Skin diseases – causes, complaints & therapy

skin diseases

skin diseases are more or less harmful diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. The spectrum ranges from harmless skin diseases such as acne or rashes to serious illnesses such as skin cancer.

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What are skin diseases?

Skin diseases are all those diseases that affect the human skin. Not only the visible outer skin is meant, but also the mucous membranes and the skin within the body can be affected.

In the vernacular, however, skin diseases are usually only those forms that are visible, which excludes the underlying skin diseases in the body. Depending on the skin disease, the condition can be life-threatening or harmless – the range of skin diseases is broad.


Other harmful influences from the environment or in the diet could also promote the development of this skin disease; exactly clarified the backgrounds are similar to other cancers, but not yet.

Harmless forms such as acne are on the other hand hormonally caused and develop, for example, in puberty, when the hormones anyway out of whack. The skin can also be affected by mold, bacteria and viruses, as is the case, for example, with skin fungus or nail fungus.

In a broader sense, wounds and injuries are also skin diseases, including cuts or blisters. Often also inflamed wounds of the skin, which can develop quickly by careless handling after injury to the skin.

Typical skin diseases

Outer skin diseases can often be seen at a glance or at least make a guess. The normal condition of the skin changes – it forms dandruff, swells, itches, changes color (such as redness), hurts, or develops blackheads, moles, or other new features.

Some of these symptoms creep in and are not noticed until they reach a critical level and the skin disease is already advanced. Skin cancer, for example, is characterized by new or widening birthmarks, which are usually not immediately recognized by the affected person as skin diseases.


Skin diseases are usually relatively easy to diagnose. It only takes one look to realize that it is basically a skin disease. Thereafter, however, samples must often be taken which are examined under the microscope or chemically to provide clear evidence of a skin disease.

In skin cancer, for example, a biopsy can be taken from the suspect site and histologically examined. Fungal diseases, on the other hand, do not require much more than a smear of the affected area of ​​the skin to clearly diagnose the pathogen and initiate treatment. Other skin diseases such as sunburn can be clearly diagnosed by the history and the description of the symptoms and the obvious condition of the skin.

Treatment and therapy

The treatment of skin diseases depends on their severity, the level of psychological stress and the impact on the patient. Like other cancers, skin cancer, for example, is treated with the removal of the cancer and subsequent chemotherapy – the exact treatment depends on the location of the skin cancer and its stage.

On the other hand, skin diseases such as injuries are best cured in the open air when a bandage is not intended to protect them from additional infections or to prevent scarring. If, on the other hand, the mucous membranes are affected by a skin disease, a small surgical procedure may be necessary because they are mostly in the body and the medicine focuses on removing diseased parts.

Most surgical procedures in the case of skin diseases, however, are to be overcome and can sometimes be performed even under local anesthesia, so that the burden on the patient treated is not unnecessarily high.


A skin disease can best be prevented by careful care and health-conscious handling. Our skin may heal, but it does not forgive any mistakes. A sunburn can be enough to harm you enough to cause skin cancer in old age.

Appropriate sun protection with sun creams on bright days, daily care with suitable care products and a healthy diet are the best guarantors for a healthy complexion. Also, care products should not be too aggressive, because this can also favor the development of skin diseases.

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