SKIUR HOLIDAYS FAMILY: Free ski course – winter holiday with children

The popular ski course for children in the silver region Karwendel “Hello Karwendolin! – I was with you this year in the ski course and it was super great. I’m already looking forward to the next winter holiday with you. Best regards! Alexander” This entry of a Nuremberg boy in the guestbook of the mascot “Karwendolin” is an example for the satisfaction of the guests with the free children’s ski courses. For many years, the ski course for children has been offered in the Tyrolean holiday region of the Karwendel Silver Region.

Why the Karwendel children’s ski course? On the one hand there is the offer of free children’s ski courses, on the other hand in the region the orientation of lifts, ski schools and also accommodation for beginners is convincing. Thousands of children are proof of the success of the last few years. Local children also learn to ski here.

Ski school for children in Tyrol

Children’s ski schools that are fully attuned to the childrenYesterday the Stemmschwung was still learnt and today it is already on the Wedeln. “We only use ski instructors who are trained in dealing with children. Thanks to the training methodology, the kids learn to ski playfully,” explains Erich Schippl from the Kellerjoch Ski School on Pillberg. From the magic carpet to the merry-go-round, the aids for the playful learning elements stretch each other. In a three-step plan, the kids are led from the first “walk” on the two boards to the ski all-rounder.

Learn to ski in four days

After 4 days children can ski “70 percent of the beginners can already ski down the blue slopes of our local mountain, the Arbeser, with us on Thursday”, the head of the ski school sums up and points to the final highlight: the children’s ski race on Friday. “The beaming eyes of the boys and girls when they receive a medal at the end of the race confirm that we have worked well”, Schippl is pleased.

His friend and colleague Markus Löffler from the Silversport ski school, who is responsible for the courses in Weerberg, adds: “Small groups, max. ten children per group with the advanced and max. six children per group with our Bambinis (4 years old) enable us to cater to the needs of the child and to look after them optimally. The ski course is loosened up and optimised at the same time by games that support learning”.

Family ski resorts in Tyrol

Family ski areas in the Karwendel silver regionFamily ski slopes, peace and safety: the best conditions for learning to ski. The small ski areas in the region have the advantage that children feel very comfortable. The lift staff takes care of the boarding. The ski slopes are clear, so that no child can get lost. What parents still appreciate: A high degree of safety. On the small ski runs there are no speeders that pose a risk for beginners. It’s cosy here. Ski school director Markus Löffler puts it in a nutshell: “Not a huge ski area, but personal care with a heart makes it possible for the child to make good progress in skiing with joy”.

Free children’s ski course for your children

How do you get the free children’s ski courses? Any family who spends a week skiing with their children in an accommodation in the Karwendel silver region around Schwaz in Tyrol can join the ski course. The condition is that the children are between 4 and 12 years old when they arrive (arrival Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

What is included in the children’s ski course package? The children’s ski courses take place weekly from Sunday to Friday. Every day there are two hours of ski courses, on Friday the children show what they have learned during the week at the final race. The ski course also includes a free lift pass for the duration of the course on the beginner’s lift. Who then attends the ski course, receives besides the course by the experienced ski instructors also 50% discount on the rental equipment for skiing. In which ski resorts there are children’s ski courses?The package of free ski courses worth 179 euros per child is valid in the ski resorts of the silver region Karwendel. You can choose a ski area The ski areas Kellerjoch (Schwaz, Pillberg), Weerberg, Kolsassberg and Stans are all available. These are all small ski areas that are particularly suitable for beginners.

Not only for children – also for parentsThe offer of the included ski courses is perfect if you want to bring parents their children on the skis. And: there are also ski courses for us parents to start with. Many parents have already started with their children at the same time. At the end of their skiing holiday, they were delighted to be able to ski down the piste together.

Accommodation for the family holidayThere are many holiday flats and pensions where you can stay for the ski course in the silver region Karwendel. Of course, there are also great Karwendel hotels, which make the Tirol holiday a beautiful experience all around. The course is only available if you book accommodation in the Karwendel Silver Region.

When does the free children’s ski course take place? The free ski courses are offered from Christmas to March. Especially recommended is the ski course for children in the time after Christmas and Holy Epiphany. The ski slopes are less crowded and most landlords offer the same accommodation at a much cheaper price – often even free of charge for children under 6.

This is perfect for young families who are not tied to holiday periods. From Christmas to the end of the first week of January, you can only get accommodation by chance anyway, as due to the great success, the families already book from one year to auf´s next year.

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