Single mom must go to the hospital – where to go with the child?

Single mom must go to the hospital - where to go with the child?

Single mom has to go to the hospital – where to take the child?

Hello, a good friend of mine probably has to go to the hospital. She is a single parent and has no one for the child. What would happen to the child if she couldn’t secure the care?

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The question is formulated so that the woman has no one for the child. So an answer is like "she can ask her mother or the child’s father" not effective.

In such a case, the state child relief service is responsible. There are short-term care options there. If the single mother is not available for a longer period of time, the youth welfare office looks for a foster family for the child.

It all sounds pretty violent.

I think she can ask the health insurance if they can provide care. I was asked in the hospital if I need one, because it wasn’t, I don’t know exactly. In any case, help is offered.

But where does the child go? Certainly in a foster home, which my girlfriend doesn’t want.

She can ask the health insurance company and care comes to her home. Incidentally, even if she is back herself and can not take care of her household because she has had an operation, is on crutches or something.

It depends on how old the child is. In some cases it is possible to take the child to the hospital (as you know, you can always argue about meaning or nonsense!).

Otherwise I would think of the child’s grandparents, the child’s father or – if you are such a good friend – yourself!

In case of hardship, the youth welfare office has to decide about the stay .. but I think that should always be the LATEST solution :-)

Get well soon for your girlfriend!

you can definitely contact the youth welfare office.

Then the child will come to the foster family, which of course she does not want.

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