Sleeping baby: tips – tricks for a quiet night

Sleeping Baby: Tips & Tricks for a quiet night

Should your baby sleep through, so you can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep? Moms, in particular, do not have an easy time here. On the one hand, they want to know their offspring well looked after. On the other hand, they are longing for a little more rest. Even if the father is supporting, he can not take breastfeeding.

Many parents long for the time when the baby finally sleeps through

For months, parents have to adjust to the baby’s rhythm. There are many tips for staying asleep. It is about weaning, sleeping in your own room and a sufficient saturation. From a scientific point of view, several factors of certain periods of time speak of when your baby can sleep through. But that does not mean that it complies with these rules.

We give you a comprehensive guide to help you and your baby sleep through. Try as much as possible until it finally works.

When can a baby sleep through??

It is perfectly understandable that you as parents are tense nervously. You want a happy and satisfied child. At the same time, the rest of your private life should not be neglected. Professionally, you also want to be efficient. Which largely depends on your sleep quality.

However, from when your baby can sleep through is conditioned by many factors. So some babies can sleep through already from the third month. Others only at 5 months or 8 months. And even if your offspring has developed to, there are again nights intermittently. Be it because of hunger or illness.

It is important that you give your baby enough time and do not expire in stress. We do not want to shock you, but some infants do not sleep until they’re one or two years old. At least more often. So big is the span actually. Why we can not give you a reliable answer as to when your baby will sleep through.

However, as a parent you can do a lot to help bring about this development faster.

Short checklist for the evening routine

It is best to start a routine every evening before going to bed. You determine the order yourself, but it should not change. The following steps are on your checklist:

  1. Baby was breastfed or has eaten porridge and is full
  2. Baby washed – with rag or in the baby bath
  3. A fresh diaper dressed
  4. Read story
  5. Raise baby toy clock or sing it yourself

And please, try to maintain a habitual routine. It can shift slightly in time each evening. But in principle there is a “bedtime”.

How can a baby sleep through without breastfeeding?

First of all, you should be able to assume that your baby is indeed saturated. Therefore, some mothers breastfeed again around 10 or 11 pm. In the hope that they could sleep through at least 5 or 6 o’clock. What works, but there is no guarantee for that.

Sleeping without breastfeeding, but usually refers to a longer period of time. So for example. From 20 o’clock in the evening to 6 o’clock in the morning. For this, your baby must be sufficiently saturated. This depends on the amount of breast milk or milk powder. Also, if the stomach of your child can already absorb enough food. Plus a functioning digestive system that lasts until dawn.

Depending on these many factors, you can never know exactly when your baby will fall asleep. As soon as you have found your routine for a few weeks, your offspring will think of a new one.

If your child finally sleeps through, you probably complain about another problem. Because as long as you have not yet weaned, the breast continues to produce milk. Our tip: Take a breast pump. Either you pump off before sleeping or the pump is ready at least at night. So that you too can sleep through pleasant.

The question of brain development

Again and again you can read about this question. “When is my baby’s brain ready to go to sleep?” The research is still working on an exact result. Pure age, are Children only with three to four years able to sleep properly. That is, when they wake up at night, they can go to sleep alone again. Then you know: close your eyes, sleep and wait until my mom or dad wake up or the day has dawned.

How is it possible that some babies sleep through and others do not? After all, theoretically they are all capable of doing so much later. Maybe your child does not answer at night because it ate something more than usual. Or it has physically spent so much (swimming pool, playground, etc.) that it just needs so much sleep.

Sleeping through sleep is easier for some children than for others

Instructions to help the baby fall asleep

The rhythm of babies and toddlers is different than ours adults. Many parents have the experience that there is only a narrow window of opportunity. If you try to put your baby to sleep before or after, you are very likely to fail.

Now it’s time to keep your nerve, because after these 10 to 20 minutes usually comes to a sudden peace. So brief are the phases of total euphoria and absolute fatigue.

Apart from that, you can use the following tips and tricks to keep your baby asleep.

Is it really hungry?

This question is not meant evil, but real. Many moms fall into the trap that your baby wakes up every time she is hungry. But if you only breastfed two or three hours ago, this does not have to be the case. First, check to see if it has woken up because of a full diaper or by dreaming.

Do not give the breast or bottle immediately, but try to calm your child. If you breastfeed too often, your baby will get used to it and ask for it more often at night.

Avoid falling asleep at the chest

For most moms it is a solid ritual that they give the breasts to fall asleep. Experience has shown that babies often wake up at night. They have fallen asleep with the idea of ​​food intake and wake up with it. Why this variant is not necessarily suitable for sleeping through.

Help yourself with alternatives. It is best to choose one that requires little effort. On the arm or in the sling, these are not good solutions. Try physical closeness instead. Between mom and dad, with a lot of body contact, it is pleasant to fall asleep.

7 tips for nocturnal weaning

It’s not a trick, it’s supposed to happen someday. We are talking about nocturnal weaning. From then on Mama should not give up at night. Nor a bottle, because this promotes, inter alia, the formation of cavities. Please note the following steps:

  1. Mum and dad must be convinced that now the time has come for nocturnal weaning. Do you still doubt as a parent, this feels your child. It will react to the, anyway unwanted change, even more nervous.
  2. Parents should clarify their future approach to the night. Only those who pull together can be successful.
  3. Mum can tell her child about nocturnal weaning. He does not understand it yet, but feels that it is about his person.
  4. You should start nighttime weaning on a Friday night. If the dad does not have to work shifts, then the time has come. It will not work right away. Which is why you still have the Saturday and Sunday evenings to practice.
  5. Whether in the morning or the last breastfeeding before falling asleep: in future, the bedroom or your own room of your child is taboo! It should really only connect this room with sleep.
  6. After the last breastfeeding, your baby may still be awake. Adjust the right time to lay down together in the parents bed. Later it comes in his own bed.
  7. If the day has been very exciting, you can still offer a relaxing bath before breastfeeding. Singing, massages and the music box can also do wonders.

Please do not despair – patience is a virtue

Despite all the tricks and tricks, your child can scream in rage. Simply because it was torn from its habit. Many parents break in shortly thereafter and mom gives again the chest. That’s fine! At least for now, because it takes several attempts to help your baby sleep through.

Give in to the impulse so as not to make it scream longer than necessary. That’s why you did not fail as a parent! Even if others want to persuade you that. In the end, you will have to prove a lot of patience and strong nerves.

Conclusion to sleep through the baby

As a parent, you can go to great lengths to help your baby learn to sleep through. In the end, this is not what determines you, but your offspring. That depends on many factors, which we have described to you step by step.

In the end, you should not put so high expectations on your child. Learning to sleep through is a very individual thing. That does not make it easier when other parents or grandparents put up additional pressure. Questions like: “Is it already enough to sleep through?”, Are all the more nerve-racking.

Just keep making sure your baby does not miss out on anything. The sleep through results automatically. A comparison with other babies is pointless. Some are lucky and the longer nights start from the 4th month. Others have to wait two or three years.

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