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The 9 best ski underwear at a glance.

Anyone who loves skiing knows that the snow-capped mountains Choosing the right outfit deceiving: Despite snow, you can be high up on the peaks sweat quickly come. That is why it is all the more important that you next to the warming ski pants and ski jacket too breathable ski underwear wear.

Now choose from our table particularly breathable ski underwear before you notice that after the self-test "nice and warm" on "too warm" comes. You can also find out which properties are special in our guide for outdoor athletes are beneficial.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Black Crevice women Underwear set Ultrasport women’s seamless ski underwear cocain ski underwear for women Avidlove women’s ski underwear Good Deal Market women’s ski set underwear Maier Sports women’s ski wash set Lena Ultrasport women’s thermal underwear set Medico women’s functional sportswear Gregster women’s ski underwear set
at Amazon *
5 reviews 48 reviews 57 reviews 73 reviews 12 reviews 21 reviews 120 reviews 3 reviews 27 reviews
Available sizes 36/38 – 40/42 M – XL S / M – L / XL S – XXL 36/38 – 48/50 S – XL XS – XL 36/38 – 44/46 S – XL
composition 90% polyamide, 10% elastane 60% polyamide, 30% polyester, 10% elastane 70% polyamide, 22% polyethylene, 8% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 50% cotton, 50% polyester 100% polyester 100% polyester 100% polyester 100% polyester
Oeko-Tex seal The international Oeko-Tex seal is a independent certification system for all processing levels and accessories used of textiles.
based on materials and customer reviews
particularly breathable particularly breathable very breathable breathable breathable breathable breathable breathable breathable
based on materials and customer reviews
very warming very warming warming particularly warming particularly warming very warming very warming warming warming
welding transfer
based on materials and customer reviews
particularly good very good Good Good Good very good Good Good satisfactory
Special equipment and processing
With body mapping The term body mapping refers to differentiated material zones on upper and lower part to regulate the Heat dissipation and sweat dissipation at different parts of the body.
Textile reinforcements
On elbows
On the knees
On armpits, stomach and back
Without seams
  • seamless structure for more comfort
  • antibacterial and quick-drying
  • very easy
  • particularly elastic and close-fitting at the same time
  • particularly quick-drying material
  • special zones for more breathability
  • particularly figure-hugging
  • without side seams
  • particularly skin-friendly
  • particularly light and soft
  • with an elastic cuff for more support
  • particularly pleasantly soft on the skin
  • particularly light and comfortable
  • with quick-dry function
  • particularly soft to wear
  • particularly light
  • with a high-necked collar
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Black Crevice women’s functional underwear set Questions and answers about Ultrasport women’s seamless ski underwear Questions and answers about cocain ski underwear for women Questions and answers about Avidlove ski underwear women Questions and answers about Good Deal Market women’s ski set underwear Questions and answers about Maier Sports women’s ski wash set Lena Questions and answers about Ultrasport women’s thermal underwear set Questions and answers about Medico women’s functional sportswear Questions and answers about Gregster women’s ski underwear set
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  • The best ski underwear combines thermal insulation with breathability. If you want to buy ski underwear, the most important thing is the materials. Polyester and polyamide are particularly elastic, whereas cotton warms.
  • Body mapping for functional clothing means that certain zones are more padded or breathable. A quick removal of moisture on armpits and back helps to counteract sweat stains, for example.
  • Additional features, such as seamless workmanship and soft fleece inside, make the difference when worn: for more freedom of movement while at the same time storing heat.

Everything for your perfect vacation in the mountains can be found here:

They are on the slopes high up in the mountains Weather conditions are not always predictable. Cold mountain winds can permeate sunny days.

Regardless of whether you are one of the people who focus on breathtaking landscapes and relaxation when skiing or Skiing as a sport operate – you should be prepared for all weather conditions.

In addition to the right ski pants and a thick ski jacket, the right ski underwear for smooth snow fun is also indispensable. The Underwear set usually consists of two parts: a long-sleeved top and long underpants.

In our 2019/2020 ski underwear comparison, we present various brands and manufacturers of functional underwear. We found out for you, from which materials the products exist and which of them in the Categories of thermal insulation and breathability potentially do well.

In our purchase advice you will also find out what the Name "body mapping" is all about and why this is special a useful feature for ski athletes for functional underwear.

1. Cotton keeps you warm, polyester is flexible: you should pay attention to this when buying your ski underwear

While there are hardly any items of clothing these days Differences between men’s and women’s models is the first criterion to consider when buying ski underwear.

Thermal underwear for women is on the woman’s body coordinated: This means in particular the hip and chest circumference as well as the length of sleeves and legs meant.

Ski underwear for men is also cut figure-hugging, with wider shoulders and partial reinforcements in the crotch. Some men’s ski underwear has a front opening in the pants, which makes it easier to go to the toilet.

The following aspects should be the key purchase criteria for ski underwear his:

thermal insulation: Even if you move a lot while skiing, the ski underwear should give you warmth.

breathability: Body ventilation and sweat are better dissipated through certain ventilation zones on the upper and lower part (so-called "body mapping"). advises: If you value cozy hours in the mountains while skiing, you should make sure that your ski underwear warm holds. Sports underwear with is suitable for this Cotton and fleece.

Anyone who has the sporting aspect in mind when skiing should pay more attention to the ski underwear breathable is. Zones on armpits, stomach and back should be off Polyester and spandex contain. This guarantees you more flexibility with breathability at the same time.

2. What types of materials are there? Natural fibers vs. synthetic fibers

A distinction is made in the materials between the two main groups: natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

natural fibers have the advantage of being special good for the skin are and only low odor-forming properties have. A well-known fabric that is used as a natural fiber in ski underwear for men and women alike is cotton.

The most popular synthetic fibers counting Polyester, polyamide and spandex. All fibers are extreme flexible and tearproof and are therefore often used for functional and sports clothing. The disadvantage is that synthetic substances skin irritation can cause. They also form faster unpleasant smells, which is in contrast to the quick drying properties.

A A combination of both types of material is known as a mixed fabric. Often sports articles are made of blended fabrics 40% cotton and 60% polyester. The fusion of natural fibers with synthetic fibers is particularly practical for ski underwear because it brings together the best properties of both materials. has that for you most typical materials of ski underwear and their properties summarized:

Material Types characteristics
cotton natural fiber

skin-friendly (low allergy potential)

dimensionally stable

polyester synthetic fibers

skin-friendly (low allergy potential)

dimensionally stable

polyamide synthetic fibers

skin-friendly (low allergy potential)

dimensionally stable

spandex synthetic fibers

skin-friendly (low allergy potential)

dimensionally stable

Also Ski underwear tests on the Internet from various consumer magazines, such as the Stiftung Warentest, have dealt with the Differences between natural and synthetic fibers employed.

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out its own ski underwear test, but the consumer protection institute publishes it in an official report (02/2018) Ski underwear test results from the Austrian partner organization VKI (Association for Consumer Information).

In summary, the Ski Underwear compared winner by a mix of materials with natural fibers, Merino wool is particularly emphasized here. Cheaper ski underwear is also available from 20 euros, but then often with less odor reduction.

The test notice also pointed out when purchasing the Color fastness and cleaning to watch out for. Most of the Functional clothing can be washed at just 30 ° C to 40 ° C become.

In yours personal ski underwear test should the fit take on another role. When trying on your new functional clothing, you should try out whether your mobility is restricted.

Suitable exercises for this are, for example squats: If you have the feeling that the long ski underpants slip when you bend or are stretched in the back of your knees, you should ask about a different size.

3. Body mapping: Highlight special body zones with different materials

There are reinforcements for certain parts of the body for both women and men.

"Body mapping" is becoming more and more popular in functional and sports clothing. Is meant with the Term that translated into German as much as "body mapping" means the Material deposition of special zones on the upper and lower part. The areas stand out through the use of other materials as well as through reinforcement or upholstery.

Popular Zones for body mapping for ski underwear are:

  • Knees and elbows: Padded knees support the joint during movements and cushion it in the event of a fall.
  • Abdomen, back or armpits: Elastic zones with air-permeable materials ensure more breathability.

In addition to the functions of Joint support and breathability ski underwear with body mapping also has the advantage that reduces unpleasant smells because sweat is wiped away from the body faster and more effectively.

So if you tend to sweat quickly when skiing or snowboarding, ski underwear with special ventilation zones is just the thing for you.

By the use of breathable material in special zones on top and bottom, can Escape heat and sweat more effectively. This prevents unpleasant smells and musty ski underwear at the end of the day.

4. Questions and answers about ski underwear

4.1. What is the difference between ski underwear for women and ski underwear for men?

Ski underwear is not unisex. The sewing pattern was adjusted according to gender. This is what men’s underwear is for sporting purposes wider at the shoulders and more padded at the crotch. Women’s underwear is at the Hips and figure-hugging in the chest area.

4.2. Natural fibers are always better for the skin?

It is obvious that if you think about the skin tolerance of clothing, you can quickly conclude on natural fibers. However, what many do not know: Even natural fibers, such as cotton, can cause allergies and skin irritation. The reason for this already lies in the cultivation. The cotton fields are becoming more common Pesticides and pesticides sprayed.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should pay attention to test seals. This is one of the best known Oeko-Tex Seal. advises: Be sure to wash newly purchased clothing, before you wear it for the first time. So you can be sure that any pollutants will be removed with the first wash.

4.3. All ski underwear is machine washable?

As a rule, sports and functional underwear can be added low temperatures (30 ° C to 40 ° C) in the washing machine. Before doing so, however, you should check the label for the precise instructions on cleaning. Because: You should especially avoid ironing on some products, otherwise fibers could be destroyed.


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