Special wedding cards, invitation cards

Special wedding cards, invitation cards

Invitation cards and Thanksgiving cards for wedding simple and individual

To make a nice day something special requires a lot of planning, tact and perseverance. Here at Carina cards you can get unique, high-quality and timeless cards for all sorts of occasions Create yourself and individually. Design your own wedding cards with us, make something special out of something simple. You can design the wedding invitations as well as the thank you cards for the wedding. You also have the option even to create place cards or menu cards, so that your festivity meets your motto down to the last detail. Maybe you are also looking for a special way for your family to tell your friends that they have become proud parents? With our birth cards you create a small piece of art that your friends can admire long after birth. With carini cards You can design your invitation cards yourself.

Design maps with format yourself

A special feature of Carina cards is the format selection. We offer you for your wedding cards, thank you cards etc, different formats like folding cards in 15x15cm or Wickelfalzkarten on. Matching all cards you will receive optional envelopes in different designs. Our Standard envelopes are creamy-white. In the assortment we also have colored silk liners or transparent envelopes. We stand for high quality at fair prices. Celebrate your birthday and get your guests right for the party? Then take a look at the range of our birthday cards. Many different motives and design possibilities await you here, so that you can invite to your, or the day of honor of your loved ones in a very special way. You will find something for every taste in the area of ​​birthday invitations. Whether in a simple, classic look or as a plane ticket. If you want to invite in a special way to your birthday, it is definitely worth a look here.

Invitation cards should not be underestimated

If you now think that the cards are much too expensive, we can assure you: we at Carino cards produce on a variety of materials in digital printing. Our quality assurance works conscientiously and customer-oriented. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will do it as soon as possible, so you do not have to worry about the invitation or thank you cards. If you are not sure whether our cards are what you want, you can also order a sample card.

Just say thank you

A nice party is coming to an end. They have long since taken leave of their wedding, communion or baptism guests and are now reminiscing about the festival. In you the feeling manifests that You want to thank your guests for the great atmosphere. The feeling of saying thank you matures in us since the beginning of the modern world. It is part of the polite tone and you will always have good memories, even if you give a friendly thank you. Give this feeling an elegant look with self-designed thank you cards.

Create thank you cards yourself

It is extremely reassuring when one turns to something beautiful together. So you can look after your honeymoon quite comfortable with your partner to take care of the thank you cards of your wedding. Do it yourself is a possibility, but with a lot of effort, since the paper and the cardboard must be cut to size. The self-printed motifs do not look really good and the sticking together of the components often turns out to be more difficult than expected. That’s why it’s much nicer to sit comfortably in front of your PC, perhaps with a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in hand, to make the Thanksgiving cards for your wedding with your partner. Very comfortable from the sofa or the couch. All you need to do is select the type of paper you want to use and we print your designs, text and ideas in high quality directly on your desired material.

Baptism cards or thanksgiving cards for communion

Baptism is a ritual that has existed since the New Testament. It does not matter whether baptism is understood as being the entry into the Christian community or as the creed in public. It is an epochal moment in a person’s life. Since you are baptized only once in your life, you attach great importance to the baptism festival. We also offer beautiful motifs and ideas for this occasion. Thanks to our editor, you can also customize the baptism cards, place cards, menu cards or communion cards, label them and provide them with pictures. It is the same with communion or confirmation. You want this moment to last a long time. And here too you will find the right cards for these celebrations, which you can turn into true masterpieces with just a few mouse clicks. And after the wonderful feast, you can also make our acknowledgments for confirmation or communion.

Place cards for the perfect celebration

They are perfectionists and leave nothing to chance? Why then make an exception to the table cards for your wedding. If you have the attention to detail, then use our layouts for place cards and customize your own maps. You are not dependent on the images we offer. You can upload your own artwork and make the card even more individual. You create an ambience in which every guest feels comfortable and a celebration that will be talked about for a long time. And is not that exactly what everyone wants?

Birthday cards for little and big heroes

Actually everyone loves birthdays. Also for this special moment in the life of a human, we offer you different templates for different mottos. All you have to do is decide who you want to design birthday invitations for. Then you can choose from the birthday card templates. We categorize into birthday cards for adults and children’s birthday cards. The children‘s birthday cards speak for themselves through their playfulness and colourfulness. Take a look at our birthday card templates and choose the right layout template for your needs.

Only a satisfied customer counts

You can be sure that Carino cards are no more important to us than your satisfaction. For questions about our wedding cards, we are happy to help. If you are not sure whether the cards really meet your expectations, you can also order a sample card from us before you print a whole series. Also the reworking of the maps does not represent a problem for us. And should it be urgent, we will do our best so that your special day is not clouded by anything.

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