Small coffee maker: test& recommendations (01/22)

With a small fully automatic coffee maker, you can prepare delicious coffee specialties at the touch of a button. Since they are kept as small and compact as possible, they are well suited for single households and tight office kitchens. Especially if you like coffee variations such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, the perfect milk foam of an automatic coffee machine with milk system will convince you. It makes up for its rather high purchase price by being a pleasure to drive, just like in your favorite cafe.

In our big coffee machines small test 2022 we want to help you find the perfect coffee machine for you. For this purpose, we compared models with a milk container, a milk foam nozzle and models without a milk system. We would like to make your buying decision as easy as possible.

The most important in a nutshell

  • Small and compact coffee machines are especially practical for single households and offices that drink only a few cups of coffee a day and have little floor space available.
  • In addition to fully automatic coffee machines without a milk system, there are also models that are equipped either with a milk tank or with a milk foam nozzle. It can also be used to prepare coffee variations such as a cappucchino.
  • When buying, you should pay attention to factors such as the grinder, easy cleaning and the loudness of the machine.

Small fully automatic coffee maker test: editors’ favorites

The best small automatic coffee maker with milk foam nozzle


Small coffee maker: test& recommendations (01/22)

279,00 EUR


325,00 EUR


304,00 EUR

Last price updates: amazon.De (29.01.22, 16:02), other stores (30.01.22, 16:37]

this fully automatic coffee machine from de’longhi is equipped with a classic milk froth nozzle. Despite its small width of just under 24 cm, it can even fill two cups at the same time. It is equipped with a very quiet 13-stage steel cone grinder. Thanks to the removable brew group and the rinsing and descaling program, this model is very easy to clean.

Especially for small households that also like to enjoy coffee variations, this machine is suitable. Because of its low noise level, it is also very suitable for smaller offices.

The best small coffee maker without milk system

Melitta Caffeo Solo E 950-322 fully automatic coffee maker (Excellent coffee enjoyment thanks to pre-brewing function and removable brewing group) pure black

Small coffee maker: test& recommendations (01/22)

299,00 EUR


299,00 EUR


600,00 EUR

Last price updates: amazon.De (29.01.22, 16:42), other stores (30.01.22, 16:36]

This very puristic and compact coffee maker from melitta does not need a milk system. This gives it a width of only 20 cm and yet two coffee spouts. The steel cone grinder can be adjusted in 3 stages to ensure the desired aroma intensity.

This model is especially suitable for lovers of pure coffee and espresso. due to its very small size, it is especially well suited for kitchens with only little floor space.

The best small coffee maker with milk tank

Philips 5000 series EP5360/10 fully automatic coffee maker, 6 coffee specialties (integrated milk system) Piano black/black

With this fully automatic coffee maker from philips, you can prepare five delicious coffee variations. the integrated milk system produces creamy milk foam for cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. The ceramic disc grinder has six grinder settings. The machine is very easy to clean, especially thanks to its aquaclean technology, and at 22 cm takes up very little space.

So if you are looking for a small coffee maker with a lot of features, this one might be just right for you. Despite all the equipment it is compact and easy to clean.

Also interesting

Guide: questions you should ask yourself before buying a small coffee machine

What is a small coffee machine?

Coffee machine small-1

In addition to the classic coffee and espresso, the fully automatic machine with milk system can also prepare specialties with milk such as the cappuccino or latte macchiato. Depending on the model, there are also functions with which even non-coffee drinkers can get their money’s worth. For example, with a cup of hot chocolate or a tea.

How does a small coffee machine?

  1. The roasted coffee beans are ground into powder in the grinder.
  2. Then water is forced through the compressed coffee powder with the help of a pump. What happens in the brewing group.
  3. In models with a milk system, hot drinks with milk, such as the cappuccino, are then ready refined.

Depending on the type of fully automatic machine there are also additional steps. When equipped with a water filter, the water is still filtered in advance.

Who is a small automatic coffee maker suitable for??

If you use it more often, you should look for a larger machine. Otherwise, the service life can quickly suffer.

How much does a small coffee maker cost??

Because coffee machines with milk system have this additional equipment, they are also higher in price. But also depending on additional functions such as cleaning programs or the type of grinder, the prices differ. Small coffee machines are of course cheaper than the larger models.

Here we have compiled a small overview for you, how much the different variants of small coffee machines cost.

Type of fully automatic coffee machine average price
coffee maker with milk tank 400-600 euro
coffee maker with milk foam nozzle 240-400 euro
coffee machine without milk system 200-350 euro

Where to buy a small coffee machine?

Here is a list of exactly where you can buy coffee machines, both online and in stores.

Offline online
media market amazon.De
tchibo ebay.De
saturn real.De
galeria euronics.De

What are the alternatives to a small fully automatic coffee machine??

Here we have compared four different alternatives and listed their special features.

Alternative advantages disadvantages
filter machine a large quantity can be prepared at once.
The coffee can be kept warm.
Comparatively inexpensive purchase and low cost per cup.
It can only brew filter coffee.
Espresso coffee maker Comparatively inexpensive purchase.
It comes in different sizes.
home machines often do not build up enough pressure, so it becomes more coffee than espresso.
Pad machine or capsule machine different coffee variations to choose from.
Fast and perfect brewing.
Only one cup can be brewed at a time.
Unnecessary waste due to aluminum capsules or pods.

Before buying, you should therefore weigh your preferences well to find the right machine for you.

Decision: what types of small automatic coffee machines are there and which one is right for you?

Coffee machines can be equipped either with or without milk system. With a milk system, coffee specialties, such as cappuccino, can be prepared quickly and easily. machines without milk system are usually smaller and more compact.

If you decide to buy a fully automatic coffee machine, you can choose between three different types:

  • Coffee maker with milk tank
  • Coffee maker with milk foam nozzle
  • Coffee machine without milk system

With the following overview, we would like to make the decision easier for you and have presented the advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small coffee machine with milk tank??

For fully automatic coffee machines with a milk tank, there is an additional container that is either placed next to the machine or inserted into the housing. This is connected to the milk system and automatically froths the milk.

The container can be removed for storage in the refrigerator. However, the milk should not always be refilled, but the container must also be cleaned.

  • Milk froth is made automatically
  • Container can be stored in the refrigerator
  • Container takes up additional space
  • Must be cleaned regularly
  • It is more time consuming to change the milk type

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small automatic coffee maker with a milk frothing nozzle??

For fully automatic machines with a milk foam nozzle, the milk must be foamed by hand. The steam nozzle is held in a vessel, such as a milk jug, and moved evenly.

However, it takes a little practice to make perfect milk foam. Here, too, you can easily use different types of milk. Once you can make the perfect milk foam, you can even surprise your guests with latte art.

Latte art is the art of making coffee with milk foam. This involves painting motifs on the coffee with the milk foam.

A milk foam nozzle should be wiped with a damp cloth after each use. Due to the structure of this is but an easy.

  • It is also possible to froth only hot milk
  • You can make latte art
  • Easy to clean
  • You can change the type of milk quickly
  • Milk froth is not made automatically
  • It is more effort and takes more time

What distinguishes a small automatic coffee maker without milk system and what are its advantages and disadvantages??

In this variant, the fully automatic coffee maker does not need a milk system at all. This will allow you to make only the classic coffee and espresso. If you want to enjoy additional variations with milk foam, you have to buy an additional device.

Due to this lack of equipment, however, the machine concentrates mainly on brewing the coffee. This can also often save space.

  • Focus solely on brewing the coffee
  • Smaller and more compact with less equipment
  • Milk could be frothed and added externally
  • Can only produce pure coffee and espresso
  • Function to foam milk is missing

Buying criteria: you can use these factors to compare and evaluate small fully automatic coffee makers


If you have limited space in your kitchen, you will probably want a compact and slim machine. Most small coffee machines manage with a width of 20 to 25 centimeters. In height you have to reckon with about 30 to 40 centimeters.

The more additional equipment the coffee maker offers, the larger it will also be. This is why smaller machines often come with fewer additional functions.

But not only the size of the entire device plays a role, the capacity of the water tank is also important. If the volume is too small, it has to be refilled after just a few uses. If the tank is too large, however, the water can quickly stand out if it is used infrequently.


Nowadays, almost every fully automatic coffee machine has a grinder. Roasted coffee beans can be ground directly before use and retain their fresh taste.

Coffee machines can be equipped with either a cone grinder or a disc grinder.

Coffee machine small-2

In a cone grinder, two parts interlock and grind the beans into powder. Here, people work with only 400 revolutions per minute. This avoids overheating and burning of the powder. Because they take up so little space, they are often found in small coffee machines.

With a disc grinder, the beans are ground into powder between rotating discs. Because this grinder works at up to 1500 revolutions per minute, it can also heat up quickly and change the aroma of the coffee. But the disc grinder works much quieter.

disc grinders are much quieter than cone grinders because of the way they work. this is what you should consider before making your purchase decision.

Both grinders can be either ceramic or steel. Here we have an overview for you with the characteristics of the two materials.

Ceramic steel
very sensitive very robust and can even withstand a foreign object in the grinder
does not heat up so quickly and thus avoids burning of the powder can easily heat up and burn the coffee
is more expensive to buy is cheaper to buy

So depending on your preferences, you can choose a certain type of grinder and material.

The grind setting, i.e. how finely the coffee powder should be ground, can be adjusted in steps or steplessly, depending on the automatic machine.

Bean hopper and powder chute

While every automatic coffee machine is equipped with a bean hopper, some even have two bean hoppers. So if you have different preferences, you can fill the containers with different types of beans and you don’t have to change all the beans.

A second bean hopper or an additional powder chute is particularly practical if the users of the automatic coffee maker have different preferences of coffee types.

In addition, there are models with an additional powder chute. This is particularly suitable if you want to enjoy your coffee in silence, without the previous noisy grinding.

Cleaning program

One of the most vexing issues with fully automatic coffee machines is cleaning. To facilitate this work, most machines have cleaning programs. Not every automatic is equipped with the same range of programs and some cleaning work must still be done by hand.

Coffee machine small-3

But many models have a general cleaning program that cleans the internal components like the brewing piston. Depending on what kind of milk system the coffee maker is equipped with, there are also cleaning functions here. Cleaning the water tank should also be considered.

The harder the water with which the coffee machine is filled, the more often it should be decalcified.

While these functions naturally take away work and provide the necessary hygiene, machines with them also quickly become more expensive. Therefore, you should think about your preferences to find the right model for you.

Trivia: interesting facts about small automatic coffee makers

How to clean a small automatic coffee maker correctly?

even if you have a fully automatic machine with most of the cleaning programs, there are still things that should be cleaned by hand. coffee powder is susceptible to mold and therefore you should not neglect cleaning it. Here we have an overview of the parts that should be cleaned regularly.

  • Brewing unit: germs can collect particularly quickly here. Therefore, the brewing unit should be removable, so that it can be rinsed under running water.
  • drip traysince residues can quickly accumulate here, you should regularly rinse them under water.
  • Pomace container: this needs to be emptied regularly and should not be left standing around with the powder waste for too long. Afterwards, it should be rinsed thoroughly.
  • Water tankdeposits and calcification can easily be avoided by regular rinsing of the reservoir.
  • Milk systemDepending on the type of milk system, the parts need to be cleaned differently. In general, parts that have been in contact with milk should be cleaned immediately after use.

Which beans are best for my small automatic coffee machine??

Basically, all types of beans are suitable. For the fully automatic machine, however, you should choose espresso beans for the best taste. These are dark roasted. High quality coffee is also gently produced using the drum roasting process.

The choice of variety depends entirely on your taste. Both arabica coffee and robusta coffee are very popular. If you’re even more interested in what is arguably the most important ingredient in a good coffee, we’ve got you covered with this video.

Generally, coffee beans should always be stored in a dry and airtight place, protected from light. This is the best way to keep your aroma.

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