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(Update) Snapseed is one of the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. An iOS update connects the free application to Instagram and enhances existing features.

Note: Snapseed is also available as a desktop version for Windows.

(Update) We take the update to version 2.3 for iOS as an opportunity to point out the free image editing app Snapseed again. After all, it’s a very good tool with good algorithms, which is one of the must-have apps for iPhone. In addition, Snapseed is free.

In addition to the Instagram connection (Instagram must be installed on the iPhone), the focus effect in the new version of the app automatically detects faces and suggests a setting for the blur. Nothing big, but a little relief. In addition, autofocus aligns skewed images with the horizon line, and the metadata display is enhanced.

Already since the end of last year, Snapseed 3D-Touch supports iPhone 6s (Plus) and is adapted to the display of the iPad Pro.

If you do not know the app yet, here is our idea:

Snapseed for free thanks to Google

Minor History of Version 2: Originally, Snapseed was an application by Nik Software, a developer who designed high-end (and expensive) plug-ins for Photoshop and other programs. In the fall of 2012, Google bought the software company and hired Snapseed for Mac soon. Technologies were introduced in the Android operating system, the apps for iOS and Android were and still will be developed – and distributed free of charge. Before Google’s time, Snapseed cost mostly around 4 euros.

Snapseed 2: Image editing on iPhone, iPad & Android devices

A basic update to Snapseed was a long wait – after all, the design was outdated. Google made it flat – matching its operating system. In addition, the user interface has been restructured and new functions integrated.

The app now differentiates between Tools and filter. The former includes, for example, the fine tune, Among other things, the known tools brightness, Ambiance, contrast etc. contains. Besides, they are Scharfzeichung, transform and range correction under Tools to find. With a brush, brightness, temperature and saturation can be selectively corrected in the photo.

Both Filter we find the well-known drama, frame, but also new ones Noir and Glamor Glow.

One of the great features was and is the selective correction with the exclusive “U-Point technology”, known from the Nik software plugins. It is under the name Selectively to find in the app. The user can use it intelligently selected image areas change in color or brightness, without complicated selections to have to create. In a tutorial I showed a few years ago how to correct image areas hereby.

The service Snapseed has always taken some getting used to, but is useful for small screens. With a little practice, the photo settings can be done well by horizontal and vertical wiping, there are also automatic. But the new version also requires a bit of familiarization from the previous users – something that not every reviewer in the App Store would like to accept.

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