapore

Public Transportation Singapore – Tips & tricks

Coming from A to B in Singapore is totally uncomplicated. It is no coincidence that the public transport network is one of the best and most advanced in the world. No matter where you are in your area is certainly a bus, MRT or LRT station (Metro).

Especially the Metronetz is pretty easy to see through and should not cause any major problems. By contrast, the bus network is a bit different. In Singapore there are so many different lines and bus numbers that we did not understand anything at the beginning.

However, that is not a problem. Either ask the bus driver if you are correct or if one of the other waiting passengers.

If you spend your time mainly in the city center, you can easily reach all the important highlights by subway. We only had to go by bus once.

For public transport in Singapore you can pay at the ticket machines that are found in every metro station. Incidentally, we were positively surprised by the fares. Somehow we had expected much more.

If you have not planned much during your stay and just want to see a handful of things, then we recommend you to pay the rides separately. If you have a tight schedule with a long list, the Singapore Tourist Pass is for you.

The Tourist Pass is available for one, two or three days and you can use all public transport in Singapore within the chosen time period as often as you like.

The 1-day pass costs 10 SGD, the 2-day pass 16 SGD (10,60 €) and the 3-day pass 20 SGD (13,26 €) per person. On top of that there are 10 SGD (6,63 €) deposit per pass. The coal, however, you get back as soon as you return the ticket. The Tourist Pass is available on every MRT & Buy LRT station at an extra counter.

Information for finding accommodation

Note 1: Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world and you can tell that especially in the hotels. Rarely have we ever struggled to find accommodation without having to pay half a fortune. It is relatively cheap if only in dormitories.

However, if you prefer a double room like we do, you just have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Under 50 € per night there is hardly anything reasonable.

Note 2: Avoid hotels in the Geylang district. It is known for its sprawling red light district and many accommodations are used there as pure hour hotels. So if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Geylang, stay away from it.

Note 3: Try your luck with airbnb. Although the accommodations are not really cheap, sometimes a bit cheaper than at or Agoda. If you have never booked with airbnb, we will give you a 25 € coupon * for your first night.

Travel Guide Singapore – Our recommendations

Although we have mentioned heaps of sights for your Singapore trip in this travelogue, that’s not all. There is so much more to see and to discover!

So that you are on the safe side and really get everything important in bundled form, you should take these two guides for Singapore times to heart:

Our Singapore conclusion

Singapore is one of the most diverse cities we have ever been to. The city has fascinated us from the beginning and never let go. We definitely want to come back as soon as possible and were really sad when we got on the bus to Malaysia on the last day.

Do you have any other tips or interesting places in Singapore for us? Do you have any questions about sightseeing in Singapore on your tongue? Then write us a comment!

Note: This post contains our personal product recommendations with so-called affiliate links. Do not worry, the products will not be more expensive. If you buy something via one of these links, we get a small commission. You help us keep Love and Compass alive and regularly publish useful content for you. A thousand thanks and a lot of love for it!

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