Smartphone for children: parents should pay attention to this

Smartphone for children – parents should pay attention to this

At some point, most children want to have a smartphone – but parents are skeptical. Rightly so! There are a few things mothers and fathers should keep in mind when their first mobile device is on the gift table.

With the first smartphone, children need to be accompanied by their parents ©

Strict prohibitions often do not help parents. At some point, the time will come when mothers and fathers will simply no longer be there "No" can say. The begging, the eternal comparison à la "But Benno has had one since Christmas." sucks. Then it’s on the birthday table: the first smartphone for your own child. Although you never wanted that.

But smartphones for children don’t just have disadvantages. According to a survey by in collaboration with Ipsos, parents allow their children to use smartphones primarily because they are then reach at any time can. An understandable reason.

31% of six to nine year olds have their own cell phone or smartphone. In children between the ages of ten and 13, the figure is as high as 80%. (Kids Consumer Analysis 2015)

It’s important, that Parents carefully accompany their children, draw attention to dangers, clear Rules for smartphone use set up, but also are interested – everything that makes this media fascination for children. In this way they remain a good contact for their children. But how do parents teach these important things to their children? We give tips for the first smartphone for children.

The first smartphone for your child – you should now pay attention to this:

Before we give you tips for using your smartphone, you should think about it, whether a cell phone would not be better suited to get started, if it’s just about getting better at each other. Especially when your child is still young, you can carefully introduce them to the new device. If you then notice that the cell phone is handled very responsibly, you can still think about a smartphone.

Kristin Langer, media coach at SCHAU HIN !, recommends having your first Smparthone from the age of 11 at the earliest – and only if the child already knows how to use a PC, the Internet and Co. (source: Magazin Schule August / September2016).

1. Usage times (smartphone rules)

The smartphone should not be a toy. Using the beloved part (that will be it!) For longer than 60 minutes is therefore an absolute no-go.

It is best for parents and children to determine together at what times of the day and to what extent the cell phone may be used. The smartphone should definitely be switched off at school, while studying or during homework.

It would be good if the offspring only picked up their smartphone as soon as they left the house and switched it off at the latest when they went to bed. In common moments, the smartphone should be taboo for the whole family.

Sometimes the enthusiasm for the first smartphone is so great that verbally agreed resolutions are quickly thrown overboard. To prevent this, it’s best to hand over a child’s parent-child contract with your smartphone.

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