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The summer holidays are soon over in Germany and everyday life has us back. We have to better time our time and it gets hectic every now and then. To start the day well, we – and especially our children – need a healthy breakfast. Today I have 3 ideas for you – delicious, healthy and easy!

1. Snacking Idea: Bread skewers

The sandwich is a classic at the breakfast table and in the break box. However, my daughter often finds this boring and half the bread stays in the box. So there are bread skewers here. The ingredients remain the same, only the look changes – and eaten with pleasure &# 128578;

Break bread idea breadstick

You need:

Bread, sausage and / or cheese, vegetables, cookie cutters, skewers

You just stick all the ingredients with a cookie cutter or similar. and then put them on a small wooden skewer – done.
Your creativity knows no bounds here. You can also freely choose the ingredients. Take what your kids like best (or secretly smuggle the vegetables into the skewer …). It does not take much time and looks great!

2. Snacking Idea: Overnight Oats

Many think for now “What!?” &# 128578; But my second idea is nothing but prepared cereal. Not everyone likes bread for breakfast – muesli is a great alternative. And best of all: you have the work in the evening, so that your breakfast in the morning is ready.

Snacking Idea Overnight Oats

You need:

Oatmeal, milk, yogurt, fruit, mason jar

First, the oatmeal comes into the glass and then the milk on top. Now you can, for example, Alternate yoghurt and fruit layers or mix a fruit pulp underneath. Muesli, chia seeds, dried fruit – fill your ingredients with preserving jar or similar. and put it in the fridge overnight. The next morning your breakfast is ready – for direct enjoyment or to take away in kindergarten, school and office.

3. Snacking Idea: Smoothie

I have days when I can not eat anything in the morning. In order not to go out of the house with an empty stomach, I make myself a smoothie. The fresh fruit juices also taste good to children, are healthy and ideal to take home.

Snacking idea smoothie

You need:

Fruit and / or vegetables of your choice, blender

Also with this recipe you can choose freely which ingredients you take. Bananas are great because they are sweet and make the smoothie creamy. To make the juice creamy but you can also add oatmeal or yogurt. Just put all ingredients in a blender, mix well – done!

Tip: if you want to take the smoothie, mix frozen fruit or ice cubes – then your snack will stay nice and cool &# 128578;

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