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The 7 best ski suits for children at a glance.

At the latest when it is snowing outside, a snowsuit is useful for children. Especially when romping around and playing outdoors, it is important that your child is dressed warm and that Body does not cool down. Snowsuits for children should therefore be particularly waterproof.

In common children’s snowsuit tests Models with foot straps that prevent the pants from slipping up, rated very well. In our product table of the children’s snowsuit comparison you will find popular suits for girls and boys.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

on legs and arms
on the legs
on legs and arms

Snowsuit kids comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Finkid children’s snowsuit Anndora children’s snowsuit MOUNTAIN WAREHEOUSE children’s snowsuit NAME IT children’s snowsuit Maylynn Outdoor Children’s Snowsuit Pocopiano children’s snowsuit Zoerea children’s snowsuit
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3 reviews 6 reviews 36 reviews 2 reviews 8 reviews 6 reviews 5 reviews
Snowsuit type coverall coverall coverall coverall coverall two Piece two Piece
water column The water column indicates how much water can be stacked on a material until the pressure becomes too high and water gets through the material.
10,000 mm water column 10,000 mm water column no indication of the water column no indication of the water column 5,000 mm water column no indication of the water column no indication of the water column
With snow guard The snow guard is an extra layer of fabric that is attached to the inside of the sleeves or legs. It closes with a rubber band at the front and prevents snow from entering.
With foot strap The foot strap prevents the snowsuit from sliding up on the legs.
Washable at 40 ° C in the normal wash cycle at 30 ° C in a normal wash at 40 ° C in the normal wash cycle at 40 ° C in the normal wash cycle at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle at 30 ° C on a gentle cycle
Tumble dry no information from the manufacturer no information from the manufacturer no information from the manufacturer no information from the manufacturer
uppers polyamide
particularly robust
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
Material of the lining polyester
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
particularly breathable
duck down
particularly good heat output
  • particularly waterproof
  • sealed seams
  • Snow guard on arms and legs
  • reinforced material on the buttocks and legs
  • particularly waterproof
  • reinforced material on the knees and buttocks
  • reflective details on the chest, hood and back
  • soft fleece lining
  • adjustable elastic cuffs at the ends of the pants and at the waist
  • reinforced material on the knees
  • soft fleece lining
  • soft fleece lining
  • reflective details on sleeves and legs
  • removable hood
  • fashionable fur on the hood
  • reinforced material on the buttocks and legs
  • soft fleece lining
  • customizable elastic band at the waist
  • removable hood
  • sealed seams
  • reinforced material on the knees
  • Jacket inner collar made of soft fleece
  • adjustable braces
  • adjustable elastic cuffs at the waist
  • Elastic braces
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Finkid children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about Anndora children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about MOUNTAIN WAREHEOUSE children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about NAME IT children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about Maylynn outdoor children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about Pocopiano children’s snowsuit Questions and answers about Zoerea children’s snowsuit
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  • Snowsuits for children as one-piece are particularly advantageous for small children. Your child’s entire body is wrapped up warm and there are no slits, like between jacket and pants, that can penetrate through the cold.
  • The waterproofness of children’s snowsuits is particularly important. Buy a snowsuit with a water column of at least 5,000 mm.
  • Snowsuits for children usually have foot straps that you pull over your child’s foot. They prevent the pants from sliding upwards and ensure that the heat is kept in the suit.

According to a survey by the Aachen Münchener drive 17% of Germans like sledging on their winter vacation. 26% like to hike or go for a walk. In these activities, you should Dress your child warm and best equip with a snowsuit.

Romping around in the snow is great fun for children. So that they are kept sufficiently warm when building a snowman or during snowball fights, snowsuits are the ideal garment for children. The Advantage of snow overalls is going to be your child of top to bottom – without a slit between items of clothing through which snow could penetrate – packed warm and waterproof is.

In our children’s snowsuit comparison from 2019/2020, we present various models and explain to you in our buying advice which features you should pay particular attention to.

1. Children’s snowsuit types: overalls are particularly suitable for small children

Snow coveralls and two-piece snowsuits are distinguished in children’s snowwear. In the following table, we will show you what special features and advantages and disadvantages of the respective variants.

snow overalls

two-piece snowsuits

  • an article of clothing
  • two pieces of clothing (jacket and pants)
benefits no slits through which snow can penetrate

no slipping, as possible with separate pants and jacket

Snow pants usually have adjustable straps

if only a part is too small, this can be bought separately

Jacket and pants can be taken off individually

disadvantage can only be put on and taken off as a whole snow and moisture can penetrate between jacket and pants

Winter overalls are particularly convincing for even smaller children in that is one piece and no cold and moisture through slits can penetrate between the individual items of clothing. Your child can run around in the snow or cold without worrying about the jacket slipping and snow getting into the suit.

Children’s snowsuits for boys are usually found in blue. Children’s snowsuits for girls, on the other hand, mostly in red or pink.

A two-piece snowsuit is suitable for older children – from around 6 years of age, the one from snow pants and a winter jacket consists. Going to the toilet in particular is so easy and your child can do it without your help, since the whole suit does not have to be removed.

Moreover are the Braces for children’s snow pants are usually adjustable in size and so you can always adjust the length of the pants. This is particularly beneficial in the growth phases and you do not have to buy new snow pants every year.

Cheap children’s snowsuits are available from numerous brands. We list the most famous manufacturers here:

  • finkid
  • Lego Wear
  • anndora
  • Maylynn Outdoor
  • Outburst
  • Pocopiano
  • Soerea

2. Purchase criteria for children’s snowsuits: Products with an integrated snow guard are particularly advantageous

2.1. Water and windproof snowsuits for children keep you warm for a long time

The best snowsuits for children are windproof, waterproof and breathable at the same time.

No matter whether for skiing, tobogganing or just to romp around outside in winter: one Children’s snowsuit should be made of waterproof and windproof material his.

It’s different with baby snowsuits. Water resistance is not as important here, since your baby is only in the stroller and does not play in the snow.

The degree of Water resistance is in the water column specified. This describes how many millimeters of water can be stacked on the material until the pressure is so high that water can penetrate it.

From a water column of 1,500 mm, fabrics are considered waterproof. Snow suits for children should at least a water column of 5,000 mm to have.

A snowsuit for children with comparison winner qualities is characterized by a water column of 10,000 mm. These suits keep your child dry and warm even when playing extensively in the snow.

Almost all children’s snowsuits are from one windproof polyester upper. This protects your child from cold gusts of wind.

Especially Sealed seams are advantageous for a ski suit for children. This means that no wind can get into your suit even at these points.

Make sure that the materials used are breathable. This means that moisture generated by sweat inside can be released to the outside, but no moisture is let into the suit from the outside. This ensures optimal air circulation in the snowsuit.

Internally are the ski overalls for children mostly equipped with soft fleece. The padded lining between the upper and the inner fleece layer usually consists of polyester. This combination of materials optimally keeps the heat in.

2.2. Snowsuits with snow guards prevent snow from entering

Snowsuits with a snow skirt perform particularly well in children’s snowsuit tests.

On Snow guard is a separate piece of material inside the arms and legs, which is provided with an elastic band at the end.

The Elastic band on the legs can be put over the shoe and holds onto the shoe so tight. The penetration of snow is prevented.

The Snow guard on the arms is usually with a hole for the thumbMistake, so that your child can slip in and pull the gloves over the snow guard. So no piece of skin is exposed to the low temperatures.

The two-piece snow suits for children you should make sure that the jacket also has a snow skirt in the hip area features. This can be closed at the front with push buttons. How it got there no snow inside, even between pants and jacket.

In some cases, the snow skirt of jackets can still be attached to the associated trousers with press studs or loops to offer the highest possible protection against snow.

Especially if your child likes to wallow in the snow, we recommend a snowsuit for children with a snow skirt. This ensures that snow does not get into the suit even at the arm and leg openings.

Many snowsuits for children also have additional foot straps. These can be placed around the child’s foot – the loop runs across the bottom of your child’s foot. If your child slips into his shoes, then he will preventing the pants from slipping up.

However, when putting on the shoes, make sure that this foot strap really still sits on the underside of the foot. Otherwise, the pants could slide up when romping.

2.3. Snowsuits for children should be bought one size larger

Clothing sizes in children

Clothing sizes in children are specified in the maximum height for which the garment is suitable. The sizes go ahead in increments of 6. For example, size 92 is followed by size 98. That means clothing size 98 is suitable for children with a height of 93 to 98 cm.

Under the snowsuit, you should also dress your child warm enough with a sweater and thermal pants.

So be careful, that the snowsuit doesn’t fit exactly, but leaves enough air for different layers of clothing.

Since children grow quickly and so that you don’t have to buy the next children’s snowsuit right away, it is advisable to choose a slightly larger one.

Should the Snowsuit on arms and legs a little longer, then you can do this at the beginning too just turn it inside out.

We recommend that you buy snowsuits for toddlers one size larger than your child’s normal clothes.

3. Wash snowsuit for children: do not forget the impregnation

The impregnation protection of snowsuits for children wears out over time.

You should also wash your child’s snowsuit every now and then. Especially when the little ones romp around outdoors a lot in winter, unsightly mud stains appear.

When washing waterproof materials but it applies a few peculiarities to note, around Maintain property.

Most snowsuits for children can You at Wash in the washing machine at 30 to 40 ° C. You should only wash a few models in a gentle wash cycle, but most can be cleaned using a normal washing program.

There are various products for impregnating materials:

  • Imprägnierspray
  • impregnating
  • Wash-In

Impregnation spray is often used especially when impregnating shoes.

Waterproofing sprays sprayed directly onto the material, to seal it waterproof.

You should use waterproofing spray use only outdoors and then ventilate the sprayed materials well. Do not inhale the spray, as the particles may get into your lungs and cause shortness of breath and pulmonary edema.

We gues You from using a Waterproofing sprays for treating a children’s snowsuit. Since the spray is applied directly to the material and children tend to chew on their sleeves, there is a risk that your child will consume the harmful substances.

Impregnation foam usually with a sponge or cloth rubbed into the material. It is therefore more suitable for smaller areas and is not suitable for impregnating a children’s snowsuit.

We recommend the use of wash-in impregnation agents for washing children’s ski overalls.

The so-called Wash-ins are waterproofing agents that are added when washing in the washing machine become. There are products that require additional detergents and products that already contain both components – detergent and impregnating agent. Simply pour the appropriate agent into the washing chamber of the washing machine and start the washing cycle.

Many snowsuits for children are also suitable for the dryer.

Many impregnating agents work even better, if you wash the materials after washing put in the dryer.

To test whether the Water resistance of the suit is restored, the Stiftung Warentest recommends a little Drip water on the dried material. Pearls this off, your child’s ski suit is waterproof again.

Tip: Down snowsuits should be tumble dried. If you do not do this, the down will stick together after washing and the heat insulation will no longer exist. But be sure to choose a gentle drying program.

4. Questions and answers about snowsuits for children

4.1. There are children’s snowsuits that grow with the child?

No, there are unfortunately no really growing snowsuits, so they can be used for several years.

at two-piece snowsuits are the braces the children’s snow pants mostly größenverstellbar. So you can adjust them individually to the size of your child and use two winters if necessary.

For category suits There are a few models of snow overall for toddlers, where the Unraveled hem can be. So you can let out about three centimeters of fabric and use the snowsuit longer.

We recommend that Snowsuit for your child to buy one size larger, to make sure it fits all winter.

Most children’s snowsuits have an elastic band on the arms, legs and waist that can be adjusted to your child’s body so that a slightly larger suit can also be worn.

4.2. What Kle >

With thermal tights, the body temperature is maintained very well even on long trips in the cold.

Pull your child on the legs preferably thermal tights on.

If the snowsuit is only to be worn on the way to the daycare center, you can also pull normal pants under the suit. This saves you having to move around. However, if your child is outdoors for longer, we recommend thermal washing for optimal heat storage.

For the upper body you should a t-shirt and a warm sweater choose. Are the Temperatures very low, then you should grab a fleece pullover and if necessary pull a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

The so-called onion layers are especially recommended if you want to stop for a long walk, for example. This way, you can pull out different layers for your child depending on the temperature inside.

Watch out at low temperatures even on your child’s hat to attract. A large part of the body heat is released through the head and a hat is essential to protect the body from cooling down.

4.3. At what temperatures should you put a snowsuit on your child?

It depends on how long your child is outdoors. To prevent it from cooling down too quickly, a snowsuit can also be put on to play outdoors at a few ° C above 0.

A rule of thumb: From 0 ° C you should put on a ski suit for your child. If the temperatures go well below 0 ° C, then you should not put your child on normal tights, but thermal underwear under the snowsuit.


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