Something completely different: the egypt birthday!

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Egypt Birthday: Little fans of pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphics come to the Egypt Birthday fully at their expense. The invitation card is, of course, a pyramid, a rally leads to the realm of the pharaohs and the food is also fed according to the type of country on the Nile. And how is your own name written in hieroglyphs??


A funny idea is one pyramid to make as an invitation card. It is best to use yellow construction paper. Don’t forget to include the fold and the pyramid will be glued together. Either you put the card flat in an envelope – then the guests can stick it together themselves – or you hand it over to the invitees as a finished pyramid.

You can also get one papyrus scroll imitate. For this, a sheet of paper is colored with black tea and trimmed to old. If you tear the edges beforehand, the whole thing looks really antique. The text is written on the paper and decorated with a few hieroglyphs. Then the paper is rolled up and tied with a colored thread.


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white cotton bags or T-shirts can be wonderfully painted with fabric paints – of course with hieroglyphs. It is especially nice when the hieroglyphs represent your own name. Every hieroglyph can be assigned to a letter: A is a forearm, D is a hand, F is a horned viper, etc. An assignment can be found on the Internet.

Together, one can Senet game tinkered and then played. You can find a manual here.

Play at Egypt’s birthday

An Egyptian birthday naturally includes … mummy Wrap! Get plenty of toilet paper. The children come together in teams of two. On command, one child wraps the other as completely as possible. The couple that is most likely to win won.

How about one quiz? Similar to the earlier children’s program "1, 2 or 3", ask a question and give three answers. Put three blankets ready for 1, 2 or 3. The children jump where they think the answer is correct and collect marbles or similar. for the right answer. Questions can e.g. his:

Why were the pyramids built??

  1. as a kind of temple (church) for worship
  2. as tombs of the Egyptian kings
  3. the ancient Egyptians wanted to show how well they could build (architecture)

What is the name of the process used to protect the dead pharaoh’s bodies from decay was made into a mummy?

Why did the pyramids have multiple chambers and misleading paths??

  1. so that Pharaoh didn’t find the way to the realm of the dead so easily
  2. because you changed your mind several times during construction and then continued building elsewhere
  3. to deter grave robbers

Which pharaoh owns this well-known golden mask? (Show a photo)

What did Egyptian children like to play with??

What kind of pet did the Egyptians often own?

What is the name of a famous Egyptian queen?

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Papperlapappa
  3. Hatshi (Hatshepsut)

What hairstyle did the Egyptian children usually wear??

  1. a bald head with only one strand of hair
  2. Curls
  3. very short hair, the so-called hedgehog cut

The Egyptians wrote on papyrus, but from what is this actually?

  1. from sawdust, which was mixed with water to a pampe and then pressed flat
  2. from the stems of a plant that grows on the Nile
  3. from palm fronds

What grave goods did the dead pharaoh get??

The Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs (symbols). How did you recognize immediately?, that it is was the name of a pharaoh?

  1. at the sign for king at the end of the name
  2. on an oval frame all around
  3. with the red color of the hieroglyphs

What is the name of the lion with the human face lying in front of the great pyramids?

Alternatively, the questions for one rally be used.


On Egypt’s birthday, for example, you can eat on a table covered with a white cloth. Crafted pyramids serve as decoration. A pyramid made of frosting can also be displayed on a cake. Thin bread or flatbread and lots of fruit go well with dinner. A prescription for one Egyptian bean stew is available here.

You can find more ideas on the Machmit pages of the Children time machine. You can make a right angle or pottery a pharaoh. Girls may make up as Egyptians.


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