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Dental splint against nocturnal snoring

Successful snoring therapy requires perfect interaction and close communication between different medical groups. As a dental practice for holistic dentistry in Berlin, we can help you choose the right Therpieform. Through our network of dentists in the various medical fields, we guarantee a treatment according to the latest scientific standards.

For the first appointment we ask you to bring:

  • Existing X-rays
  • Medical findings
  • Life partner for detailed statement about the symptoms
  • drugs list

Below is a brief overview and information on snoring and the various treatment options such as snoring therapy, TMJ treatment and Craniomanibular Dysfunction Therapy (CMD).

What is snoring?

Snoring is for most of us the first expression of a deep sleep. For many others, however, an unpleasant disturbance of the common night’s sleep. Recent scientific research has shown that snoring is a serious lethal health hazard.
Snorers are often lonely but not alone. 60% – 80% of all men and 40% of women over 50 years snore.
Many of them without knowing it.

How does snoring happen??

Snoring is caused by the temporary relaxation of the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. The soft tissues of the palate and the mucous membranes in the pharyngeal space flutter back and forth.
The tongue muscles slackened in the sleep sinks backwards and closes the throat area for seconds – it comes to Atemnot.
Snoring is the precursor to a disturbed breathing.
The use of certain medications – including sleeping pills and fatty food, as well as alcohol in the evening, not only increase the snoring, but also its volume.

sleep apnea

Can snoring endanger my health?

Damage caused by snoring is caused by respiratory failure (sleep apnea). Increased relaxation of the airways leads to a narrowing or even temporary exposure of the air flow during inhalation. This condition is called apnea (Greek “calmness”).
The airways are closed and there is at times no oxygen supply to the lungs and brain. This lasts until the brain ends this situation by an automatic, unnoticed wake-up reaction: the jaw closes, the tongue pushes forward and the pharynx opens again.
This cycle can be repeated over 50 times an hour in one night, as is the case with an estimated 2 million Germans today.
Decreased sleep quality – Poor concentration
“He who does not sleep, who does not think” is a well-known saying.
In patients suffering from “sleep apnea” the quality of sleep is disturbed. This affects the well-being of the patient during the day. A patient with sleep apnea experiences during the day, lack of concentration and a tiredness up to falling asleep. In particularly severe cases, falling asleep during the day can no longer be prevented by the patient (sleep forced).
The reduced quality of sleep can lead to severe emotional impairments, which can be reflected in the form of irritability to depression.

Sleep apnea can have the following effects:

  • relationship problems
  • reduced efficiency
  • a headache
  • Daytime tiredness and lack of concentration
  • personality change
  • Chronic sleep disorders
  • depressions
  • sexual dysfunction (impotence)
  • nocturnal sweating
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Shorter life expectancy

60% of patients suffering from sleep apnea also have high blood pressure disease. The blood pressure is initially only too high at night, later on during the day. Sleep apnea is the cause of unexplained high blood pressure.
You are suffering from a sleep disorder?
Here are some questions that could give hints:

  1. Snore?
  2. Did you notice breathing pauses in your sleep??
  3. Do not feel well rested?
  4. Are you tired during the day??
  5. Fall asleep spontaneously in boring situations?
  6. Be awake at night?
  7. Do you have a headache?
  8. You suffer from hypertension?

Have you answered more than 3 questions with yes – Then you should visit us or another dentist for snoring.
Consequences of an untreated sleep apnea disease – The snoring track can help and protect your health

  • Arrhythmia
  • increased heart attack risk
  • stroke risk
  • mental illness, depression etc.

If diagnosed in a timely manner, the disease can be treated easily in most cases, avoiding complications and deaths. Sleep apnea alone affects around 1-2 million people in the Federal Republic of Germany alone.

TAP snore track

The simple and fast solution against snoring

No matter if snoring threatens your relationship or your health, the simplest help is the TAP snorer rail.
This custom-made plastic splint, worn only during sleep, simply keeps your lower jaw in the right position, freeing the airway. Without surgical interventions or lengthy treatments, we manufacture your individual snoring splint in our dental practice in Berlin, which immediately frees you from your snoring problems.

A scientific study showed a 96% success rate through the use of the TAP snorer splint

Advantages of a TAP snorer rail:

  • Made of a biocompatible and allergy-friendly material
    – especially patient friendly.
  • is made individually for you in the dental laboratory
    – perfect fit
  • You can set yourself at home anytime
  • is easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • Immediately ensures healthy and relaxed breathing
    – No more snoring!

Dentist in Berlin gives tips for reducing snoring

Preventative measures that you should consider:

  • No luscious meals, no alcohol before sleeping
  • For increased body weight: lose weight!
  • Avoid supine position >

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