Small gifts for mother’s day – tinkering with children

As a mother, I was of course always very happy about the little Mother’s Day gifts my son brought in the school tinkered. Mothers always like things they have made themselves, Gifts that come from the heart . It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, mom just has to feel: it became created with love .

This year I made little leaflets myself with the elementary school children, how this works and what else can be made beautiful with children here. With a simple statement:

" I love you! " and " It’s great that you’re there! "

Leporello for Mother’s Day

I created this leporello with Word. Paste and copy a square shape of the size of your choice on the page. At the end of each row you insert a narrow adhesive strip on which the individual strips are glued together after being cut out.

In every second field I inserted a clip art which was then colored by the children, the fields in between are filled with small texts by hand.

I think it’s totally sweet what the first and second graders have already written here. The pictures are not finished yet – we have yes, one more week and it should be a surprise for the moms.

A thread picture

My favorite gift that I got from my son is a thread picture. For this you take a wooden board and paint it all over with a color of your choice. Of course, red and white are best for Mother’s Day. Then paint a heart and punch small nails into the wood on the contours. Now the nails are wrapped with wool as shown in the photo. Please make sure that no nail is forgotten.

Decorative glass with a personal message

This glass looks particularly beautiful on my shelf, which the students have artistically decorated with colored paper. If you want, you can tie a bow around the upper neck. A colorful paper with a poem for Mother’s Day is in the glass.

Folded cards with a photo or a handicraft

In primary school, children are always very proud when they make something more elaborate for mom. Here our teacher had a lot of trouble preparing given and made photos of the children. These cards are on my shelf. They have not disappeared in a box because I really like them and I see that my son created them with love.

Maybe I could give you some suggestions for your own handicrafts. I would be glad.

2 thoughts to “Little gifts for Mother’s Day – tinkering with children”

Cool ideas! I will implement the nail picture tomorrow with the big one. She will definitely have a lot of fun and mom will be happy.

I am glad that you like my suggestion and that you will build it right away. Have lots of fun with it !

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