Small coffee maker

Small coffee maker

The coffee maker is a faithful companion in the early morning or when sleep has been a little too short. But not everyone needs a device the size of a fully automatic machine with grinder.

There are some households where there is either only one coffee drinker or where only one person lives. Exactly for this purpose there are small coffee machines. They are available in many different variants and offer the right machine for every taste.

especially in a small kitchen, a large coffee maker does not always have enough space and often gets in the way. For this reason, manufacturers have decided to shrink the coffee machine.

Anyone can get a small coffee maker, whether it’s a mini coffee maker or a single coffee maker – they’re practical and cheap to buy.

this guide describes the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the differences and how to use them – making the purchase a breeze.

The small coffee maker and its model variations

Beem small coffee maker with grinder and timer

The single coffee maker:

They are available as filter coffee maker bspw. From melitta and beem. Up to 7 cups of coffee can be brewed and it takes up little space. However, larger quantities of coffee are very inconvenient to transport.

The capsule machine:

It is easy to use and brews with intense aroma. However, the capsules are not exactly environmentally friendly and to cook larger quantities is very laborious.

Pad machines:

They are compact and simple and the pads are environmentally friendly. However, only 2 cups at a time are possible and the cost per cup is higher.

There are now several variations from which you can choose the right small coffee maker.

The classic filter coffee maker as mini models

The manufacturers have recognized the trend to smaller coffee machines and have adapted their offer and assortment and brought them out in different variants. It is available, for example, as a single coffee machine with 2-3 cups and a hot plate or even as a 2 go variant with a cup.

Other machines have a grinder for that extra fresh coffee taste. However, they are characterized above all by the ease of use (just one touch of a button) and some even have a timer function.

The brewing process takes a little longer than with pad or capsule machines, but it is more environmentally friendly. In total we present 7 variants for you.

1. Melitta aromaboy small filter coffee maker

The melitta aromaboy is ideal for the single in the morning. The filter insert is placed directly on the can and there the filter is inserted. The number of spoons of coffee powder is enough for 2 cups of coffee, which can fully develop their aroma thanks to the perfect temperature.

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