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The 8 best ice skates (women, men and children) at a glance.

At least you have Katharina Witt’s skating talent hidden in you, so far you have only lacked the right shoes for Olympic gold? No problem! Take the test and venture onto the ice with the right ice skates.

Whether women’s, men’s or children’s ice skates: you usually have them Choice between professional or beginner models. We also advise you especially for children, to put on size adjustable shoes. This way your child can enjoy his skates for longer. Our product table also shows you which models are made of nylon and which are made of synthetic leather.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

35 – 40.5

with reinforcement

Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * K2 women’s ice skates Alexis Ice Boa Bauer Flow Rec Ice Skate Roces Brits Roces women’s ice skates RFG 1 Nijdam 0043-WIT-41 women’s figure skating Roces women’s ice skates Brits Roces RFG 1 K2 Kinetic Ice W
at Amazon *
20 reviews 22 reviews 95 reviews 81 reviews 1 reviews 95 reviews 83 reviews 67 reviews
Suitable for Beginner Beginner advanced Beginners, advanced Advanced, professionals Beginners, advanced advanced Beginner
adjustable size
material nylon
easy care
easy care
easy care
easy care
Skid material The skids have a basic cut when purchased. Beginners can use this cut directly on the ice, advanced users prefer to have the runners reground. stainless steel steel carbon steel steel steel Carbon steel steel stainless steel
shutter Velcro fastener, buckle Velcro fastener, quick lacing lacing lacing lacing lacing lacing Velcro fastener, buckle
  • particularly easy to put on and lock
  • Particularly high stability thanks to plastic coating on the shaft
  • made of water-repellent materials
  • rustproof stainless steel runners
  • long-lasting processing
  • very good fit
  • offer good hold
  • very light weight
  • long-lasting processing
  • very good fit
  • warm the feet
  • particularly tight lacing
  • very good workmanship
  • good fit
  • > stainless skids
  • unusual design
  • water-repellent fabric cover
  • good fit
  • with insole
  • good fit
  • good padding
  • warm the feet
  • good fit
  • offer good hold
  • warm the feet
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about K2 women’s ice skates Alexis Ice Boa Questions and answers about Bauer Flow Rec Ice Skate Questions and answers about Roces Brits Questions and answers about Roces women’s ice skates RFG 1 Questions and answers about Nijdam 0043-WIT-41 women’s figure skating Questions and answers about Roces women’s ice skates Brits Questions and answers about Roces RFG 1 Questions and answers about K2 Kinetic Ice W
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • approx. 79 € To the offer »
  • approx. 45 € To the offer »
  • approx. 95 € To the offer »
  • approx. 106 € To the offer »
  • approx. 100 € to the offer »

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  • There are different types of ice skates, often called ice skates. Ice hockey skates are aimed at adult beginners and children, figure skates and speed skates are particularly suitable for advanced men and women and professionals.
  • How to find the best ice skates: It’s best to buy them in the afternoon when your feet are already swollen. Wear ordinary socks when testing equipment.
  • After each skating, the shoes should be dried off properly and provided with a skid protector to protect them from rust. A fabric protector against scratches is also used for transport.

Ice skating, the way of moving over the ice, which has existed in its well-known form for over 800 years, is generally considered a popular sport today. And this is not surprising, since young and old benefit from a great health benefit in this sport. Because ice skating trains the cardiovascular system in older riders in a way that is easy on the joints, and children benefit in particular from promoting the sense of balance that is needed for ice skating. Either way, ice skating is the ideal sport and not only in winter on frozen lakes, but also in summer in specially designed ice rinks. So that you can also leave your mark on the ice in the future, we took a closer look at the best models for ice skating in the 2019/2020 ice skate comparison. In addition to a large selection of ice skates for ice skating, you will also find everything you need to know about ice skating, ice skating, children’s ice skates, t’blades ice skates and much more in our purchase advice on ice skate comparison.

1. What types of skates are there??

There are different types of ice skates for women, men and children, which differ in their design depending on the area of ​​use. We will introduce you to the most important categories for women and men as an introduction to our comparison of the best ice skates 2019/2020.

Ice type information
Figure skating ice skates
Figure skating shoes extend to the runner’s calves. These are so-called lace-up boots. The runners have a thickness of approx. 3 – 4 mm and are provided with a hollow grinding and a curve. Unlike other ice skate types, there are serrated notches at the tip of the runners, which are the prerequisite for jumps and turns.
Ice hockey skates
Ice hockey skates end above the ankle. They have a simple lacing system with which the shoes fast and easy lace up. Often there is still a hard plastic jacket around the soft outer material. This serves as additional heel protection. The steel runners have a thickness of approx. 5 mm and, like the figure skating shoes, are provided with a hollow grinding and a curve.
Speed ​​skating ice skates Speed ​​skating ice skates end below the ankle. The shoes have a lacing and are usually made of goat leather. The steel runners are particularly long (38 – 45 cm) and 1.3 to 1.5 mm thick. In contrast to the other models, the shoes have only a slight curve, but a rounded tip.

2. Purchase criteria for ice skates: you have to pay attention to this

There are a few things you should definitely consider if you want to find your personal ice skate comparison winner in a skate shop, hockey shop or online. We have summarized the relevant points as a kind of help in our skate comparison.

2.1. The training level

Since beginners often shift their weight automatically to their heels, ice hockey skates are very suitable for the first rides on the ice. These ice skates have an extended shaft, through the the body is pushed forward into the correct position. The shoes also provide extra stability thanks to their very good lacing. That’s why the ice skates are just for kids. Professionals and advanced users either buy speed skating shoes or figure skating shoes. With the latter you can also practice jumps or tricks very well.

2.2. The lacing

Lacing the right ice skates is a prerequisite for a safe ride. The more eyelets a shoe has, the more stable it is and the more firmly it sits on the foot of the runner. Eleven eyelets are the maximum. If a shoe has only 5 eyelets, then when buying ice skates make sure that there are Velcro straps or shaft buckles as a replacement and for the necessary stability.

Tip: Do not tie your shoes too tightly, otherwise you will not only experience pressure points but also cold feet due to the restricted circulation.

2.3. The inner lining

Make sure that the processing is clean when you try on the skates. Especially if you buy cheap ice skates, you should rather look too much than too little at the processing. Corrugated lining or poorly processed seams offer great potential for pressure points and blisters on the feet.

Tip: It is best to buy ice skates in the afternoon when your feet are already slightly swollen. Wear normal socks. There are enough ice skate sizes so you shouldn’t cut corners here.

3. Skates brands and manufacturers

You are probably already familiar with Bauer ice skates or Graf ice skates. But there are more ice skate brands that we would like to introduce to you in comparison.

  • Fila
  • hudora
  • Nijdam
  • Roces
  • t’blade
  • Powerslide
  • TECNOpro
  • CCM
  • K2
  • Tempish
  • Farmer
  • Head
  • Physionics
  • tiger

4. Care and cleaning tips

With the right cleaning and care, you will enjoy your ice skates for a long time. We therefore tell you everything you need to know about this in the skate guide.

Regular cleaning
  • Dry your shoes well after each use to prevent rusting.
  • Then provide the skids with a skid protector.
  • Treat the leather with a shoe polish.
  • Use a cloth protector for transport.
Summer (when not in use)
  • Remove the insoles.
  • Ventilate the shoes for two to three days.
  • Grease the runners well to protect them from rust.

5. Figure skating

Figure skating as a sport inspires people everywhere again and again. You can find out more about this fascinating sport in the following article:

6. Why ice skating is possible

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to glide over the ice so quickly? This is particularly because the runners generate very little friction on the ice. Of course, here arises Nevertheless a certain amount of frictional heat that causes the ice to start melting. This creates a thin layer of water between the runners and the ice on which the runner can slide.

7. Ice skates at the Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest also carried out an ice skate test in issue 12/2007. A total of 16 leisure skates were tested in the categories of ice skating, handling, processing and durability as well as for pollutants in the inner lining. The leisure skates are composed of 5 ice hockey skates and 11 all-rounders. Ice skate comparison winner in the category ice hockey skates was a pair of Graf ice skates, more precisely the model Graf Super 103 t’blade. The Nike Bauer Flexlite 14 skates also received a good rating. The best ice skates among the all-rounders were the Nike Recreational Ice II and the Balzer Tiger Sky. The Hudora Speed ​​66 were also good and cheap.

8. Questions and answers about ice skates

8.1. How to grind ice skates?

You can easily make ice skates yourself at home with the help of a drill. This requires an approximately 3 to 4 cm thick grinding attachment, which is attached to the drill. The runners are fastened in a jig before grinding ice skates. Then pull the grinding attachment straight and evenly over the runners until they are sharp again. After grinding the skates, polishing follows.

Tip: Before you start with new ice skates, it is best to practice with a pair of old runners.

8.2. What does grinding ice skates cost??

Grinding ice skates costs between 6 and 12 euros. The service is available in sports shops and on ice rinks. It is advisable to have regrinding carried out once a year.

8.3. Who Invented Ice Skates??

Speed ​​Skating

Speed ​​skaters can sprint up to 60 km / h.

There is no such thing as a real ice skate inventor in this form. The first records or finds of ice skates date back over 5000 years ago. They were found in southern Finland.

8.4. What skates for beginners?

For adults, beginners and children, we recommend ice hockey skates for a start.

8.5. How much does skate rental??

You don’t want to buy ice skates online or you don’t want to go to a hockey shop? Then you can also borrow the skate. Ice rinks usually charge a rental fee of around 3 to 8 euros for around 1 to 2 hours.

Finally, all the advantages and disadvantages of ice skating at a glance:


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