Solar gadgets: simply turn the energy transition yourself

Solar gadgets: simply turn the energy transition yourself

Practical solar gadgets for every purpose

Solar Bag

Just hang the small power plant around your shoulder – with the solar bags of SunnyBag from Austria. They are available as courier bags, briefcases and backpacks in different price ranges.

In the picture, the shoulder bag made of leather for currently 249 euros at, the variant of truck tarpaulin is currently available at Grünspar for good ** 130 euros.

Solar Keyboard

Cordless keyboards are handy. It is even more practical if you do not have to change batteries. At the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is sufficient for conventional office lighting completely. A cargo should last for a full three months in absolute darkness.

The PVC-free keyboard costs about 70 euros. ** Buy: at grü or


Grilling is not only possible without coal, it even works without electricity – say the manufacturers of the GoSun Stove, which in the true sense but rather a cooking or cooking device. Thanks to its vacuum insulation, its special thermal battery stores solar heat so reliably that it can still be grilled at night. The temperature of the sun grill can be adjusted to up to 260 degrees.

For the GoSun Grill you pay a proud $ 450, the smaller GoSun Sport is to have for $ 280. Info on

Solar glass

The sun glass is a solar lamp that actually comes from South Africa. There she serves people without access to electricity as a self-sufficient lamp. Also with us, the hand-made fair produced solar lamp is doing well. Solar cells on the top of the lid collect solar energy during the day, while four LEDs on the underside emit light through the transparent glass.

In principle, you can do that yourself as well. ** Buy: For 30 euros there is the finished at Avocadostore.

Solar iPhone

The future is likely to include smartphones with solar cells in the display. But with a small upgrade, we can come a little closer to this vision today. For the iPhone models 5 and 6, there are for example of EnerPlex a very lightweight case with built-in solar cell and battery. The battery doubles the battery life and is automatically recharged by the solar cell.

Costs over 100 euros. ** Buy: at the Avocado Store.

Solar Flashlight loaders

There are many solar flashlights, these are particularly small, only 30 grams light and donate light in three light levels for many hours. The performance of ClicLite starter pack is extensible via attachable solar modules. On top of that, the device also offers a USB port that does not fully charge smartphones, but at least recharges them.

Depending on the number of solar cells 30 to 60 euros. Information on, ** buy in the avocado and green savings.

Solar Power Bank

Frequent travelers appreciate so-called power banks as a mobile power source: the batteries are filled with energy at the home socket and can then recharge the mobile devices. Of course, it is even better if the power bank automatically supplies its own power, like that XTPower MP-S23000 Solar. It uses a powerful battery that can charge smartphones and other devices multiple times.

The solar power bank costs about 100 euros in the trade, ** buy at or Amazon.

Folding solar cells

A good alternative to power banks are solar chargers that work without batteries, but use very powerful solar cells. The Anchor 14W 5V / 2A dual port With its peak power of up to 14 watts, it generates enough power to charge the tablet and mobile phone in parallel in sunshine, for example. When folded, the device has the size of an A4 sheet and can be packed in any backpack.

With a price of 40 to 50 euros, the panel is also affordable. Info on, ** buy for example on Amazon.

Solar Speaker

Cordless external speakers turn smartphones into mobile music players. One of the first devices with an integrated solar cell comes from Tauren: a speaker that almost always runs. In addition to the self-sufficient energy supply, the device scores a carabiner suspension.

The price is about 26 euros, ** buy for example at Amazon.

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