Space hotel planned for 2016 holiday in space – soon possible!

Space hotel planned for 2016

Let’s take a trip to the moon soon

The holiday wishes The tourists are getting more and more spectacular. The desire to experience something that has never existed before becomes ever greater. To see something that not many people have seen yet. Uniqueness and individualism are very high in the course.

So it is certainly not surprising that in Russia there are the first plans for a Space Hotel gives. The comfortable accommodation is expected to accommodate first guests already in 2016. That’s what the company Orbital Technologies, which initiated the project, said. “The first module of the Space Hotels could be ready in 2012 or 2013 and put into space at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016, “said company boss Sergei Kostenko to the news agency RIA Novosti.

That said Hotel Module should be around 20 cubic meters in size and have four double rooms / cabins. Up to seven people would then have space in the “Space Hotel” at the same time. But who can then book in such a hotel, for which persons is such a stay really interesting? Clearly, future customers must be very wealthy tourists. These should then be with Russian “Soyuz” -Raumschiffen be brought into space. The name for this company is already fixed. Based on the Space Station ISS the commercial contact should be called CSS. At least that’s what Kostenko says. The interior is not supposed to be reminiscent of the previous space station, but to be very comfortable, as one would expect from one luxury Hotel is used to. &# 128578; By big portholes you should breathtaking Look at the earth can throw.

People have always dreamed of traveling to the stars

The space station is aimed at non-professional Space travelers. They are supposed to be in it e.g. Try your choice.

The costly project is funded by Russian and US investors. The Russian Space Agency is also interested in the project. Because so could the general interest in the Space research And companies are investing more in research in the future. from Space tourism Of course, everyone involved hopes for a good deal. Because in the US, it should probably be the first plans for space hotels. For companies such. Virgin galactic have probably already signed for the 500 space tourists for a flight into space – it should buzz around the 50 million dollars been paid. No wonder that this company, with these worthwhile numbers, plays with the idea of ​​a real space tourism.

Further interesting accommodation ideas in Germany:

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