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Did you know that research has shown that children who are surrounded by foreign languages ​​at a very early age benefit from their language and reading development? Don’t miss giving your child this chance!

AMAUTA Spanish programs for families include other benefits, customizable and special programs for children of all ages. Our program “Spanish for Familys”Is designed to ensure that everyone in the family has a wonderful time on vacation while learning Spanish at the same time, in customized programs.

The lessons of the children are fun, interesting and colorful designed. The children learn different Materials such as videos, music and Spanish books for children. The lessons are adapted to the age of the children. If you have children under the age of 6, a nanny can take care of them in the afternoon.

Various excursions are planned on weekends, depending on the age and level of your children. In Peru, the whole family can go rafting, horse riding, cycling, hiking or going to a farm in the Sacred Valley, where children can touch llamas or milk cows. Creative activities in which the children learn to play traditional instruments and to make jewelry or ceramics are also organized.

In Argentina, family outings include trips to the Rosedal River, the zoo, a boat trip up the river to the town of Tigre, or to one of the estancias near the village of San Antonio de Areco. A visit to Mataderos on Sunday is a good opportunity to learn more about rural life in Argentina and the local gauchos. Creative activities include learning traditional instruments, learning tango, or working with leather crafts.

Whatever your family prefers, there are so many options. We make your family outing a wonderful and profitable experience. Cusco is the archaeological capital of South America, with Inca walls and high in the Andes, while Buenos Aires culture lives and breathes, full of festivals, theater, dance and cinema. Choose your desired location and we will make you happy.

We can also plan everything for the rest of your trip in Peru or Argentina – both countries offer impressive nature and landscapes. You can visit Machu Picchu or the Iguazu Falls with the whole family, or the Peruvian Amazon. Or watch the penguins in Peninsula de Valdes with the kids, or go skiing in Patagonia.


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