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Renate Zimmer: Romping makes you smart! Movement instead of bracing. Herder (Freiburg, Basel, Vienna) 2004. Orig.-Ed. Edition. 159 pages. ISBN 978-3-451-05398-6. 8.90 EUR, CH: 16.00 CHF.

Series: Herder Spectrum, volume 5398.
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introduction to the topic

Thanks to PISA, the importance of elementary education has also come into focus and kindergarten is seen not only as a preservation station that enables parents to earn a living, but also as a place where the important course is set for future educational opportunities for children , The kindergarten itself has a clear educational mandate. Some have a school education in mind, others believe that children’s learning paths are more about the body than the head. In this context, Renate Zimmer offers with her book "Romping makes you smart" an introduction to the topic that goes beyond kindergarten age.

Structure and content

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the theoretical foundations are laid and the meaning of exercise for children and other people, in the second part game ideas are presented in which children can learn the world through exercise.

In the first part, many everyday examples are shown, like yourself Children, the Appropriating the world via body and movement and becoming capable of acting in it and the meaning of movement for concentration and motivation to learn. Why exercise is so important is justified with the help of the latest neurophysiological findings. Zimmer also discusses the importance of movement in school, kindergarten and toddler age. It describes the restrictions on movement that children experience here and shows how children can be given opportunities to move.

In the second part, Zimmer presents numerous movement games that she arranges according to her primary learning goals (e.g. fine motor skills, cooperation, problem-solving skills). It begins with a short explanation of the game, presents possible variations and gives precise information about the material, location and number of participants. Finally, she names the goals that are pursued with the respective game.

Suitability for potential readers

The book is aimed at everyone involved in the upbringing of children – parents, educators, teachers. It is easy to understand and written in an entertaining way, without sacrificing scientific precision or bypassing more difficult topics such as brain development. The book is richly illustrated, which makes you want to try out the games yourself, especially in the game section. The games are certainly not all new, but they are brief and well described. The special quality of this game collection is its theoretical foundation, which makes the book particularly interesting for the training of educators, teachers, occupational therapists and others. The material and organizational effort to implement the games is largely low. Zimmer explicitly suggests that other games or game variations be devised.


A book that is easy to read and stimulates to play. Particularly recommended for training.

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Dr. Anke Meyer
Technical school for social pedagogy, technical college for social and health care
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