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Snoring in children does not mean that your child is sick. It is even very common regardless of age.

frequent Snoring in children can become a cause for concern. In these cases, parents often consult a pediatrician.

Your doctor can decide that your child’s snoring is absolute normal is. In any case, parents should know the difference between normal snoring and snoring, which is a symptom of health problems.

We usually associate snoring with adults, and it can be caused by problems like sleep apnea, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, or other things.

This is why most parents are alarmed when they discover that their children are snores.

Serious snoring in children

The causes of snoring in children are different. In most cases, the snoring is harmless and temporary.

However, depending on the intensity or characteristics of snoring, it can also be a symptom of a serious problem, or at least a problem that has the potential to become serious. The most common biological causes of snoring in children are:


  • colds. A common cold leads to excessive mucus production. This can block the airways and cause children to snore while sleeping. Of course, not all cold children snore, and not all snoring children have a cold. It is sometimes difficult to combine snoring and a cold. This type of snoring is usually seen at a frequency of a few minutes.
  • asthma. This is a chronic disease, the symptoms of which include breathlessness during physical exertion or intense stress. Asthma makes the airways more hyperactive and sensitive to environmental influences. This means that factors such as cool temperature in a room where the child is sleeping can easily obstruct his airways. This leads to snoring.
  • allergies. Mites, animal hair, dust or other residues can stimulate the muscles of the throat and the respiratory tract, which leads to disabilities and difficulty breathing during the night. This is another common cause of snoring in children.
  • obesity. Obesity affects the throat and throat. Some children snore due to the fat deposits around their necks, which then put more strain on this part of the body and can also lead to snoring.

Other causes of snoring in children

  • sensitivity to cold. Even if your child has no asthma and does not have a cold, their tonsils can be sensitive to colds. When this happens, the tonsils swell and block air flow. This means that many children snore in their sleep in winter.
  • tobacco smoke. If one or more parents smoke in the house, it can the development of children’s lungs. This is a frequently underestimated cause of snoring in children. Snoring is far from the worst symptom caused by passive smoking. If you notice that your child is snoring, take measures to give up this habit. This will also help prevent more serious illnesses like asthma >

Solutions for snoring in children

A wide range of home remedies for snoring in children are available Teas, massages and sleeping positions. Of course, you should only consider this if the cause of the snoring is not pathological, or to determine if it is. Other measures that can help are:

  • Take the child to another bedroom.
  • The room at a moderate temperature hold, switch off the air conditioning in summer or set it weakly.
  • Use hypoallergenic sheets and pillows.
  • Change the child’s position while snoring.

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor, if your child’s snoring is persistent and there is no obvious cause.

When should I worry that my child snores??

The time to worry is when snoring affects your child’s everyday life. If your child is in a bad mood or has persistent symptoms such as muscle pain, headache and the like, talk to your doctor immediately.

Poor sleep and lack of sleep can make snoring worse. Conversely, snoring itself can also be a reason for easier sleep for your child and can include Sweating, tremors and other symptoms go hand in hand.

Pay attention to these signs when you speak to your pediatrician.


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