Sooth the cold – inhale steam helps! Children like home remedies

At the beginning of the heating season, dry air in the home is often an intensifier for cold symptoms.

Especially with Babies and young children causes one Runny nose restless nights for everyone involved! The little ones cannot blow off the secretion and the obstructed airways make drinking more difficult & Breathe … and cause restlessness and displeasure.

Steam inhalations are a recognized healing method for colds, they help to humidify the air. The mucus loosens, the mucous membranes are moistened. Sore throat, coughing and runny nose are relieved!

… one of the reasons why warm soup so good! We bend over the steaming, fragrant soup and we feel better somehow. But what is equally good is the certainty that the soup was made especially for me because I suffer soooo. A visible, edible proof of love and affection my mom! Inhale steam when you have a cold

It’s that easy:

Boil up about 2 liters of water with a small handful of salt / a little sliced ​​onion / thyme. Breathe in the steam.

These additions are quickly available in the household:

> salt stimulates the blood supply to the mucous membranes, has an anti-germ effect

> onion, Boiled in the water, helps relieve the symptoms of cold, moisturize dry throat and fight cough

> thyme is beneficial for slimy coughs, the tea can of course also be drunk – if it is not popular, it can simmer on the stove and fill the air.

> if you Lavender Bath Salts already prepared for your foot baths, you could also for this application use. Essential oils are always used sparingly and need an emulsifier to disperse in the water – shaking 1 drop of high quality ethereal lavender oil with salt is an optimal one solution. lavender is a All-round genius for colds, So you can take advantage of its positive effects on the respiratory system, the anti-inflammatory effect and of course its fine, soothing fragrance!

… are you on vacation or don’t want to use any additives: Pure water vapor is also relieving!

Age recommendation for inhalation with children:

> Babies and toddlers: The very little ones can inhale in the sling or in Mom’s arm lie. It works especially well if you walk around the kitchen with the baby on your arm while that salt water simmering on the stove. If the kitchen is too big, you can try the bathroom to a smallsteam roomTo do and stay there with your baby. And a Extra portion of closeness and warmth supports that Be healthy anyway.

> For children from around 4: If you like this type of application, you can also try it like this: Put the hot pot in the sink of your kitchen, so nobody can get injured if the pot is knocked over. Depending on the desired intensity, carefully hold your head over the steam. Attention ! Scalding. Good if there are 2 adults to accompany the child!

TIP: The most common recommendation, a Towel or blanket over your head I do not share (especially for children) to intensify the application and create a steam room. Children often reject this instinctively anyway. The risk of accidents, the risk of scalding the mucous membranes, the darkness, … As an adult you can assess and try it well, not suitable for children mmn.

> Getting healthy should be pleasant! Steam inhalation does more for children fun, if it was there bright, cozy and friendly is! You can also use the 5 minutes to get one favorite book to read!

info: In general there are no side effects, but you should always take special ones carefully his, if children come near the hot water. Great when a second adult is there to help!

at recurrent colds the purchase of a cold nebulizer or inhalation device for children can be very useful! Ask yours Pediatrician or in specialist shops.

TIP: Drying damp laundry in the bedroom to increase the humidity is a good and easy one >Use washing powder or fabric softener, irritate the chemical fragrances the mucous membranes in addition. Then prefer to hang up damp towels. Or, even better, switch to a natural, fragrance-free detergent.

What else you can do:

Runny nose often improves in the open air, the cool, damp autumn air is mostly beneficial for children with colds. The bedroom should also be supplied with fresh air, depending on the temperature, ventilate well in the evening or sleep with the window tilted.


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