Small protection for small money – the fake alarm system!

Everybody knows it: you go to where you think you parked your car, and it is gone. In the first moment a shock, until you remember that it is located somewhere else. Once again all went well. But they have this luck not all. In germany, unfortunately, more and more cars are being stolen. Especially high quality vehicles with keyless-system can be locked in seconds digital crack and drive away. Before the theft is noticed, the vehicle is abroad and is disassembled into its individual parts. a nightmare for owners of a high-value car. Sure, the insurance might cover the theft, but they can often ask awkward questions "what has been done to prevent theft?" or "the vehicle was locked?" and refuse to pay.

Prevent theft with alarm system

Especially tuned vehicles are not only worth a lot, but there is a lot of emotion in it. While some vehicles are equipped with alarm systems are equipped, however, these usually bring quite little. As soon as the car starts, the alarm is deactivated. But if you want to have a well visible fake alarm system can prevent thieves in advance maybe deter. Similarly, homeowners who keep a large dog are often spared from thieves. Why would a car thief go to the trouble of messing with an alarm system that obviously cannot be deactivated? After all, cars are a dime a dozen.

advantages and disadvantages of a (fake) alarm system

The advantage is a low price and in relation to that a high benefit. For a few euros you get a flashing device, which the impression an alarm system wakes. The disadvantage is that no real protection. If the thief overlooks the alarm system or recognizes it as a fake, he may even have one more item to sell after the theft. In addition no fake alarm system so right in the appearance of the interior. Is the alarm system but visually well done it can be of use. Example:

  • If the thief is standing at the car and wants to get it by means of software-tool/laptop etc., he has to pay. Open, and flashes the fake alarm system nevertheless simply further, despite all alleged secret codes and key combinations, it is possibly not get into the vehicle, because he believes with his software the alarm system do not disable to be able.

Admittedly, car thieves usually know their way around and are optimally informed about the factory alarm systems or about retrofit systems informed. In addition, car alarm dummies usually also look very sh*** from. A small chance but it is still, if a real alarm system to retrofit is simply too expensive.

The alternative – a real alarm system!

A real alarm system is of course much more useful. And if the car still has a certain asset value, then the retrofit actually nothing stands in the way of a financially. Because let’s face it, we take hundreds to thousands of euros for rims, spoilers, leather upholstery, chiptuning, exhaust systems, sound systems etc. In the hand. Then why skimp on security? There are for a few hundred euros, partly already for under 200 EUR, alarm systems with immobilizer or GPS tracker. If the latter is concealed, the thief has no chance. Even if he takes the vehicle abroad, the police often have the possibility to capture a tracked vehicle all over europe.

sense of an alarm system

An alarm system is not useful for every car. For example, if you have an extremely tuned, orange polo 6N with black ralley stripes, a perceived 300 hp (actual 75 hp) and the obligatory 5.000 watt "bassman", this is natural priceless, at least for the owner. However, there is a very high recognition value and, polo driver forgive us, a very low sales value, if you disassemble it into its individual parts. For such a car a real alarm system makes little sense. On the other hand, if you have a brand new audi RS6 in black, this is rather inconspicuous, but at the same time very lucrative, and therefore an even more attractive target for thieves. And by no means must such a vehicle with an alarm system ex works be equipped. An immobilizer yes, but an alarm system has long been not yet a standard. Not even in expensive cars.

Identical principle for immobilizers

By the way, you can also completely change the topic to the immobilizer. Here, too, a real component of course preferable to a fake variant. But even here, a small effect can perhaps be achieved with a dummy. At the end of the 90s, for example, it was totally fashionable to put an indication of an electronic immobilizer somewhere on the vehicle window in the form of a sticker to attach. Or you have a clearly visible fake box with numbers installed in the vehicle. Almost always, these were also just dummies, but at the time, the fake protection could definitely be a benefit for itself. So if the purse is very limited, then it is worth a try.

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