Snoring – causes – risks of snoring

Snoring – causes & Risks of snoring

What to do against snoring?

Almost every third German snores at night. Here you can find out what causes the nocturnal snoring can be triggered and what risks the nocturnal noise in the bedroom for the snorer and his partner brings with it.

At night it gets loud in most German bedrooms, because almost every third German snores. Around 60% of men, 40% of women and even 10% of children snore regularly. In general, older people snore more often than young people, but younger people can occasionally saw off entire forests in their sleep.

The intensity and volume of snoring vary from person to person. The snoring sounds are as different as their producers. Some snores rattle and hiss softly, while others snore so loud that the walls literally shake and you feel reminded of a jackhammer. Particularly loud snorers can reach a volume of a considerable 90 decibels, which corresponds to a moving lorry or a car horn. For comparison, the volume of normal breathing noise is 10 decibels.

Snoring – causes of nocturnal noise?

Many people ask themselves: How does the snoring sound develop and what are the causes of snoring? What helps against snoring and, above all, what to do against snoring? To do this, one has to look at the different causes. My nighttime noise in the bedroom is due to a narrowing or blockage of the airways. If the airways in the throat are narrowed, the air must be forced through them. As the body relaxes during sleep, the muscles in the throat are also limp. This has the consequence that the uvula and the soft palate vibrate loudly with the inhale and / or exhale. Too much pharyngeal tonsils or a shortened jaw may be the cause of snoring.

Snoring – causes at a glance
alcohol consumption
nicotine consumption
Supine when sleeping
Cold, runny nose, allergies
Deflated pharyngeal muscles

Colds, colds or allergy can make your nose clogged and even young people become noisy snorers. For most people, snoring is dependent on the body position in the bed. Especially with back sleepers, it often comes to snore when breathing in the supine position through the mouth. Anyone who consumes alcohol in the evening snores with high probability. The same goes for smokers and overweight people. The evening intake of Tranquilizern / hypnotics may be a cause. However, there are many other factors that may be the cause of snoring. Regular snoring sometimes severely limits the quality of life of the snorer and his partner. In some cases, however, snoring is not only annoying but even dangerous to your health.

The risk of snoring

For many, snoring is harmless, but for others it can endanger one’s own health, the stability of their relationship and even the health of the partner.

Especially women often suffer from insomnia because they do not want to wake their snoring partner.

Snoring people usually have no restful sleep and suffer during the day, among other things, from fatigue, irritability, nervousness, memory disorders or lack of libido. With some snorers it can come at night even to breathing interruptions, the so-called sleep apnea.

If this snoring condition is not detected in time, it can have serious consequences for the health of the snorer. Sleep apnea can lead to hypertension and impaired cardiovascular system. This increases the snorer’s risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.

Often, the partners of the snorer do not dare to wake him up at night, even change the room or switch to separate bedrooms. This also makes their sleep less restful. Over a longer period of time, lack of sleep by a snoring partner can cause health problems for non-snorers. Experts believe that many people lose 1.5 hours of restful sleep per night because their partner snores. Therefore, due to the snoring also relationship problems. Both partners should weigh up in good time whether they do not fall back on separate beds for the recovery sleep.


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