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If you use public transport in the greater Zurich area only occasionally, it is advantageous to buy a single ticket or a multi-trip ticket.

The easiest and fastest way to buy single tickets is with the ZVV Ticket App or at ticket machines.

Prices single tickets

Prices Single tickets AdultsChildren / Half-Fare travelcardValidity in hours2. Class CHF1. Class CHF2. Class CHF1. Class CHFLokalnetz½2.704.502.303.801-2 Zones14.407.303.105.103 Zones16.8011.203.405.604 Zones28.8014.604.407.305 Zones210.8017.805.408.906 Zones213.0021.406.5010.707 Zones215.0024.807.5012.40All Zones217.2028.408.6014.20Kurzstrecken½2.704.502.303.80 All Zones217.2028.408.6014.20Kurzstrecken½2.704.502.303.80

The spatial and temporal validity are printed on the ticket. You may make as many journeys as you like on all means of transport in the zones reserved until the ticket expires. The areas of validity for short distances and local networks can be found in the directory at the ticket machine or can be obtained from the chauffeur in the local and regional bus.

multi-ride tickets

The multi-journey ticket consists of six single journeys. With it you save up to 10 percent on the single price. Multiple-journey tickets can be purchased via the ZVV Ticket App, from vending machines or at a point of sale.

Multi-trip tickets must be validated at the ticket machine before travel.

Prices for multi-trip tickets

Prices for multi-trip tickets for adultsChildren / Half-Fare travelcardValidity in hours2. Class CHF1. Class CHF2. Class CHF1. Class CHFLokalnetz½13.2021.8011.8019.401-2 Zones123.8039.2017.6029.003 Zones136.6060.4019.4032.004 Zones247.6078.4025.0041.205 Zones258.4096.4030.8050.806 Zones270.20115.8037.0061.007 Zones281.00133.6042.8070.60All Zones292.80153.2049.0080.80Kurzstrecken½16.2026.8013.8022.80


Juniors with 1/1 multi-ride tickets

With the validation of a field on the multiple ticket at full price, two persons can travel, provided that they are entitled to the reduced price (children up to 16 years, Half-Fare travelcard) and at least 3 zones are paid.

city zones

The two city zones of Zurich (zone 110) and Winterthur (zone 120) each count as two zones, as the public transport network here is much denser than elsewhere.

short-haul routes

Short journeys in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur (partly also beyond the city limits) are regarded as short distances. The areas of validity are indicated at the ticket vending machines. You can also find a short-distance list and map of each stop here. The easiest and fastest way to buy short-haul tickets is to use the ZVV Ticket App or the ticket machine.

local network

The local network applies within a political municipality (except for the cities of Zurich and Winterthur). The easiest and fastest way to buy local network tickets is to use the ZVV Ticket App or the ticket machine.

night surcharge

For the ZVV night network, you need a surcharge (flat rate CHF 5.-) in addition to the regular ticket. Lines in the night network are marked with an “N”.

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