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Every child would definitely like to celebrate a children’s birthday themed space. A theme party with the theme of space is ideal for a birthday in winter when you can’t play outside.

Children’s space birthday

There are a few things that need to be taken into account in the planning in order to design the space properly. Above all, a lot of creativity is required here to design the room. At the beginning, however, you should first make the invitation cards.

A great idea for an invitation for an astronaut is a rocket or a flying saucer that you cut out of construction paper. If you want to make it easier, take dark blue construction paper, space stickers and stick them on the card. Don’t forget to tell the guests to come to the party in an astronaut costume.


The decoration for the premises is a little more elaborate. Important is, that the room can be completely darkened. little one Light sources or fairy lights provide dim lighting. Distant galaxies and stars are drawn on cords and stretched across the room as a garland. Proper space decoration also includes spaceships and satellites.

This space decoration can be easily made by converting old cardboard rolls into rockets and sticking them with silver foil. Attached to thin ribbons, they float through the room. Cut-out stars made of yellow construction paper are suitable for table decoration. You can get plates, mugs and napkins with space pictures on the Internet.

Here you will find many different motifs from which you can choose. Of course, a real space party also includes a space cake. Muffins are ideal for this. When decorated with colorful smarties, they look like flying saucers.

The little astronauts will be served with a space punch. For the production you need forest syrup or raspberry syrup, which is filled with mineral water and apple juice. You can find more recipes on the Internet or just be creative.

Games and handicrafts:

A real space children’s party naturally also includes space games. For this you can actually use all the games that you also play at other birthday parties.

Give the game a great name related to space and astronauts. Examples of space children’s games would be Space Essen or In Search of Life in Space.

Various edible things are provided at Space Essen. A little astronaut gets it Blindfolded and have to guess that he will get food there. From time to time it gets more difficult, because then there are mixtures such as cheese with strawberries for tasting.

In search of life in space there is also a guessing game in which all children are challenged. In a box that is wrapped with aluminum foil, there is a question that the kids have to answer to get to the next station.

Disguise and costume:

The creativity of each individual is required for the costumes. Making an astronaut costume yourself is not that difficult. The actual clothing is a pair of dark trousers and a dark shirt, which is converted into a chic astronaut costume with silver paper or gold foil.

Prizes and winnings:

There are countless prices, prizes and small gifts for the little astronauts. These include stars that glow in the dark, glow sticks, a kaleidoscope, small spaceships and rockets.

For the bags that the little astronauts later take home, candy and a small toy can also be added so that the children remember the great space theme party for a long time.


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