Sonnenstrand Hotel tips for couples Family holidays with children

Travel tips for holidays on the sunny beach in Bulgaria for couples and families with children.

Sunbathing holiday as a couple or with children

Sunny Beach is not only the most famous seaside resort in the south of the Black Sea coast, it is also the largest seaside resort in all of Bulgaria with about 150 hotels on an almost 8 km long and up to 150 meters wide beach. Here you will find suitable accommodations for almost all comfort requirements.

Hotels of all categories at still comparatively low prices offer a lot of choice to find the right combination for a holiday on Bulgaria’s coast. Here are some tips for frequently asked questions about the sunny beach:

What does beach life on a sunny beach offer?

The wide fine sandy beach is visible in the center and in the southern section partly bordered by sand dunes. Otherwise, the focus is on the good tourist infrastructure. Holidaymakers are provided with many offers around the extensive facilities with deck chairs and sunshades. These include bars, restaurants and fast-food offers, in the evenings some bands provide musical entertainment in beach restaurants. On the beach itself there are also a lot of additional fun offers for paying customers.

At the beach promenade special fun attractions offer for the fact that also after the beach visit no vacationer must be bored. For example, you can prove your skills on rodeo bull vending machines or treat yourself to the thrill of a bungee jump. In the town centre of Sonnenstrand there is also a large aquapark with various slides and other fun pool attractions.

What does the sunny beach offer especially for family holidays?

Especially for families with children, there is now plenty of variety to sand castle building on many beaches. Large water slides or inflatable bouncy castles and pedal boat hire are of course also available. For larger groups there are trips on large banana boats and aquascooters and much more to make the beach day more beautiful.

The Action Aquapark Wasserlandschaft is a special highlight in the centre of Sonnenstrand. Various slides, pools and other water attractions attract children and teenagers, but also offer high-speed slides some fun factor especially for adults.

Those who rather spend their holidays in a hotel at the edge of a sunny beach can also comfortably drive to the aquapark with a shuttle bus and/or be transported to the hotel after the visit exhausted. The park is usually open between mid/end of May and mid September. More information about the Aquapark:

Tips on travel times and Sonnenstrand hotels

The hotels at the sunny beach are quasi staggered, in several rows parallel along the beach. The usually more expensive hotels in the first row often offer a sea view (depending on the room). Behind it in the second row, it can be cheaper, but one is also closer to the centre. Especially in the holiday months of July and August, there are also young party-holidaymakers in mostly cheap hotels at well-known tourist destinations as Mallorca or the Black Sea coast. Not infrequently, central hotels on the sunny beach are booked for this purpose.

Those who want to have a night’s rest with their family on the sunny beach during these months should therefore pay attention to the location and a special family focus when choosing the hotel. Those who live in the third or fourth “row” of the hotels can, with a little luck, even live much more quietly and cheaply in terms of services.

The standard of many modernised hotels is now noticeably rising. Various of these hotels offer attractive offers on the sunny beach compared to other destinations.

Even calmer, and climatically also often still very pleasant is the travel time with journeys with smaller children from middle/end of August. The beaches are empty and the queue at the hotel buffet disappears miraculously.

Those who want to save money at the hotel or would like to book a better hotel standard at the same price, travel e.g. May, June or early September. At this time the sea cannot be warm enough for a long swim. Therefore, in this case, it can be advantageous to pay attention to hotels with a good pool offer.

Some travel portals offer price comparisons, which also enable the targeted search for “beautiful pools” and other optional extras. For example

Sunny beach town centre and nightlife for singles and couples

In the middle of the hotel area (around the Hotel Kuban) there are central facilities that almost every holiday guest visits once. Here, there are a number of clothing shops that offer almost everything from stand-up to evening wear. However, in the case of cheap brand clothing, you should assume that you are buying a well-made copy in the best case. In the town centre you will also find banks, post offices and bus stops for excursions and trips to surrounding towns.

In addition to bars and fast-food outlets, there are also some of the most famous and popular bars and large discotheques for summer nightlife. The younger target group in particular will find offers here that have been greatly expanded in recent years and need not shy away from comparison with various party areas in the Mediterranean.

Excursions from the sunny beach to Nessebar

The classic excursion destination for holidaymakers from the hotels on the sunny beach is the Nessebar, only a few kilometres away. The entire old town of Nessebar has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historic buildings, the origins of which date back to the 6th century BC.

Many historical buildings have been renovated in the meantime and a visit to the old town is worthwhile, especially if one is not only on the main paths lined with souvenir shops.

Nessebar can be reached from the sunny beach on two comfortable paths. Either by bus or by boat to the peninsula opposite Sonnenstrand. In addition to the usually more expensive trips organised by hotels, you can also travel cheaply by bus from the centre of Sonnenstand to Nessebar.

Transfer from Sonnenstrand-Hotel to Burgas Airport

Those who do not get a shuttle service included in the hotel booking have some alternatives for the drive from the airport in Burgas to the sunny beach:

Buses for excursions and transfers to the airport: By bus you can get from the airport to the sunny beach for a few euros: Approx. 30 kilometres, about 35 minutes by bus.

Taxis: From Burgas airport to hotels on the sunny beach. The prices vary, in the high season it is often a little more expensive. It is advantageous to always negotiate the price before boarding. Price examples for research can be found here:

Rental cars for the whole holiday usually pay off only if you plan to make several larger trips.

Shuttle tip: If you book “all-inclusive” in your hotel, you will often be offered a free shuttle service. But this is also partly offered for individual hotel bookings. Pay attention to the details in the travel descriptions.

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