Small cars – for big fun in miniature format

Small cars

It goes without saying that remote-controlled cars are smaller than the vehicles you drive on the road. However, this does not mean that all remote-controlled cars are the same size. While 1:5 scale models are large enough to fit younger children, there are also models that can be used for can be stored in a small box can. The smaller a remote-controlled car is, the less it weighs and the lower the driving power may be. Small remote control cars are available with both electric and gasoline engine available.

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Remote-controlled car: mini-size makes giant fun possible

Small cars

When most people think of remote control cars, they probably think of toys for children. however, model building is a subject area that also appeals to adults. If a remote-controlled car is modeled after a real one, modeling enthusiasts of all ages can get excited about the car. Although there are, of course, numerous rc mini cars that can be imagination models are also sold that are manufactured to a certain scale.

While 1:14, 1:16 or 1:18 scale RC cars can’t necessarily be called mini-models, the smaller a remote-controlled car is, the smaller it is scale 1:20, 1:24 or 1:30 already much smaller. There are even micro cars that are manufactured in the ratio 1:48 or 1:54 and can thus be easily stowed in a small can. Such RC mini cars are usually too small for a burner and are therefore equipped with an electric motor.

For a remote control car small, a built-in battery supplies the necessary energy. There are also small remote controlled cars available, which are driven by a gasoline engine are driven. Although such a remote-controlled car can be small, the scale of an internal combustion engine will generally be between 1:14 and 1:20. The advantage from gasoline engines: burning gasoline makes for more authentic driving fun.

Build your own RC mini cars or opt for RTR models?

Just because a remote control car seems small, does not mean that the assembly takes only a few minutes. If the miniature vehicle is a faithful replica of a certain vehicle, the kit for the self-build contains all body parts, gearbox, tires and governor, which have to be inserted in the correct place in the model. The following table clearly shows the difference between the kit and the RTR model differ from each other when choosing a remote control car mini:

KitRTR model
Durability for the construction several hours can be used straight out of the box
scope of supply all the individual parts which, when assembled, make up a car. Remote control and regulator must be purchased separately mostly an assembled car. in some cases the regulator and remote control as well as the batteries have to be bought in addition to the mini car
advantages promotes technical understanding, due to the different difficulty levels also intended for adults, kit can be easily supplemented, for example with camera or light function driving fun can begin immediately, many models are suitable as toys for children
disadvantages some expertise is required for assembly, kit requires a lot of time for repairs, you usually have to contact the manufacturer because you can’t clearly identify the defect

Videos of hobbyists give a first impression: if you want to assemble a remote controlled car mini yourself, but have never had anything to do with a kit before, you can watch various videos on youtube. modeling enthusiasts always share their experience through visual impressions of racing or tinkering fun.

Which small cars to buy? read reviews and rate different models

If a small car is soon to be remote-controlled, but you would like a little help in deciding what to buy, you should first find out about the advantages and disadvantages from RC mini cars be clear. A remote control car small has the following advantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of a small car

  • Available as kit or RTR model
  • Driving fun for every age group
  • Requires little storage space and even finds room in the cabinet
  • Very fast because of the low weight
  • Available with special features like camera

However, even the test winner among the small rc cars has the following disadvantages on:

  • A gasoline engine makes only from a certain size sense
  • Kits may require the use of tweezers for assembly

In addition to the pro and contra list, you should also consider reviews to be consulted to find the best RC mini cars. The price should be as small as the car itself? If in the future a small car is to be remote controlled, which one would like to buy particularly favorably, one should inform oneself about used model. With new products it is worth price comparison, with which you can find the cheapest online store within a few minutes.

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