Sketch ideas for the circus birthday, tambini

Making a demanding audience laugh is truly a difficult task. But without a doubt your circus guests are up to this tricky task! Here are a few ideas for skits that will make a critical audience laugh. Of course, there is always room for your own ideas in such performances. So come over, clowns and comedians, and wiggle the big top!

This is needed:
Cheerfulness, cheerfulness and

Not wanted:

Three skits:
Here you will find suggestions for three different performances that can be expanded and decorated as required. If clowns come together, there is no doubt that a bit of chaos is inevitable – so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The main thing is that the children enjoy trying things out, then they have the laughs on their side.

• Clown concert
The children dress up as funny clowns. Almost anything is allowed for such a costume. Colorful hair, white make-up, huge shoes, different socks, curled shirts and pants that are much too big – this outfit is a great place to let off steam. What should not be missing: the red nose! When all the clowns are ready, they want to play a song together. But when so many clowns meet, things go wrong, of course. First of all, the necessary instruments are lacking. Where can they be? Or did someone think of the sheet music? Mimimimimi. A clown just starts to oil his voice.

What a musical mess! When all the clowns are finally in line, everyone has found their instrument and the sheet music is ready, let’s start at 1, 2, 3. But a clown simply counts: 4, 5, 6. Can the song be performed at the end? In any case, there is a lot to laugh about!

• Flea circus
A flea trainer and his assistant present a spectacular animal dressage – with tiny fleas! The little hops are of course difficult to spot. Apparently only the trainer has no problem seeing the bustling bunch and getting it under control. His assistant is completely different! The poor man doesn’t really know what to do. Only now and then it seems to have tweaked him a little. Oh dear how itches! But he bravely helps the trainer to set up the stage for the tiny flea artists. Now watch out: the show begins. Who can see the fleas bouncing? Nobody? Have the little bouncers made off? The trainer doesn’t seem to be quite so sure anymore either. and begins to scratch his leg tentatively.

• Elephant escaped
A clown runs onto the stage. He hastily looks around. "Did you see Eli?" He asks excitedly the audience. He must be here somewhere! No chair, no box, no glass remains. The clown is desperate. The show should start soon! He can’t start like this. He didn’t look for a very short time and then Eli was gone. Can someone from the audience help? But what does Eli actually look like? She has big ears. And a very long nose. Your skin is a little wrinkled and gray. Eli is an elephant lady! The audience certainly didn’t expect that, did they?


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