Some leeway

Some leeway

How to deal with same-sex couples? The Catholic Church has now given a response in a radio interview with the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx sees leeway for blessing homosexual couples in individual cases. New life circumstances and new insights pose challenges for the Church, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising said Saturday in Bavarian Radio's "Interview of the Week" (BR 5).

Priests would have to take the situation of the individual people seriously and accompany them pastorally. "In this regard, it is also necessary to encourage that priests and pastors also give encouragement to people in concrete situations."

No general "yes"

He stressed, however, that each individual case must be decided locally in the churches – he continues to reject a general approval for a church blessing of homosexual couples. "There are no general solutions, I don't think that's right, because this is about pastoral care for individual cases," Marx said in this regard.

Debate within the Catholic Churches

Osnabruck Bishop Franz-Josef Bode had recently called for a discussion within the Catholic Church on whether pastors should bless same-sex couples in the future. The church-critical initiative of Catholic laymen "We are Church" and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) repeatedly spoke out in favor of a church blessing of homosexual couples.

Marriage for all had been passed by the Bundestag in the summer and became the 1. October in force. Since then, gay and lesbian couples have been able to marry in a civil ceremony just like heterosexual couples, with all rights and obligations.

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