Ski water: the skiers drink no

Ski water is the cult drink from the ski holiday! The Austrians say so too "ski water" to the pink-red refreshment drink from the Alps. The sweet thirst quencher is not only suitable for skiing, but also for the summer. The taste of raspberry and lemon knows no end of season. Snowplaza has scrutinized Skier Drink # 1 and introduced you to the favorite drink from the mountains. Learn everything about different recipes, ski water cocktails, the preparation of ski water ice and the best huts to enjoy ski water.

Ski water is the skier’s favorite beverage

What is the Club Mate in Berlin and the spezi in Munich is the ski water in Tyrol. Since the pink-red lemonade has its origins. The refreshing drink made from a mix of light raspberry and lemon flavor is the favorite drink of mountaineers, skiers and hikers. Those who think back to their time at the ski school will remember the pink drink and maybe even get thirsty right away. In the alpine huts, it is still plentiful. Due to the ignorance of some skiers is screwed on the price. In keeping with the mountain backdrop, the price goes up in the air. About 2.60 euros can cost the ski water in the ski lodge. Although the coke costs usually a few cents more, but consumer advocates criticize the high price for the thickened water, which was previously supposedly only prepared with thawed snow and syrup.

The tastiest drink while skiing – also quite easy to do yourself

Mix your ski water cocktail

The ski water is not only suitable as a refreshing drink or warming on cold (ski) days. Add some ginger, crushed ice cubes, a slice of lime and fresh raspberries for a summery cocktail, and the summery Alpine drink is ready, as here by amateur cook Thas. With a small, slightly different drink choice, the ski water becomes a delicious, pink cocktail that dwarfs Cosmopolitan and Long Island Ice Tea. Add the Prosecco and a dash of Aperol to the ingredients, and the drink is ready for the après-ski fun or summer barbecue party.

Ski water recipe to make yourself


  • 4 cl raspberry syrup
  • 6 cl lemon juice
  • 0.5 l of water (mineral or still water)


Mix the ingredients in a large glass of water and the homemade ski water is ready. Skiing water is traditionally made with raspberries, but the flavors are limitless, cherry, woodruff, orange syrup are just as suitable as the traditional raspberry. With hot water you conjure up the perfect tea alternative.

Serve ski water as popsicles

In order to fully integrate the ski holiday feeling into the summer, you can make a wonderfully refreshing water ice out of ski water. Fresh raspberries are used instead of syrup.


  • 500g raspberries
  • ¼ glass of water
  • ¼ glass of sugar
  • Popsicle shape and stalks


The raspberries are mixed with water and sugar in a blender and pureed. Then they are poured into the mold. The stems in, seal well and into the freezer. After just under 4 hours, the ski water ice cream is ready to be enjoyed and consumed.

Already knew? Ski water is healthy!

Anyone who thinks of calories and high sugar in terms of soft drinks, as other world-famous brands do, blames himself for skiing. Whether considered as diluted juice or syrup or thickened water, is up to you. Neither salt nor saturated fatty acids are found in the ski water from the supermarket. Virtually no fat and just 2.9 g of sugar are contained in 100 g. This can be lowered even with homemade ski water. If a drink meets the criteria for a refreshing product, then this one. In addition, the raspberry is a medicinal plant that contains a high content of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. It also grows in the mountains at altitudes up to 2,000 meters and thrives naturally there.

In these huts, there is the best ski water

We looked around, in which mountain huts special ski water is served. Do you know other huts or restaurants in the Alps, where good ski water is served? Then write a comment! We are pleased about your message.

  • Organic Alm Almfried in Brixen in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental (delicious!)
  • Schnapps Hans Alm-Bar in the ski area Zell am See – Kaprun (great atmosphere!)
  • Berghotel Rudolfshütte in Weißsee Glacier world in Salzburgerland (free ski water!)

More ski water is available in the Alps! Here you plan your skiing holiday >

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