Sos children’s village foundation: hohenroth foundation – home in old age


Trust foundation of the SOS Children’s Village Foundation ensures that residents can spend their retirement in the village community

A place to live, Work, Feel good and enjoy. The SOS village community wants to be a place to live for 160 adult people with disabilities.

"The strong harmony with nature is reminiscent of the village life of earlier times and the longing for security and community in a manageable framework." This is how many visitors to the village community express the feeling they feel when they stay in Hohenroth. Prominent personalities such as Karin Stoiber and Marga Beckstein (wives of former Bavarian Prime Ministers) or Lower Franconian Government President Dr. Beinhofer and the president of the bayr. Landtag Barbara Stamm expressed this during visits.
But how can this high quality of life be maintained in a community setting when the residents grow older??

Hohenroth Foundation – Home in old age: funds finance retirement

In 1978 SOS Children’s Villages acquired the farm estate with more than 130 hectares. Since then, the village community has been an institution for living and working as well as a place for artistic activity for and with people with special needs. The oldest resident is now 65 years old – the youngest is 18. The concept envisages remaining for life, but this is usually only financially possible as long as there is no need for care. Since long-term care insurance defines the SOS village community as a home, there are only limited grants for necessary aids and nursing staff. The “Hohenroth Foundation – Home in Old Age”, which was founded under the umbrella of the SOS Children’s Village Foundation on the basis of a parenting initiative, has been jumping into this "supply gap" since December 2006. "We are very happy to be able to take away the fear of the residents with our foundation, whether they can stay here forever," said Christhild Becker-Hock, member of the foundation’s advisory board in an interview with village director Karlheinz Weigand during the anniversary ceremony. In doing so, she not only thinks of her own son Christoffer, who, at 41, has been living in the Lower Franconian village community for almost 25 years, but also represents the interests and needs of all parents who know that their sons and daughters are in good hands in the village community. With the funds of the foundation, old people who are no longer able to work should have a home in Hohenroth until the end of their lives. This means that the income from capital is used to finance, for example, technical aids and, in the short to medium term, nursing staff or a possibly necessary renovation of the house.

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(1) The foundation pursues the purpose, to provide individual help, care and support for mentally handicapped people living in the SOS village community of Hohenroth in old age and in need of care.

(2) The foundation achieves its purpose in particular by procuring funds for the SOS Children’s Village eV or the SOS Children’s Village Foundation for measures that cannot be financed either as part of integration assistance, or through health or long-term care insurance funds or other public funds. for example:

  1. Health care measures (prophylactic and acute)
  2. material and age-related expenses (e.g. nursing beds, technical aids such as lifting crane, nursing bath, ramps, stairlift)
  3. Conversions of a house (e.g. door extensions, removal of barriers in the house) up to the new construction of an old person’s or nursing home
  4. Personnel costs for specialist nursing hours, nurses, night work. If relocation to a hospital or nursing home is necessary, visiting services in the Hohenroth area and additional measures
  5. Daily structure offers, activating care
  6. Hospice, end-of-life care
  7. worthy funeral, grave care


2017: a home for happiness

It is a special gift for the residents of the SOS village community of Hohenroth to be able to live in their well-known and, above all, loved home until the end of their lives. People with special needs receive special support here – and the security of not being “deported” to any home in old age. However, so that the facility can develop with the age of the residents, renovation and remodeling work is necessary from time to time. Thanks to the proceeds from the Hohenroth Foundation – Home in Old Age, the urgently needed renovation of a bathroom that was suitable for senior citizens was carried out in 2017. Furthermore The foundation financed an additional amount of free time for seniors in Vogelsberg for nine people: the program included not only excitement and fun, but also a large wellness program to simply unwind.

2011: Agile – even in old age

Being agile even in old age is important for all of us. It protects the body from falls and other health problems. The SOS village community of Hohenroth, for example, ensures that the disabled people who are cared for train their bodies in the best possible way. In order to be able to offer a special movement therapy, the facility got help from the “Hohenroth Foundation – Home in Old Age”. With the income distributed in 2011, therapeutic courses can now be financed that promote mobility and are fun at the same time.


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