Southeast Asia cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Southeast Asia cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Southeast Asia cruises

Here we are dealing with Asia cruises to ports in Southeast Asia, which have been growing in popularity for several years. These Southeast Asia cruises lead to a region that presents itself as a melting pot of peoples and cultures. Immigrants from India and China as well as Islamic conquerors and European colonizers have shaped life in the region. Singapore not only impresses with its glittering skyline, but also through the juxtaposition of different religions. Chinese, Hindu and Buddhist temples stand next to churches and mosques. Also in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, Chinese and Indian traders keep the traditions of their home countries awake. In addition to exciting cities, one can also visit holiday islands such as Koh Samui (Thailand), Penang and Langkawi (Malaysia) or Phu Quoc (Vietnam) in the context of Southeast Asia cruises.

The journey to the ship

A disadvantage of Southeast Asia cruises is the long journey. If you want to explore this part of the world, you have to accept flights lasting between ten and twelve hours. The most important starting harbors for the popular German shipping companies TUI Cruises and AIDA Cruises are Singapore and Laem Chabang (near Bangkok).

Bangkok and Singapore are served directly from Germany. In particular, of course, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways. Cheap alternatives include flights with a stopover in Abu Dhabi (Etihad) or Dubai (Emirates). All shipping companies have travel packages with transfers in the program.

If you arrive on your own, you should definitely arrive one or two days earlier. Even if the cruise ship only expires on the second day of travel. This is safer and gives you the opportunity to explore Bangkok and Singapore for longer, which most crusaders are looking for anyway. It is usually cheap to book flights and hotels together.

The best travel time

Southeast Asia cruises are mainly available in autumn and winter. The popular German tour operators AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises focus on the period from November to March. These are the driest months in tropical and humid Southeast Asia with average temperatures of 28 to 35 degrees. However, the region is too big and diverse. The best travel time is not the same everywhere.

Tourists need to be prepared in the region for high heat and high humidity. A corresponding headgear is just as indispensable, as much fluid and a good sunscreen. The constant change between the climate outside and heavily air-conditioned rooms also carries a certain risk of getting cold.

The shipping companies in Southeast Asia

The two German market leaders AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises have grown strongly in recent years and will continue to grow strongly in the future. Further new buildings are already planned and / or under construction. Meanwhile, the organizers have enough ships to station in the winter cruise ships over several months in Southeast Asia. TUI Cruises is pleased to operate from Singapore, AIDA Cruises from Laem Chabang (near Bangkok). AIDA also often sends the small ships of the fleet on long expeditions along the coast of Vietnam, to China and to the island world of Indonesia. AIDA and TUI have specialized in German guests and dominate the German market. Here you can make sure that you feel comfortable as a German tourist.

If you bring a little more time, Phoenix Travel also offers great deals for German-speaking customers. Here you have to bring some time. The popular Bonn organizer has mostly longer Asia Cruises with a travel duration of more than three weeks in the program. If you have access to a well-filled travel fund, you should take a look at the Southeast Asia cruises from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The Hamburgers focus on luxury cruises and expedition cruises.

In our cruise database you will also find offers from the well-known American tour operators. And also the Italian giants MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises have Asia cruises in their program.

The travel duration

The journey is long. Most of the tour operators therefore have mostly Southeast Asia cruises with a travel duration of at least ten nights in the program. The biggest offer you find, if you want to travel fourteen to sixteen nights. This does not only apply to the German market leaders. But as mentioned above, many organizers also have significantly longer sea voyages on offer.

If you are planning a city trip to Singapore, Hong Kong or Shanghai, you can also add a short cruise. However, these shorter trips are also marketed in the country itself. So you have to assume that not everything works as you are used to as a German tourist. Especially the Chinese are big players and the casinos are big.

The shore excursions

Also in Southeast Asia, the land excursions are the salt in the soup of a cruise. The shipping companies offer a more or less large selection of organized land excursions in all ports. This is an important bonus for the shipping companies. Accordingly, much attention is devoted to this topic. The German shipping companies have the great advantage of being able to offer many German-language land excursions.

The alternative to the organized land excursions of the shipping companies are the offers of local tour operators. Most ports in Southeast Asia are busy tourist centers. The tourist infrastructure is correspondingly good. There are a variety of local tour guides and companies specializing in this business. One finds English-speaking and even German-language offers. A good service for providers and customers make the big platforms like GetYourGuide * and Viator *. Here you can compare as a vacationer the offers and secure book.

Of course, you can also arrange many shore excursions on your own in the context of Southeast Asia cruises. Of course, this applies in particular to the metropolises with their public transport. But on islands you can usually find taxi drivers and tuk tuks, with whom you can take the path to the beach.

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