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The 9 best children’s beds with a slide at a glance.

Relaxation, play, fun and excitement. Slide beds are ideal multifunctional furniture for your children’s room. Of course, the design is particularly important. Ultimately, the wallet will also be decisive for you as parents. The prices for slide beds are very different.

While it simple models already for around 100 euros Variants with capes and towers well cost twice. Do you want beyond that two children in it, go to completely different price regions. Find the ideal slide bed for your child’s room in our test or comparison table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Slide bed comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Steiner Shopping "Pauli" Steiner shopping "Samuel" Ticaa "Tino" Lilokids Jelle Jugendmö slide bed boys Jugendmö slide bed girl Wickey Crazy Hutty Homestyle4u loft bed Timo Homeline 11166
at Amazon *
6 reviews 11 reviews 12 reviews 6 reviews 6 reviews 23 reviews 21 reviews 14 reviews 60 reviews
material Solid beech wood Solid beech wood Busch solid wood Solid pine wood Solid pine wood Solid pine wood Solid spruce / pine wood Solid pine wood Solid pine wood
Max. Resilience 75 kg 75 kg 75 kg 75 kg 75 kg 75 kg 90 kg 70 kg 65 kg
Dimensions (wxhxl) 98 x 160 x 208 cm 189 x 113 x 208 cm 190 x 208 x 115 cm 98 x 113 x 208 cm 97 x 113 x 207 cm 97 x 113 x 207 cm 110 x 220 x 197 cm 97 x 110 x 208 cm 98 x 113 x 208 cm
lying area 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm
Easy construction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Slide and ladder can be assembled as required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Incl. Slats Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No
  • rounded and wide steps of the ladder
  • very stable due to strong posts (6 x 6 cm)
  • classic bunk bed for two children, > can be converted into two single beds
  • including shelf
  • rounded and wide steps of the ladder
  • very stable due to strong posts (6 x 6 cm)
  • Can be used as a single bed (not as a loft bed) without a slide and railing
  • very stable
  • very high quality
  • adjustable as a normal high single bed
  • stable thanks to strong posts (5.4 x 5.4 cm)
  • easy, intuitive structure
  • with curtain
  • extra wide steps
  • easy, intuitive structure
  • also available in white
  • easy, intuitive structure
  • also available in natural
  • Slide with waves
  • with play telescope
  • with tarpaulin for painting
  • available in other versions, including Blue and black
  • stable thanks to strong posts (5.5 x 5.5 cm)
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Steiner Shopping "Pauli" Questions and answers about Steiner Shopping "Samuel" Questions and answers about Ticaa "Tino" Questions and answers about Lilokids Jelle Questions and answers about Jugendmö slide bed boys Questions and answers about Jugendmö slide bed girls Questions and answers about Wickey Crazy Hutty Questions and answers about Homestyle4u loft bed Questions and answers about Timo Homeline 11166
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  • The slide bed is a variant of the bunk bed and, in addition to its basic function as a bed, allows additional fun through the slide.
  • Without a slide and ladder, the play bed can later often be converted into a classic children’s or youth bed.
  • If you want to buy a slide bed made of solid wood (e.g. beech or pine), you have to expect higher prices, but such models are particularly robust.

On playground in your own nursery – for many children of kindergarten and primary school age, this is paradise. With a moving bed fulfill this for your child dream. If you would like to know which is the best bed with slide for your child, you will receive detailed advice in our slide bed comparison 2019/2020. In our table for slide bed comparison you will find the corresponding one Sliding bed comparison winner.

1. For adventurers and princesses: The slide bed is the most versatile play bed

A slide bed offers versatile game options for your offspring. In contrast to the classic children’s bed, which is mainly used for sleeping, a bed with slide invites you to climb, run around and slide, but also to "build caves" and hide. So the bed is at the same time berth, playground and retreat.

Furthermore, a slide bed offers storage space for toy boxes, but also space for a children’s desk and / or shelves that can be attached to or under the bed. This multifunctionality speaks for the purchase of a slide bed.

  • enables varied play
  • can often be used as a single bed without a slide and railing
  • Eye-catcher in the children’s room, visually appealing thanks to different designs (e.g. with tower)
  • takes up a lot of space
  • the slide cannot be assembled and disassembled spontaneously, but must be screwed on

2. What different types of cot are there??

When looking for the best cot, you will find different types of beds. As part of our buying advice, we have put together an overview of the different beds for children for you.

Type description
Classic cot The cot is that after the baby bed or crib first big bed for a small child. Most parents get their children between the ages of one and a half and three years old to a cot. Everything you need to know about the classic cot can be found here in our extensive 2019/2020 cot comparison.
Loft bed or bunk bed The Loft bed or bunk bed is particularly suitable for siblings, who share a children’s room. The siblings sleep on top of each other in the bunk bed. The loft bed variant for single children is also practically. Often under the bed surface place for a desk, couch or shelf.
Bed with drawer The Children’s bed with drawer creates additional storage space in the children’s room and is therefore space-saving. Bed linen, clothes or toys can be stowed in the drawer.
play bed game beds appear in different designs and inspire e.g. due to the colorful coloring and a wide selection of accessories. The car bed – so e.g. available as a racing car or fire engine model – is particularly interesting for boys. With accessories such as a steering wheel, tires and “blue lights”, such adventure beds enable a particularly authentic gaming experience. Manufacturers like Vipack offer one carriage bed for girls.
Conclusion: The moving bed is because of its high variability most versatile model in the category of play beds. What that best slide bed read our extensive slide bed comparison 2019/2020.

3. Purchase criteria for slide beds: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. Material: the higher the quality, the safer the slide bed is

The basic structure of the individual children’s beds with a slide is quite similar. The products differ mainly in the ones used materials and their processing. MDF boards (medium-density wood fiber boards) are often used for inexpensive children’s beds; higher quality beds are characterized by solid wood (e.g. solid beech or pine). Beech is particularly stable as hardwood. Pine is a softwood and therefore somewhat lighter. The post thickness also varies. The rule here is: the thicker the bedpost, the more stable the bed. The wood is often lacquered. For beds with lacquered wood, it is worthwhile to use the TÜV seal for Schadstoffgeprüft awareness to ensure that no toxins from solvents and plasticizers are inhaled.

3.2. Load capacity: maximum 75 kg

Our slide bed comparison compares the best children’s beds with a slide.

The manufacturers give a tested one load-bearing capacity between 50 and 75 kg on. This weight should ideally not be exceeded optimal security to ensure.

3.3. The slide needs space

If you are thinking about buying a new child’s bed with a slide, you have to plan that the slide extends quite far into the room. On average, the slide is approx. 1.30 m long. There should be at least between the end of the slide and the next adjacent wall 1.00 m Keep a distance so that your child does not hit their head or feet when they arrive.

4. The main manufacturers and brands

The Play bed with slide is good for children most attractive bed type. You can get an overview of the most important manufacturers and brands here:

  • Idimex
  • Ticaa
  • paidi
  • Flexa
  • Caro furniture
  • Sixbros
  • Roba
  • Steens
  • Relita
  • Schardt
  • Steiner shopping
  • Homestyle4U
  • Home Line

5. Play curtains, tunnels & Co. – the slide bed is convertible with different accessories

The slide bed can be expanded in a variety of ways with accessories such as tunnels.

A white slide bed can be used by both boys and girls. The variant in "nature" is also popular. By a large selection at different game curtains, tunnels, pile up and camp the bed can be completed in no time and adapted to personal wishes and needs.

The play bed quickly becomes a dreamlike fairytale castle, an adventurous knight’s castle or a "dangerous" pirate ship. The accessories can often be ordered separately and are sometimes included in the scope of delivery.

6. Slide bed test at the Stiftung Warentest

There is no slide bed comparison winner from the Stiftung Warentest because it has not yet carried out a slide bed test. The Stiftung Warentest recommends “buy furniture. Recognize quality ”(01/2014) child-friendly, that means above all stable, robust furniture. If possible, these should not wobble so that the kids can let off steam. To avoid accidents, the best slide bed must not have any sharp edges or nips.

Tip: Most of the slide beds are supplied without a mattress and without a slatted or rolling grille. However, these can easily be bought because the lying surface is usually the standard size 90 x 200 cm.

7. Questions and answers about the slide bed

7.1. From which age group can a children’s slide bed be considered??

Most manufacturers of children’s slide beds recommend the piece of furniture for one Target group from 6 years. A half-high bed with a slide is ideal for elementary school students. Parents often decide earlier to buy a high child’s bed with a slide. It depends on individual level of development of the child and is at the personal discretion of the parents.

Tip: Young children should not play on the slide bed unsupervised. Despite fall protection, it is better if a supervisor is nearby.

In this video you can see how much fun a bed with a slide can give your children:

7.2. What can I do if the slide bed wobbles??

A jiggling loft bed represents a potential source of danger To avoid accidents, we recommend that you assembly instructions to be followed exactly and to fix the bunk bed with slide for your child on the wall – regardless of whether the manufacturer advises it.

We compared these other products for small children:

7.3. How can I prevent my child from bumping his toes while sliding??

If the slide or the ladder for the loft bed does not have rounded edges, there is a risk that your child will bump your buttocks or toes. Our recommendation is therefore to use a product rounded edges on fall protection and wide steps to buy at the ladder. If you choose a model with a square edge on the slide, you can line the children’s room floor with pillows and duvets.

This can also be integrated into the game: For example, a blue bedspread with which the floor is laid out can do this sea represent.

7.4. How do I sew the curtain for my cot myself?

A themed pajama party with a slide bed is a lot of fun.

On nice play curtain makes the slide bed complete. For some manufacturers of play beds with slides, the curtain is included in the set. If the curtain is not part of the slide bed accessories and you like to be creative, you can use the play curtain for the bed sew yourself. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to the choice of fabric and individual design: Whether in a skull pattern or with a crown print, there is something for every taste. Disney motifs are also popular with children.

We found an interesting blog entry for you in which Step-by-Step explains how you can sew a pretty curtain for the half-high bed with a slide yourself.

Tip: A new slide bed is guaranteed to be the highlight at the next overnight party. Why not organize a themed pajama party on the topic of "knights", "pirates" or "fairies" for your child and his friends, at which all guests are dressed up!


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