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About a Hallimash surprise action we were allowed “SOLO” from AMIGO Games and Leisure Publisher test. SOLO is a card game similar to Mau Mau, but with special ones action Cards. On family game where everyone has fun.

We have extensively tested and are thrilled. Super bonus: you can win a copy of “SOLO” :-). All information about Contest stand at the end of the post.

My conclusion:

Excellent! We play this kind of card games super happy. This is fun for two, but also in larger rounds. Friends with each other can play as well as the grandmother with the grandson.

The game is understood quickly (should not someone know it in principle). The instructions is read quickly and explains the special action cards or other misunderstandings.

The cards are in a practical, stable Lid box and are well kept in it. Play at home, in the restaurant, on vacation, on the go, handy small to take anywhere.
My daughter loves the game, and hardly a day goes by without us playing at least 2-3 rounds of SOLO :-).
This kind of game is an absolute must-have for us and also a nice souvenir or child’s birthday present.

Instructions – How to play:

Game preparation:

Each player receives 8 cards. The remaining cards come as a hidden draw pile in the middle of the table.
The top card is placed face up. It is the beginning of the discard pile.
If this is an action card, the starting player must follow the instructions of the card. (This is how it is in the manual.) We usually reveal the next card so that a neutral card is at the beginning.)

How to play:

The game starts at the beginning in a clockwise direction.
It’s your turn to play cards out of the hand:

1. Store

A matching card put on the discard pile. So a card same color, same number or same action card icon, like the top card of the discard pile. Black action cards always fit. Then it’s the turn of the next player.

2. Interjecting

Has a player exactly the same card on the hand as the top card on the discard pile, he may immediately throw this on the discard pile. It does not matter if it is his turn or not!
Then the next player is after the “Interlude” (in game direction) turn.
(Not everybody knows this rule and it should be decided or rejected together before the game begins.)

3. Drag

If you can not or do not want to take a suitable card, you must have one Card from the draw pile to take on the hand.
The drawn card can be played immediately.

Action cards:

Action cards can be played if a card of the appropriate suit or an equal action card is on top of the discard pile. Black Action Cards fit on every card.

The next player may not discard a card or draw one. The next but one player in turn order is his turn.

change of direction
Immediately the game direction changes.

Pull 2
The next player must draw two cards from the draw pile or “extend” by placing another “draw 2” card. The next player must then draw 4 cards, etc.
If the next player has drawn two or more cards, he then performs his normal move by discarding or pulling a card.

Mooring possibilities – red 9

Card exchange with a teammate
The player chooses a player and exchanges all his cards with him.

color choice
This action card can be placed on each card of the discard pile. The player may choose any color in which the game is played.

Draw 4 + color choice
This action card can be placed on each card of the discard pile.
The player may choose any color to continue playing AND the next player must draw 4 cards. Again, you can “extend” with another such card.
If the next player has drawn four or more cards, he then performs his normal move by discarding or drawing a card.

Card exchange in turn
This action card can be placed on each card of the discard pile.
All players must pass their cards on hand to the next player in the game direction.
The next player may then play any card.


Before dropping the penultimate card, you must clearly say “SOLO!”. This is a warning to others that you only have one card left.
Who forgets to say “SOLO!” Must draw two cards from the draw pile.

If a player has been able to discard his last card, he has won and the round is over. If the last card is an action card, it will no longer be followed.

The other players now have to sum up the points of the cards they still have on hand. A table for the scores of the action cards can be found on the instructions.
These points are written down as minus points. The game ends after several rounds as soon as a player has exceeded 500 minus points.
It wins the player with the fewest minuses.
(We never write with the kids, we play purely for fun.)

Information / manufacturer information:

Wow, what a leaf!

Player: for 2-10 players
Older: from 6 years
Playing time: about 30 minutes
Price: RRP 7,99 €
Publishing company: AMIGO

For whom?

family x o o o o expert
Luck o x o o o Strategy
Quiet o x o o o Turbulent


  • 112 playing cards
  • 1 game instructions

All in all:

As I said, for me a kind of game that should be missing in any children’s household. Practical for home and on the go. Nice gift, easily explained.
Although the idea is not necessarily new, it’s still great.
From me 5 out of 5 stars!

Raffle – How to win:

Now it’s your turn to win a “SOLO” game from AMIGO.

To be at the raffle just leave a nice comment.
I’m happy if you redistribute the promotion on your social media channels. Mention this also in your comment.

For your comment as well as for each retransmission comes a lot for you in the Lostopf.

Of course, I’m also looking forward to further feedback in the comments or about new followers :-). But that does not affect the chances of winning.

The participation is only possible via the page!

The Raffle runs until December 20, 2014. The winners will be informed via E-mail. A cash payment is not possible. I reserve the right to cancel the raffle at any time.

Many thanks to AMIGO for a sponsorship of the game test as well as the copy for the competition. But this had no influence on my opinion!

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14 thoughts on “SOLO – Spielvorstellung + Raffle”

So, the lot was solemnly drawn by my daughter and the winner is … drum roll … Nessa! Congratulations and lots of fun!

We would be very happy about the game,

This is such a game for the whole family for me and fits very well with Christmas &# 128578;

I think so, everyone can really play along :-). Lot is in the pot!

Hello dear, better for us team. I wish you happy holidays already today and leave you all kind regards in your blog.
At the same time, of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the game that I could play with my family on Christmas Eve (after wrapping it pretty for my grandma), because she loves card games (especially Mau Mau) very much. &# 128578;
LG your Michael

Hello Michael, hui … there you bissl but bissl under pressure that the game on Christmas Eve already under the tree can lie :-). I’m trying ;-). Best regards, Alex

Oh, I loved UN as a child and I think this game would please the little one &# 128578;
Elizabeth W..

I really enjoy playing something like that and it never gets boring. Lot is in the pot :-). Best regards, Alex

Sounds Supi because we would certainly just such a fun tuned &# 128578; I also like to jump in with you .

Welcome to the Lostopf! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

sounds interesting ! Maybe even better than the better known version.. &# 128521; do not want to name names. I’m convinced that it can come out big

Thanks for the nice and detailed presentation. It sounds very (!) To Uno. But that’s not wild anymore.
We love games and also card games. You can not have enough of that. That’s why I hop in the lot pot.

Hello Nessa, I do not want to deny a similarity ;-), but this type is indeed in different versions. The variant with the exchange of cards is really funny. Lot is in the pot &# 128578; – good luck, Alex

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