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Summerhopp Festival green reloaded

Dj Tif psytrance Dj Pero psytrance Dj Donka psytrance Dj Lupus techno Dj Alexander Steckel techno

Live Faul & Speat oriental techno Live Flopapu techhouse

Rainer von Vielen Blaufuchs Jason Pollux Good Mourning

Noatics Klaus Töpper The sea Cynthia Nickschas Jason Pollux El Sombras del Condor

Friday: 16.00 – 3.00

Children’s programme without supervision:

Friday 14.00 – 18.00

Saturday 9.00 – 18.00

Sunday 9.00 – 14.00

on 3floors Waldbühne – Trancefloor – cabaret stage

Summerhopp 2019 -green reloaded –

It’s time again. Every two years we celebrate our socio-ecocultural Nature & Culture Festival.

With handmade live music, electronic sounds, literary flights up and down, exciting workshops, program-free spontaneous art, open mic sessions, almost all-day children’s program and much more. For a complete weekend we transform together with our visitors the beautiful nature on the Wernershöhe into a space of common togetherness and celebrate life in full development!

With this year’s motto “green reloaded” we deal with the topic of sustainable lifestyles and find environmentally friendly and ecological solutions for us humans and Mother Earth in many ways. We are all a part of the whole, free to live and creative to develop. We invite you to do so. If you want to learn more about us, you can visit our website [].

Planning and execution of a moderated panel discussion: Climate & Society. Upcycling: Production of utility articles from waste Modern archaeology: Discovering, excavating and exhibiting traces of the more recent past with sondel equipment. Compost heating: Construction of a 1m³ bioheating reactor. Paradigm shift: create socio-ecocultural action and behaviour concepts.

If you have further ideas for the project workshop and would like to take over the management, please contact us in good time.

We are looking forward to your contributions

Important to note!

● Please leave your dogs at home

car pooling Respects nature and our cats and chickens no open fire Avoids garbage Think of your pocket ashtrays Leave your alcoholic beverages at home, we have enough on site

In addition: We have a staffed Infokioskfundsachen office with telephone hotline. Please communicate only by SMS. The phone number until further notice is: 050658787 Published on January 31, 2019 Arrival by car/bus/train

Parking spaces: Helpers, teammers, bands, families and residents can park on the designated parking spaces at Wernershöhe (a total of 50 parking spaces).

Visitors park at Wrisbergholzen on Sommerberg (opposite Ziegeleiweg) or in Alfeld at the train station. The best way to get there is by bus and train.

Shuttle: A shuttle bus runs hourly (without guarantee) from Wrisbergholzen via Wernershöhe to Alfeld Bahnhof. Times will be announced soon. Approximate shuttle times can be specified at advance ticket sales. This will help us to determine the timetable times.

On foot: From Wrisbergholzen you can reach the festival area on foot in about half an hour. A nice little uphill hike through the forest and our beautiful Eschenallee. Just follow the signs. We can bring your luggage by shuttle to the festival.

Alfeld to Hildesheim

Hildesheim to Alfeld

According to previous planning, the buses stop at our driveway. From there it is another 500 m on foot. Further information and a map can be found here:

Here you get the opportunity to be an active part of the whole in the form of one of the indispensable helpers. As a thank you for your help, you will receive free entry to the festival, one warm meal a day, a discounted breakfast every morning, and discounted drink stamps.

At up to 6 hours per day in shifts between 1-3 hours you will help at the festival in the following areas:

The first shifts begin on Friday at 14 o’clock (pizza oven), the last ends Sunday at 17 o’clock (beer counter). If you are not there at these times, please write it down, this will simplify the planning considerably – Thank you !

A further possibility of assistance would be the dismantling days after the actual festival time. Two days later we will be busy dismantling and tidying up the site and are looking forward to helping hands that will make it possible for the site with all its animal, plant and human inhabitants to land gently in everyday life again.

green reloaded Philosophie

The idea green reloaded was developed in 2017 at Bordeaux during an international project management seminar by participants from Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece. Parts of it can be found here at the festival.

A lot has happened in terms of nature and climate protection over the past 25 years. The awareness for the protection of our habitat Earth has been sharpened, many rules and treaties have been agreed, environmental protection has been integrated into economic calculations, harmful substances have been banned, the ozone hole has been combated and much more.

But on balance, the problems created far outweigh the successes of a habitat-protecting redirection. The earth’s climate is threatening to collapse, and the global economy is still geared towards permanent growth, coupled with the exploitation of man and nature. The number of the world population, climate and economic refugees and politically persecuted people is constantly growing.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its new alarming study in autumn. It is one more message among so many that it is no longer even a topic among friends. Many are tired of all the bad news, the problems seem too huge to the individual. That is why we want to tackle the issue together!

We know that we ourselves are part of the problem and we hope that politics will turn the tide and at the same time we know that nobody dares to take the necessary steps consistently. So, decade after decade, we hope for common compromises as the earth warms and problems and disasters increase.

We live in a capitalist democracy. Why can producers and politicians determine what consumers want and need?

Anamnesis: decades of conditioning!

Therapy: Taking responsibility for yourself!

Let us gradually regain our autonomy. What do I really need, what can I do without, what do I demand, what can I do?

project workshop green reloaded:

Offer alternative suggestions, encourage experimentation and learning, find new ecologically more compatible ways, sharpen intellect and media competence, check everyday actions, develop suggestions for a sustainable change in behaviour and work sustainably. Contact: [email protected]

Project workshop: Participation fee 25 €

Information at a click

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