Bishops, listen to us!

Youth Pre-Synod press conference: Laphidil Twumasi, Cardinal Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, and Percival Holt (v.l.) © Stefano dal Pozzolo/Romano Siciliani (CBA)

Before bishops discuss youth in the fall, the pope wants to know what young people think and experience. 300 of them he now invited to Rome. Their vote despite all the differences: the future concerns us above all.

"The fact that the Pope is calling on young people to take risks because otherwise they will age quickly impressed me," says Sandro Bucher. Yet the 25-year-old from Winterthur, Switzerland, could care less what a pope says. Bucher is an atheist, a member of various freethinker and humanist associations. Now he has gone to Rome for a week – to a meeting center of the Legionaries of Christ in the midst of about 300 mostly very committed Catholics. Mediated through personal contacts with the World Youth Day Committee of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, Bucher was invited to represent the group of non-believers at the Vatican's Pre-Synod for Youth.

Christina Cherry

Before the plenary meeting of the German Bishops' Conference, the kfd once again criticizes a too slow processing of abuse cases in the church. A social media initiative now aims to make the association's expectations clear.

"Sexualized violence must finally be clarified within the Catholic Church uniformly and independently. The process is often far too slow and depends on the will of the diocesan administrations to clarify the situation," explained the federal chairwoman of the kfd, Mechthild Heil, in Dusseldorf on Friday.

Christina Cherry