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What is the best way to spend your vacation as a single with a child? How can a relaxing holiday succeed for both the parent and the child, so that nobody is neglected?

Vacation for schoolchildren is a challenge for many families, because the annual vacation needs to be scheduled at the same time. It is not that easy for singles with a child or even several children, especially if both parents do not want to or cannot travel at the same time. Many single parents prove themselves to be jugglers of the times and think about the harmony of a family, which can also be incompletely intact. This requires clever preparation, lots of ideas, a high degree of flexibility and enthusiastic anticipation for the adventure together.

Single with child travel – vacation package holidays

If a single wants to travel with a child, vacation packages are the ideal solution. Almost all travel providers recommend individual travel destinations that are tailored to singles with children or children. Traveling alone with a child is no longer a rarity. It is important that all family members can relax well and have fun. Resorts with entertainment and childcare options are ideal. So the single can relax in between and maybe follow a wellness and massage program. The children are also busy with supervised games, handicrafts or sports. In mini clubs, toddlers find age-appropriate employment to contact their peers and are well protected.

Single with child travel – what you should pay attention to

If single and child want some of this, especially the parent who is longing for relaxation, you should consider the following before booking a package tour:

All inclusive childcare for single with child travels: If possible choose an all inclusive offer, because then you can be sure to receive the best possible service and care. Pay attention to the offers in the area of ​​childcare and from what age it is available. Some hotel complexes offer a babysitter for the little ones for a fee or a room service with surveillance system if you want to go out in the evening. Especially the evening hours are suitable for singles to go about their needs undisturbed. Childcare is very important to be able to enjoy the evening in a relaxed manner. If the resort is also designed for children’s entertainment, a wellness program might be available for your needs. If dance evenings are held, singles may be preferred to meet like-minded people. All of this should be checked in advance.

Single with child travel – relaxation for everyone

The children have it very easy to make contacts and to join others. A game is quickly organized in the children’s club and the youngsters are busy for hours. The single should use this time to do something for himself and his needs. The best way to do this is with an all-inclusive package trip to a travel destination that is geared towards singles with children:

Most popular single with child travel

  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Croatia

Single with child travel government grants

Package tours for singles with children are often offered with high discounts. But other sources also offer a grant so that single parents with children can relax. Benefit from the children’s discount as a single with a child.

If you live in one of the preferred federal states, you will even receive a social allowance for the holiday if you are one of the low-income single parents. The aim is to strengthen families and also promote health, because only parents and children who are recovered are less susceptible to illness.

You should definitely use this option so that the holiday does not fail due to financial concerns.

Single with child travel early bird

The holiday planning can begin and attracts discounts with attractive single trips with early childhood travel. Have you already considered the goal and made a selection for your and your child’s needs? Have you already chosen the best travel provider that offers a fixed price for children? Does the holiday destination also meet your requirements or do you have to compromise? Keep in mind that every compromise takes a toll on the recreational value if you have to go back too much as a single. A price comparison between the different providers can solve the problem, or you can simply call one of our holiday hero consultants – we will certainly find the right offer for you.

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